Small Balconies

How beautiful it is to walk around the city and suddenly find yourself with a small paradise in the heights of some building. Those small balconies full of charm that look where you look are perfect.

Many have dreamed of a wonderful garden or a terrace in conditions to enjoy the sunny days outdoors but for lack of bread … Good ones are cakes! So today we are going to be inspired to get our small urban balcony to become the most fantastic place in the whole city with some ideas to decorate small balconies with charm. Are you coming with me?

Essential Steps To Decorate Small Balconies

Before letting ourselves be surprised by incredible images of wonderful balconies we are going to analyze 5 important points to keep in mind before starting to design the decoration of our balcony

1. Do Not Forget The Floors

Small Balconies

Firstly, the floor is an element that when we tune our balcony we usually forget and nonetheless can help us to create a more corner paradise.

There are balconies with great floors that do not need to touch because they already fulfill their function by themselves but we can always finish the space with a nice carpet that adds a little color and allows us to relax barefoot in the sun. The carpets look great but you have to choose models suitable for exterior or remove them after use to prevent deterioration in the rain, as long as there is a sheltered area of the water.

If we have a soil that does not fit aesthetically, is deteriorated or we want to give it a new air, we can opt for more worked but simple options like putting artificial grass. It will allow us to get fresher atmospheres where the green will be the main protagonist but if we look for a more natural, warm and cozy effect I advise you, without doubt, the option of the removable wooden tiles to start to enjoy your balcony.


2. Put Plants

How come? What is a balcony without plants? I understand that plants require pampering and dedication and not everyone may or may not be willing to do so. So even if you do not fill the balcony with thousands of different species I advise you to put at least a couple or three of them that are easy to maintain and do not require much care.

If instead, you like plants as much as me … Conditions that are given on your balcony and look for species that adapt to it. Does the sun give a lot or rather a shade?


3. Furniture To Enjoy

Before you start designing your balcony think about what activity you would like to do in it. Will you use it to read? For breakfast and dinner in the company? To draw? Chat and have a drink? Depending on what we propose to do on our balcony, we will look for furniture that suits our needs.

To eat we will look for a high and small table with some comfortable chair that we can complement with some outdoor cushion. To read a hammock, a rocking chair, a swing or a slanted chair that is comfortable to enjoy reading are good options, while if our idea is to create a chill out area to chat and drink, we will look for cushions to floor, benches Or wide armchairs that conform to our space next to some low table in which to support our drinks.


4. Care For Details

It seems silly and many times we do not even realize it but if they are, those details will make a difference. Depending on the use you want to give your balcony and the style you choose for decoration some special element to complete the decoration will be phenomenal.

A vintage watering can, some Arabic-inspired lanterns for your chill out area, a garland of light for those summer dinners or some colorful grinders for the plants in your little garden will turn your balcony into a very special corner.


5. Privacy

One of the reasons why we sometimes do not use the balcony is the lack of privacy. With this in mind, we can decorate our balcony so that we create a more intimate space in which to relax quietly.

There are some very simple tricks like strategically placing the plants in a way that covers the most susceptible areas to be seen but if our balcony is one of those that is open everywhere … we can opt for other more practical options such as meshes, Cane or bamboo or lattices in which we can place some climbing plant and look for a more natural.

There are many possibilities offered by the balcony and we must know how to take advantage of it as an extension of our house. No matter how small, why not enjoy it?

Surely thinking, thinking … we found some activity that relaxes us and we would like to do on our balcony so let’s find it! Before we set to work.


6. An Urban Vegetable Garden On The Balcony

Aside from being a relaxing, pleasurable and satisfying activity, you always get results which are very motivating. It is perfect for all ages and especially for children, who discover about the vegetable world, learn to eat everything and also is very healthy. I do not know about you but it makes me especially excited to eat a tomato or some strawberries that I have planted myself and even if it seems it is not something so complicated it only requires water and a little dedication.

The most important thing for the garden is to have deep containers that allow our vegetables to grow. There are already standard gardens that we can buy or opt for home and recycled solutions such as bottles, wooden boxes or pales. Here’s some inspiration for you:

Although the ideal would be a specific area for this, the truth is that on the balcony we can also manage a small orchard for domestic use. There are some species that are very easy to take care of and very grateful. If not we also have the possibility to play with the aromatic plants so I encourage you to inform you a little about the world of the urban orchards and try some plant this spring! If you are interested I leave a link where I bought mine and where you can find much information and everything you need to get started.


7. Plants For Small Balconies

If you have a botanical soul and dream of a garden full of flowers and colorful butterflies, you can set your balcony to create a small vegetable paradise.

Apart from the conventional pots, today there are infinite possibilities to fill our balcony of plants without needing to occupy much space. Stairs, hanging pots, trolleys, shelves, pots on the railing to decorate small balconies with charm You choose!


8. Summer Breakfasts And Romantic Dinners On The Balcony

Small Balconies

If we like to eat outdoors without a doubt, we must convert the balcony into the most beautiful restaurant in the city. A breakfast enjoying the first rays of sun in the morning, a mid-morning aperitif or the most romantic dinner in the world, is possible if we combine the essential elements with much pampering.

What can not be missing in any case, is a small table to eat and a pair of chairs that we can make more comfortable with some outdoor cushions. For candlelit dinners, elegant lanterns or a garland of lights suitable for outdoor use will help us bring that most magical touch to our personal restaurant.


9. Decorate Narrow Balconies To Enjoy Reading

In narrow balconies, we can also play with the width to create a zone of relaxing and reading. So dedicate one of the ends of the space to create an area to accommodate and read.

Other options equally valid if we fit is to play with armchairs, benches, rockers, floor cushions, hammocks, swings or recliners, depending on the configuration of your space.


10. Corner Chill Out In The Heights

To end the day and mingle under the stars, chatting with friends or having something fresh … What if we set up a little corner chill out on the balcony? Pales on the floor, a mountain of cushions or low sofas that provide comfort, as well as some decorative accessories, ambient lighting or a low table to support drinks will be the key elements to start with your chill out decoration.

Now we have some clear points to start ordering our ideas and decorate the balcony not only to look nice but to enjoy it too.

As you see, decorating small balconies with charm is very simple if we adapt to the needs and our style, now it is time to get down to work with one of the tips of today’s article and … to have more fun on the balcony!


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