Best Open Source Compliance Management Software

Best Open Source Compliance Management Software: Governance, audit, threat and compliance control are more important than ever in today’s uncertain enterprise environment. Compliance Officers consider complying with regulations and requirements to be a challenge. This is why a mere 37% (69%) of companies are using generation to support their compliance initiatives.

The Best Open Source Compliance Management Software. We’ve made a list of the top open source audit tools compliance programs to address this common compliance problem. To ensure your data and techniques are reliable, the software program listed below is primarily based on safety, audit path, and worker education facts. In this article you will see some best open source compliance management software.

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1. ADAudit Plus – Open Source Compliance Management Software

ADAudit Plus is an open source audit toolprogram auditor device. It includes online Active Directory adjustments. ADAudit Plus provides real-time adjustments and aids in the timely instruction of audit reviews. It also continues the song record change and notifies the reporting person via mail.

Features: Satisfy SOX and HIPAA compliance requirements Track logon and logoff Track record creation, modification & deletion View & schedule graphical reviews using Email signals.

Pros: Easy, web-based access to an intuitive user interface A separate Section is available for file audit

Cons: System system faults at times Pricing ADAudit Plus pricing starts offevolved starting at $595.00/year There is also an unfastened version. ADAudit Plus offers an unfastened trial

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2. Momentum QMS – Open Source Compliance Management Software

Momentum QMS is a open-sourcesoftware program. It solely performs superlative threat control and audit path control. Momentum QMS’s goals are to maintain person statistics and use techniques. Analytics and machine signals can be used by users to maintain visibility across the organization’s operations.

Pros: Flexible and scalable software software. User-pleasing modules. Automatic signals in key regions to ensure clean undertaking completion

Cons: Decent customer service

Pricing: Momentum QMS offers a free trial. For the most current pricing, contact Momentum Systems.

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Gensuite, a cloud-based open source audit tool, promises first-rate functionality in many industries. It allows corporations to achieve excellence in compliance and control structure management.

3. Gensuite – Best Open Source Compliance Management Software

Features: Compliance calendar streamlines follow-ups

Pros: It is user-friendly Great EHS Software with many functionality All statistics can be found on one platform

Cons: While it is a contractor for 1/3-birthday celebrations, it does not provide flexible EHS statistics integrations

Pricing: It allows for a free trial. To get the most current pricing, contact the seller

4. Black Duck Hub – Open Source Compliance Management Software

Black Duck Hub is an free-of-costsoftware program which guarantees safety, first-class compliance and reduces statistics robbery risks. Black Duck allows the organization to audit all relevant statistics in order to assess a wide range of software program risks.

Features: Open Source and Third Party Code Audit Open Source Risk Assessment Web Services API Risk Audit Security Controls Design Analysis

Pros: It detects open supply vulnerability Excellent customer service (each post-income and pre-income) It provides unique dependency statistics

Cons: The upgrade of Black Duck Hub can be a complex undertaking. Some enhancements may have system problems

Black Duck Hub Pricing starts at $5000. It offers an unfastened trial Black Duck Hub no longer offers an unfastened model

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5. SanerNow – Best Open Source Compliance Management Software

SanerNow is an free-of-charge audit tool and IT asset control device. This tool allows for the full perception and manipulation of the IT asset stock of a business enterprise, allowing them to make better buy decisions. It allows IT directors to repair structures that do not meet safety requirements.

Features: Supports important regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, ISO, NIST, and PCI. Detects noncompliant gadgets by using a light-weight device. Seamlessly regulates safety compliance across your community endpoints. Creates and enforces compliance guidelines for your community. Integrates Compliance control with various cyber hygiene practices

Pros: Compares machine configurations to NIST recommendations. Excellent user interface and dashboard. Easy to see your endpoint safety. Easy to update endpoints.

Cons: It doesn’t now patch the missing info

Pricing: SanerNow offers a free trial. Contact Vendor to get the most current pricing information

6. Eamba – Best Open Source Compliance Management Software

Eramba is an open source audit toolprogram auditor device that’s best suited for companies that appreciate open supply solutions’ versatility. Eramba provides a customized API that allows corporations to create hyperlinks between software and merchandise from third parties. The API makes auditing faster and easier, and allows for batch operations as well as downloads.

Features: Risk Management Compliance Management Incident Management Internal control Testing

Pros: Initiative functions simplify the activity User-pleasing interface

Cons: Eramba is not always the best-rated desire for large corporations

Pricing: Contact the seller today to find out current pricing.

7. Qualityze – Best Open Source Compliance Management Software

Qualityze is an open source audit toolprogram that covers all aspects of the audit lifecycle. Qualityze also offers first-rate overall performance and compliance. It is built on an effective cloud platform. Operations help corporations manage compliance and solve first-class issues.

Features: Complaint Management Compliance Management Corrective and Preventive Activities (CAPA) Defect Tracking

Pros: Amazing support team Customizable reporting capabilities that are exceptional Delivers first-rate business practices

Cons: Google Drive is not compatible

Pricing: Qualityze pricing starts at 30.00/month/person

8. Netwrix – Best Open Source Compliance Management Software

Netwrix, an open source audit toolsprogram auditor device that corporations could use to streamline their inner machines, is Netwrix. It allows corporations to remain at the top of cybersecurity and enhance enterprise resilience by using enhancing safety, demonstrating conformance, and throughput structures.

Features: Detects insider threat Inexpensive compliance audits Boosts productivity of operations teams
Pros-Businesses can quickly discover insider and outsider threats by using unique audit reviews. It informs about any adjustments that could lead to safety incidents

Cons: Netwrix can be finicky at times

Pricing: An unfastened pricing model is available. Netwrix Auditor offers an unfastened trial.

9. iAuditor – Best Open Source Compliance Management Software

iAuditor program audit toolprogram that allows customers to collect checklists and record reviews. Customers can also conduct cell inspections. iAuditor performs inspections and protection audits for corporations. You can collect multiple information in different record types and keep electronic audit records to assess and screen statistics.

Features: Users can conduct behavior inspection even without a internet connection. Users can export electronic mail reviews after reviewing them in many codecs such as PDF, CSV and DOCX. iAuditor can be used on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Pros: User can easily install audits and review the entered statistics. It is easy to create audit checklists and then use them in bodily auditing. iAuditor allows customization of the business audit bureaucracy as well as templates

Cons: The Mobile model is difficult to use.

Pricing: The iAuditor top rates plan starts at $19 per person, depending on the month

10. AssetSonar – Open Source Compliance Management Software

AssetSonar, a cloud-based open source audit toolssoftware program, includes an array of incredible compliance control equipment that allows IT companies to monitor their entire IT aid machine. Companies can optimize their workflows by monitoring, communicating and reporting on critical IT properties.

Features: Compliance Tracking Barcode and QR code Scanning Agent – primarily based upon total discovery of IT Asset Life Cycle Management

Pros: AssetSonar makes it simpler to place IT asset information into the machine. It is extremely compliant and keeps person license steady insideside the vault. This reduces operational costs and time.

Cons: There are no cons yet

Pricing: AssetSonar fees start at $ 49. Ninety-nine per month/accordingly to person AssetSonar no longer has an unfastened model. However, they offer an unfastened trial.

11. Qualio – Best Open Source Compliance Management Software

Qualio is an open-source audit toolprogram. It automates tedious office work and allows for quicker approvals and credentials with the help of regulators. Customers can also address issues such as report control, schooling and vendors faster than with traditional methods.

Features: Creates workflows to approve and overview. Conveniently links the content with associated facts. Captures approvals using virtual signature. Automatically notifies customers about authorized files

Pros: Streamlined schooling, typical QMS efficiency and first-class education. Clear audit path for signatures/approvals. Simple to use and navigate.

Cons: Vague mistakes messages
Pricing: It costs $800 per month, and you might be able to get an unfastened trial before you start paying.

12. AuditNet – Best Open Source Compliance Management Software

AuditNet is an open source audit tool program that allows auditors to share their audit work, files and reviews. This software offers web-based total education and auditors training in auditing and statistics generation.

Features: AuditNet alerts and signals customers in the event of unauthorised access to iOS-related software programs. Users have access to more than 2,000 audit templates

Pros: Auditors can enjoy unrestricted access to articles, audit news, and templates on cell

Cons: There are no cons yet. Pricing Get in touch with the seller to get the most current pricing.

13. Conga Contracts – Open Source Compliance Management Software

Conga Contracts is an open source audit tools program which allows corporations to create, screen, retain and disclose numerous enterprise contracts. Conga Contracts helps customers automate several agreement lifecycles. Customers also have access to a central dashboard that displays real-time statistics and personalized statistics.

Features: Fully computerized process. Increases income speed by using custom-designed contracts that are fast developed. Controls output and records garage options. Closes the loop with flexible eSignature options.

The pros: Everything can be found in unmarried software. It reduces the contracting cycle. Documents look very consistent

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