5 Best Android Multiplayer Games To Play With Friends

Are we going to talk about 5 best Android multiplayer games to play with friends? Of course yes, since the advent of Android phones, a lot of things have improved but we will talk about the gaming world. Ever since we got the Android phone, gaming has increased twice as much as before, but since multiplayer games have become a thing, then it has become more fun.

As much fun as we enjoy playing outside with friends, the same or more fun comes in playing with friends on the phone. Multiplayer games are a different and wonderful experience in the world of gaming.

That is partly because real players are more unpredictable than AI, but also because multiplayer games enable players to engage with their friends. As everyone knows that the amount of multiples is so much that you cannot even imagine. That’s why today we have brought for you the list of 5 best Android multiplayer games to play with friends.


1. (BGMI) Battleground Mobile India

Battleground Mobile India

Starting the list of best android multiplayer games to play with friends. This game is the Indian version of PUBG and it is one of the best games. If your interest is in action games and want to play with friends then this will be a great choice for you.

It’s a battle royale game where 100 players drop down on an island to gather weapons, and fight to become the last man (or squad) standing. The game has a solo mode, a duos mode, and a squad mode so you can team up with friends and fight for a Chicken Dinner. PUBG Mobile has an Arcade mode, multiple new maps, and more.

Plus there are always fun new events happening within the game (especially on Erangel). There are various weapons you can use, alongside hand explosives, smoke projectiles, wellbeing packs, and significantly more.


2. Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the best game

Fortnite is also such a game that even if you do not introduce it, there are many fans of it, there is no one who does not know about this game. It utilizes childish illustrations and loads of fun components to make the game carefree.

Furthermore there’s an entire structure instrument required here that no other internet based Android multiplayer game offers. It’s a really awesome game, but it can be quite difficult to master thanks to the difficult gun mechanics and building system that is central to playing it.


3. Call Of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of duty: Mobile has various types of game modes, including a 100-man fight royale and 5v5 multiplayer. You might collaborate with your companions locally through WiFi to make your own crew and obliterate foes together. All things considered, if you truly need to find an astonishing on the web multiplayer game for Android, Call of Duty: Mobile is an astounding decision.

Call of duty: Mobile is without an inquiry one of the most famous allowed to-play shooting match-ups ever on versatile. Since Fortnite is as of now not accessible on PlayStore, Call of Duty: Mobile is a conspicuous decision for some players searching for the fight to come royale games. The Call of Duty establishment includes a long history inside shooting match-ups and Call of Duty: Mobile will not frustrate.


4. Among Us

Among Us

It’s an online multiplayer game with a remarkable social derivation topic. Incidentally, the game can likewise be played over nearby WiFi with 4 to 10 players. The impostors blend in with the rest of the crewmates to build trust, but soon chaos ensues as you find dead bodies of one of your teammates.

The suspicion among crewmates gets heightened and voting is done to find and kick the impostor off the spaceship. You can interact with other crewmates via text chat. Among Us is one of the best online multiplayer games on Android right now and you can’t afford to miss it.


5. Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9

This game is an insane game featuring outstanding graphics and fantastic gameplay that’s all about hot nasty badass speed. Asphalt 9 offers a crazy arcade experience that looks realistic until you double-tap the drift button and pull off a ridiculous 360-degree spin to knock out your opponents. In that way, it feels a lot like a Burnout game which is one of the best compliments I could give a racing game.


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