5 Best Features Of Developer Option In Android

5 best features of developer option in android: Your Android device has a “Developer Options” feature hidden somewhere. There’s a lot you can do on Android, but you can do a lot more if you enable this option. Developer options give users access to all kinds of useful settings and tools. If you know how to uncover these features, you can definitely take advantage of the bonus features that let you do everything from faking your GPS location to changing the look of your phone.

While there are simple things you can do with Android, such as change the theme, background image, font size, or some animations, many other advanced settings are tucked away in a neat drawer called the Android Developer Settings menu. This panel, sworn by Android users and developers, is usually hidden by default and must be enabled first. Then here’s a bunch of new settings that you can use to take your Android experience to the next level.


How To Enable Developer Option In Android

On maximum Android devices, no matter the custom pores and skin on top like OxygenOS, OneUI or MIUI, getting access to the Developer Developer Settings page menu includes locating the ‘Build Number’ tab to your Settings/ About Phone segment and quick tapping on it 7 times.

This should show a small message on the lowest of the display with a view to say some thing like “You are now a developer”. there are many best features of developer option in android.


1. USB Debugging Option

After you enable this selection, every new tool you plug your debugging-enabled smartphone into should set off a pop-up with a permission request. The “USB debugging” option lets in devices linked via USB permission to get facts from and ship commands in your Android tool.

Public computers and even public USB charging ports that you absentmindedly supply debugging permissions to may emerge as stealing your records or infecting your cellphone with malware. Only use USB debugging with devices you believe.

You may need it for rooting your phone, the usage of computing device-based totally Android display recorders, debugging apps, putting in APKs, and so forth.


2. OEM Unlocking

This is simple toggle, however as soon as grew to become on, it lets in smartphone to have unlocked bootloader. This, in turn, will assist you to root your Android phone and run custom ROMS on it. If you’re a modder who loves the use of custom ROMs as I do, this is one of the first alternatives you want to turn on for your new phone.


3. Change Speed Of Animation

When you move among apps and displays in Android, you’re spending a number of that point looking at animations and watching for them to head away. You can disable these animations totally through changing the Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator period scale alternatives right here.

If you like animations however just desire they had been quicker, you may pace them up. If you idea your Android smartphone turned into fast before, just attempt disabling animations and also you’ll be surprised how a whole lot faster it could appear.


4. Do Not Keep App Activities

Android behaves loads otherwise than Windows because even after Android apps are closed, the activities are still intact. Most of your apps rely upon domestically cached records on Android a good way to load quicker and will not face any force close situations. Go to developer Options and Tick on Don’t preserve sports. You can transfer back whenever by means of unticking the disable.


5. MSAA For OpenGL Games

If you like to play video games on your Android device and also you’re gambling it using high-cease Android devices, you might want to pressure allow MSAA to obtain a higher high-quality rendering of your in recreation pix. This function is turned off in few games via default because it could drain your device’s battery as substitute speedy.

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