8 Amazing And Delicious South Korean Food

Today we will show you 8 amazing and delicious South Korean food like Eden Shrooms. In this article. For those people who love to eat and always want to try something new, today we have brought a list of some delicious South Korean food. Korean food has become so popular over the years, especially in India.

People in India love Korean food and it is very famous not only in India but all over the world. While you will get Korean food in many spots all over the planet, it’s consistently at its most credible when you attempt it locally.

Korean food has been significantly impacted by the Japanese who colonized the district for a period, and by the Chinese, however has since developed into something very particular from the different cooking styles of the locale. These are the 8 amazing and delicious South Korean food.

1. Kimchi – Delicious South Korean Food

Kimchi - Delicious South Korean Food

Kimchi is one of the most famous food of Korea which is easily available in India too. It is a plate of mixed greens made with matured cabbage which is called ‘Baechu’ in Korea. This tart fiery enjoyment is arranged utilizing cabbage which is matured with flavors like Korean bean stew powder, green onion, garlic, salt and a few different flavors. Kimchi is best matched alongside principal dishes in lunch or supper.

2. Bibimbap – Delicious South Korean Food

A bowl of filling starch with different fixings blended into it, bibimbap is a brilliant dish that will make you need to gobble up it till the last chomp. It is a scrumptious bowl of rice blended in with a lot of prepared and sauteed vegetables, soy sauce, seared egg and a hot stew glue, known as gochujang. Likewise, it very well may be filled in as a veggie lover dish sans any meat, in the event that you are searching for vegan choices.

3. Rice Rolls – Kimbap

This dish helps me to remember Japanese sushi, a rice dish enclosed by kelp leaves. In any case, the filling of kimbap is a piece greater and has various fixings. Kimbap, otherwise called rice rolls, is an amicable mix of rice and fixings like kelp, vegetables, meat, eggs.

Likewise, the thickness of each Kimbap cut is more slender than the sushi one. With a similar size ocean growth sheet, sushi can be cut into six cuts, while kimbap can be cut into at least 12 pieces.

4. Jajangmyeon


Jajangmyeon is one Korean food that won’t leave you uninterested, both as a result of its particular dark tone and its special, sweet and flavorful taste. Its primary fixings are noodles, chunjang (Korean dark bean glue that gives the dish the dull variety) and diced pork (albeit the fish assortments are likewise broadly accessible).

Since the chunjang glue is fairly harsh, it is ordinarily adjusted by adding a smidgen of sugar to the dish. You might have your jajangmyeon with fixings, for example, cucumber, bamboo fledglings or egg.

5. Japchae – Delicious South Korean Food

Japchae starts from Korean illustrious cooking once served in castles and courts. It was first made in the mid seventeenth hundred years for King Gwanghaegun, and gradually embraced by the everyday citizens. This sweet and appetizing dish of glass noodles (called dangmyeon) and vegetables, is pan-seared with meat and soy sauce and is incredibly well known.

It’s normally found at festivities and occasions (as it’s not difficult to get ready in mass), so attempt to fight an encouragement to attempt some when you visit! Japchae is much of the time filled in as a side dish, yet different fixings, for example, mushrooms and additional meat can be added to it to make it a more significant dinner.

6. Korean Pancakes – Hotteok

Korean Pancakes - Hotteok

One more flapjack on the rundown, yet this time somewhat better, hotteok! This famous Korean road food is fresh outside and loaded up with gooey delicacy inside. Each chomp will liquefy in your mouth! Hotteok (likewise spelt as Hoeddeok) is ready by filling a roundabout batter with a combination of earthy colored sugar, cinnamon, honey and peanuts. These are then cooked on an iron for a compelling character. Thus, in the event that you have a sweet tooth, this yummy Korean food merits attempting.

7. Samgyetang – Chicken Soup

Samgyetang is a traditional Korean soup made from chicken, garlic, rice, green onion, red apple, Korean ginseng, and spices. The chicken is stewed in a stone pot for many hours and often served with ginseng wine.

Thanks to many nutritious ingredients, ginseng chicken soup is very healthy. Koreans often make ginseng chicken stew in the summer to cool down and purify the body. It’s also good for the brain, reducing stress, fatigue and enhancing immunity.

8. Gamjajeon

Gamjajeon - Korean food

Gamjajeon is a well known breakfast recipe from Korea that is ready with only three fixings potato, onion and salt. Potatoes and onions are first ground finely and afterward blended in with salt. The blend is then seared to get a wonderful brilliant earthy colored tone and firm surface.

Gamjajeon is basically the same as hash earthy colors and are matched with a sauce that is ready by rapidly blending soya sauce, vinegar, sesame seeds and slashed green chillies together.

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