6 Best And Most Expensive Dog Breeds In India

In this article we have discussed about 6 best and most expensive dog breeds in India. If you want someone in your family to be your loyal and dearest one, then the best option would be a good pet dog. But in today’s time, talking about pet dogs, even these are not easily available because dogs are also becoming very expensive these days.

But still, for those who are dog lovers, it does not matter how expensive it is or not. The more expensive a dog is, the better is its nest and quality, obviously. Even to dog lovers who are ready to spend a lot to get a pure pedigree breed of their choice, cost will be a factor. Pure-breed or rare dogs are usually expensive.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds In India

Dogs are accessible in various cost runs, some are modest and some are truly costly. The cost of a dog relies upon different elements like spot, bloodline and how respectable a raiser is. So it is essential to know the price of dog breeds available in India with a price before thinking about which breed you want. So, here are 6 best and most expensive dog breeds in India.


1. Afghan Hound – One Of Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Afghan dogs are wonderful canines, having long smooth hair and huge feet and ears. Their pleased stance causes them to seem honorable, striking and stylish. They were reproduced from greyhounds to pursue and chase bunnies and gazelle, and they are extremely athletic.

Afghan Hound - One Of Most Expensive Dog Breeds

The Afghan dog was reproduced in Afghanistan to pursue down game over unpleasant ground in a hot, dry climate. Afghan Hound is one of the most expensive dog breeds in India. Its cost in India is ₹150000 to ₹225000. Afghan Hound is well known for their exquisite magnificence.

This breed isn’t known to be a decent guard dog. Future of this breed is 12 to 14 years. Normal level of this breed is 25 to 27 inches and normal load of this breed is 20 to 29 kg.


2. Bulldog – One Of Best And Most Expensive Dog Breeds In India


Bulldogs are otherwise called the English Bulldog and British Bulldog. This breed has short jaws and solid form, and it is a medium sized type of dogs. The loosed skin, wide head and short legs of this dog makes it look lethargic. However, don’t decide this dog variety from its look. The Estimated cost of the English Bulldog is 1,10,000.


3. Boerboel – One Of Most Expensive Dog Breeds In India

The Boerboel is otherwise called the South African mastiff or South African Boerboel. They are certain and predominant, likewise splendid, and anxious to learn new things. The Boerboel dog is a savvy, large, and solid working dog from South Africa.


This dog breed is one of the most expensive dog breeds in India. Cost of this dog breed in India is ₹125000 to ₹225000. They are begun from South Africa. Boerboel is extremely steadfast with their proprietor and their family.

They are exceptionally forceful towards outsiders. It is one of the most impressive dog variety. Life range of this breed is 10 to 12 years. Normal level of male is 24 to 27 inch and female is 22 to 25 inch.


4. Tibetan Mastiff – Most Expensive Dog Breeds In India

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff dog breed started from Tibet India, China, Nepal, and Mongolia. This dog breed is renowned for the uncommon lion-like mane around its neck and seriously thick coat. The Tibetan Mastiff dog breed is utilized by the Indian and Tibetans to shield the Sheep from other wild creatures like panthers, wolves, bears, and so forth. The assessed cost of this dog breed is 2,00,000.


5. Pitbull Terrier

Pitbull Terrier

Pit Bull Terrier is a medium-sized strong dog with over the top endurance and mental fortitude. Started from England and Ireland. They are generally excellent at weight pulling, high bouncing, and pursuing games, and they in all actuality do well in compliance preparing exercises.

Regardless of having monstrous strength, they are excellent to kids and faithful to their proprietors. They are solid and all around worked with an exceptionally strong nibble. Their level can associate with 50 cm, and they can weigh around 16-30 kg.

The cost of this dog breed begins from ₹1,000,00/and can extend up to ₹1,500,00,0/contingent upon the bloodline, reproducer, or area.


6. English Mastiff

English Mastiff

This is an enormous and kind dog. It can wail like a wolf. It includes a white head, a dark cover, and a layer of silver and dim grovel. They are normally caring and cordial. This breed has a future of around 12 years. Guys are 30 inches tall by and large, though females are 27.5 inches tall. It costs up to Rs. 10,00,000 in India.


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