Passengers can bring pets of domestic size as well as cats in the cabin of the flight. Southwest airlines ‘ pet policy states that pets and cats need to be appropriately vaccinated. All pets must be kept under the seat of a passenger in a pet carrier that is approved as in accordance with the requirements. Pets are not allowed to be allowed to travel inside the cabins of international flights.

The Southwest airline follows the first-come-first-service policy as the seats for pets is limited per flight and passengers should book tickets for their pets as early as possible to get a guaranteed seat for their four-legged friend.

All pets have to be checked-in at an airport ticket booth. However, customers and passengers can check-in on the internet at the ticket counter or kiosk, or at the curbside.

The pet should be healthy and well-behaved pet in order to be allowed to travel inside the cabin of the flight. Pets who exhibit any of the behaviors listed below are not allowed on the Southwest airline’s plane.

Biting, growling, lunging
Overly loud scratching or barking
Utilizing near to the gate or inside the cabin
Southwest Airlines pet policy restrictions
No pets traveling with no passenger or customer are permitted in the cabin of a southwest airlines flights.
For minors who are not accompanied Pets are not permitted to travel in the cabin.
Pets are not allowed on any Southwest international flights or on any booking that includes any international flights.
Customers/passengers are not permitted to take up any exit row seats, or the under-seat storage space is not forward-facing when traveling with pets.
There are only six pets allowed within the cabin, per Southwest airline’s flight, however the number of pets allowed could increase or decrease dependent on the situation.
All cats and dogs need to be eight weeks old or older in order before they can travel with the cabin of a Southwest flight.
The pets should not be of harmful or disruptive nature and they should not bother any co-passenger/customer.
All pets must be kept in a secure carrier that has the appropriate locks. The pet’s cage should be kept in the passenger’s seat at all times during the flight.
Pets are not allowed to be in the same carrier as emotional support or a trained support animals for service.
Passengers may need to purchase an additional seat for their pets in the event of traveling with a trained service or emotional pet or an Portable oxygen concentrator.
The Southwest airlines do not accept any liability if a person is delayed due to the necessity of taking their pet into the relief area.
There are no arrangements if the passenger’s/customer’s pet faces any medical emergency.
There is no oxygen mask available to the pet in the event of an emergency.
Southwest airlines do not allow pets inside the aircraft’s cabin. plane.
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Southwest Flying with dogs inside the cabin
The Southwest pet policy for flying with pets in the cabin policy stipulates the following: If your animal is in compliance with all requirements and standards of the Southwest airline’s pet policy the pet is allowed in the cabin of the plane. Customers and passengers must put their pets in a pet carrier that meets the standards.

Southwest pet carrier dimensions/size requirement
Customers and passengers can purchase Southwest airline’s pet carriers at any Southwest ticket counter/kiosk at a cost of $58 (inclusive of tax). The pet carriers purchased are not refundable.

Acceptable pet carriers
The maximum allowed dimensions of a pet carrier are (18.5in*8.5in*13.5in) for a flight with Southwest airlines.
Soft-sided carriers and hard-sided are recognized as pet carriers within the cabin
The pet carriers should have the appropriate locks and a ventilation systems, and there must be enough room for the pet to move about comfortably, without touching the top of the pet carrier.
The car must be properly placed beneath the seating of the customer/passenger.
Pet carrier requirements
The Southwest airlines are limited to the allowance of one pet for each ticketed person.
The passengers can transport two pets in one cage or carrier if they are of similar species. In addition, in terms of have the same size and both pets must be able to be able to move around and stand with their feet away from the cage.
Your pets(cats or dogs) must be totally(head from tail) within the pet car.
All pets must be kept in the secure carrier at all time, beginning from the gate area until the duration of the flight. Infractions to this rule could result in the removal of pet transportation.
All pet carriers/cages can be classified as personal or carry-on luggage. Customers or passengers can choose to bring an item of their own along with a pet-friendly carrier or carry-on luggage with a pet carrier.
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Southwest Allowed pets
The only exceptions are small dogs, cats and domestic birds are permitted on the flights of Southwest airlines.

Age limit
All pets must be at minimum 8.2 weeks.

Routes that are restricted
Pets are not permitted to travel on southwest airlines on international flights, which includes destinations like Puerto Rico.

Pets that are part of Southwest airlines can travel on routes within those in the Hawaiian Islands but still, there isn’t a service available for transporting pets to Hawaii.

Breeds that are restricted
According to the Southwest airline pet policy, pets of all kinds or dog breed is allowed to travel with the passengers of the aircraft, but pets must be good health and be in good behaviour and aggressive behavior is not going to be allowed at all.

Customers and passengers can check-in to the Southwest airlines using any of their methods(online or at a booking centre/kiosk, or on the curbside) however they must go to the ticket counter to complete the pet check-in procedure and the payment of the reservation fee and charges.

Pets who will travel in the cabin of the Southwest Airlines flight, need to pass through a security check-up just like all the passengers/customers. Passengers must get their cat or dog from their cage/carrier and place them in their arms while they walk through the security screen. The pet’s cage or pet’s carrier will pass through the x-ray machine alongside all other small items and baggage. The employees of the airline as well as TSA are able to examine the pet’s carrier for any suspicious items.

Make sure to plan ahead for your pet’s needs as well as individual needs. Keep track of available pet relief areas and airport locations. Southwest airlines will not delay their flight due to your pet. They will terminate their flights according to the time of departure.

Southwest Pet reservations
If you wish to book a space for your pet in a Southwest Airlines flight then, call on the southwest airlines pet reservation number- 1-800-I-Fly-SWA(+1-844-673-0381) for reserving a seat. There is no guarantee of seating for pets because seats are limited. Southwest airline follows the first-come-first-service pattern so the passengers/customers are advised to make bookings for their pets as early as possible. The charges and fees for the pet reservation service are payable from the Southwest Airlines ticket counter/kiosk and the charges and fees for the service are not refundable. If the pet owner does not utilize the reservation/booking for pet fee, it is not transferable into any future travel credit accounts. Customers/passengers traveling with pets must make an appointment with the Southwest ticket counter/ kiosk. After registering, pets can board the plane.

Customers and passengers are advised to purchase their flights tickets using the internet or at the counters at airport booking counters or kiosks. In accordance with the Southwest airline’s pet policy pets are not permitted to travel together alongside their owner. If you have any other questions regarding reservations for pets with Southwest airlines, then call the Southwest airline pets reservation phone number.

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Southwest airlines pet policy for Emotional support/service support and Law Enforcement animals
Southwest airline is aware that emotional support animals could provide emotional assistance to a customer/passenger due to their disability. The Southwest policy on pets regarding emotional support animals says that customers can bring their animal companion for emotional support on the plane, but the animal must be in compliance with the requirements and standards of Southwest airlines.

Any passenger traveling with pets should present the necessary documents and certificates.
The Southwest airline will only take dogs or cats for emotional assistance.
The allowance is for only an emotional support dog per customer or passenger.
The animal that provides emotional support must be kept in a cage/carrier that fits under the seat of the driver.
Any customer or passenger who wishes to travel with emotional support animals have to present all necessary certifications and documents(documents must not be more than one year from the date of travel) in the form of the lettershead of an doctor or qualified mental health practitioner who can provide the diagnosis of mental health-related disability.

The letter must comprise of the below-mentioned four points:
The passenger or customer is suffering with an mental, emotional impairment that is outlined as such in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.
The assessment is performed by an authorized medical doctor or mental healthcare professional and the client/passenger is going the course of treatment.
The kind and the date of the medical doctor’s license or license of a mental health professional and the state judiciary in which it is issued.
The traveler needs the assistance of a cat or dog as their emotional support animal throughout the journey or during any activities at the location.
Animals that provide emotional support are welcome to travel on flight of Southwest Airlines to/from all the destinations, including domestic as well international travel, but certain international destinations are governed by the regulations and rules of the specific country.

Southwest Airlines pet cargo
Southwest airline’s pet policy differs from other airlines’ pet policies since there’s no Southwest pets-friendly cargo service or facility that is offered. Southwest airlines do not carry any pets and don’t accept any pet as part of checked baggage, or as a cargo shipping.

Southwest pet fee
It is a one-time fee. Southwest pet charge is $95 for one side trip that a passenger/customer must pay at the ticket booking counter or kiosk. The payment method for Southwest pet fees must be via cash or credit card as well as Southwest gift card. The fees for reservation of pets and charges are not refundable.

Customers/passengers aren’t allowed to make use of their Southwest points to make payment for pet reservation fee and other fees. However, the points can use to buy an Southwest present card($100 gift card worth 10,000 points) and, after which, the passenger or customer may make use of the gift card when making a payment.

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