5 Best Animation Movies Of All Time

I will help you to find out some best animation movies of all time in this article and i really hope that you will like them all. Anyone who has enjoyed animation movies, whether it is in childhood or youth, that fun must have been of a very high standard and different. If you started watching animation movies or cartoons in your childhood, then I can say with confidence that you cannot deny it even now or even in your youth.

The excitement of watching animation movies and that fun cannot be found anywhere else. A different kind of love and emotion is added to these movies or cartoons. In childhood, what we think and want to see, these animation movies look like that to us. when we talk about growing up or in youth, it still touches our heart and gives back same childhood feel.

You already know that cartoons and animated movies are not just for kids. If you still like to watch animation movies and haven’t seen many of the best movies yet but want to watch then you are at the right place. You will see 5 best animation movies of all time. Here is the list of best animation movies of all time.


1. How To Train Your Dragon

This movie will always be at number one in my list because it is one of best animation movies. This was released in 2010 and till now 3 parts of this movie have come and all three are better than each other.

How To Train Your Dragon

You’ll find its animation, graphics, story, and everything else a perfect movie should have inside it. This is such a movie that after watching it, you will be completely attached to it. It is shown in this movie that how a boy teaches to be friends with the enemies of his clan who are dragons.

In this movie, the good bonding and friendship of humans and dragons has been shown with a great story. Its story will keep you emotionally attached to this movie and you will not feel lack of anything anywhere in this movie.


2. Rango – One Of The Best Animation Movies Of All Time

Rango is a 2011 western hit starring Johnny Depp as a shy pet lizard who falls out of a car and ends up stranded in the desert. He quickly gets to know the small town of Dirt, where he takes on the legendary villain character Rango.

Rango - One Of The Best Animation Movies Of All Time

Now that the city has appointed him as the new sheriff, he forms an army to investigate the water stolen from the city’s waterfront. With great voice acting, incredible photorealistic animation, and heartbreaking cutscenes, Rango is both brilliant and so underrated.


3. Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda - animation movies

This movie deserves its name not only in this list but in every list. This movie was started in 2008 and till now its total 3 parts have come. This is one of the best animation movies for those who like to watch movies with kung fu or karate and fight.

Its graphics are very realistic and story related to comedy and fight will keep you hooked to this movie forever. This movie is about a panda who has some friends who save their people and people from enemies. Comedy, action, drama this is a great movie full of all this, which is absolutely perfect at number three in this list.


4. Up – Best Animation Movies Of All Time

Up - Best Animation Movies Of All Time

Up is one of the best movies released in 2009. This is excellent film with characters as believable as any character who spends most of his time in Venezuelan rainforest. They have temperaments, problems, and obsessions.

They are cute and silly, but not funny in the way of a little cartoon animal. They’re cute in the human way of animation master Hayao Miyazaki. Two of the three main characters are cranky old men, which is a prodigy at this young-obsessed age.

“Up” doesn’t think all characters have to be young or cute, even though third main character is a nervous kid. Up tells a story that captures the imagination like my childhood magical cartoons, when I naively thought they were actually more realistic than regular films due to their brighter colors, more vivid characters, and simpler plot.


5. Madagascar

Stories are a flimsy excuse to put some furry animated animals on screen. At New York’s Central Park Zoo, Alex the Lion (voiced by Ben Stiller) is the main attraction. His best friend, zebra Marty (Chris Rock), is fed up with captivity and dreams of roaming free in the wild.


When opportunity allows Marty to escape, Alex continues the chase into Manhattan. With him are Melman the giraffe (David Schwimmer) and Gloria the hippopotamus (Jada Pinkett-Smith). The animals were captured and, once deemed too dangerous to be kept in captivity, sent to animal shelters in Kenya.

However, along the way, ship is hijacked by penguins on its way to Antarctica, leaving our brave quartet in Madagascar. There, they befriend a tribe of lemurs, and Alex compliments her when she refuses her daily steak diet.

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