Buying Anti-vibration Mats

Hello friends, I know that you all are there for looking – “Best Anti-Vibration Mats and Pads for your Washing Machines and Dryer”. Because sometimes when I use my Washing Machine, its sound became so scary and loud. So that I’m unable to wash my clothes and it also disturbs others too, if you are living in small apartments.

This article will explain why anti-vibration pads/mats are necessary for washing machines. It will also discuss how they affect washer performance and which products I recommend.

No matter if you have your washing machine or if you use the communal machines in your building, we all can agree that they are not used for their “comforting” sounds. Some washing machines can actually sound frightening, according to my experience. Is it metallic jangling? The mystery will be a mystery, but you’ll have to accept it.

Everybody knows that I am a minimalist when it comes to noise. It’s easy to see why I hate a machine that groans and screeches while it does its thing. A loud machine can be annoying for many people. People who live in apartments with noisy machines might have trouble sleeping if the machine makes loud noises, especially if they are using nighttime electricity to wash their clothes.

There is only one thing you can do in this situation, and that’s to buy anti-vibration pads. They come in many sizes and shapes. These products can be rubber feet that are placed under the machine or whole pads or covers.


Why Do You Need Anti-Vibration Pads & Mats?

Most washing machines generate some vibrations, especially during spin cycles. Some machines make more noise than others, however. Older machines vibrate less than new ones. Front-loading machines are also louder than top-loading ones, as they spin faster. Front-loading machines have clothes that are plastered up to the top and then fall down again. Top-loading machines just allow clothes to be tossed around the barrel.

Apartments don’t often have washers and dryers. Instead, they opt for a central laundry area that is separate from the residents’ living areas. The laundry room in a home is often located away from any other rooms that might be considered a nuisance. Many people find the noise annoying because it travels through the floors amplifying the original sound.

There are many ways to solve this problem, but I think that getting anti-vibration pads is the best. You could also try to remove the machine from any surfaces that it might transmit vibrations too. So:

  • The machine should be lifted off the ground. The machine can be placed on a platform made of plywood or a wooden pallet. To absorb the vibrations better, you can even put a blanket on top of the machine if you don’t have any concerns about overheating.
  • The sides of your machine don’t touch anything. Your washer could be vibrating throughout your home if it is placed in a restricted space. You can also use foam or blankets to protect the sides.
  • Cover the machine completely with soundproof blankets. You’ll be hearing less if you cover the machine completely.

You can see that these steps are more time-consuming than just buying anti-vibration pads. You might still be curious if the covering of your machine will impact its performance.

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What causes washing machine vibration?

Washing Machine Vibration

Washers and dryers will vibrate regardless of what. The washers and dryers are spinning clothes at high speeds, which is why they won’t stop vibrating. However, there are many factors that can make the problem worse. In this section, we will examine those.

1. Type of machine

Some washers produce less vibration than others due to their design. The vibration of a front-load washer is usually more damaging than that of a top load washer. Because they use new technology, modern machines produce less noise than older models.

High-efficiency washers don’t use harsh agitation like older models to wash clothes. This new generation of washers uses a gentle tumbling action, which is gentler on clothes and makes less noise and vibration.


2. Floor and washer/dryer leveling

Large appliances can be set on feet that can be adjusted individually to level it or are self-leveling, as with many dryers and washers. Normal operation can cause vibrations to shake the washer if the feet are not level. With each turn of the basket, the lowest foot will lift off the ground and bang into the basket.

Uneven floors can lead to the same problem, even if your feet are level at first. The vibration can be amplified if the foot moves a bit beyond normal washer vibration.


3. Unbalanced loads

Many people throw their dirty laundry in the washer haphazardly without giving it a second thought. This used to happen to me too until I realized how loud the machine squeaks. The instructions on the lid will likely tell you to evenly distribute the load.

My washer started to quieten down as soon as I followed this simple instruction. This is obvious when you stop and think about it. Uneven weight placement in the basket will cause the rotation to be disrupted and produce extra vibration. This can lead to more noise. This applies only to the top-loading washing machines.


4. Poor Floor Bracing

The dryers and washers are heavy appliances. The floor below them likely doesn’t have extra bracing to support the additional weight. Any washing machine vibrations will be magnified if the floor is flexible due to weak bracing.

It may be worth adding bracing to the washer and dryer that are on floors where it is easy to reach the ceiling below. This will help to strengthen the floor and reduce vibrations. This is a significant amount of work. You can also add plywood to the bottom of large appliances for a more simple effect.


5. Stacking Kit Issues

Stackable washer/dryer combinations are known for their loudness and extra vibration. This can often be attributed to poorly installed stacking kits.

The washer and dryer are connected together by the stacking kit. It should be installed correctly to avoid alignment problems. A misaligned connection will only amplify any vibrations that are already present.

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Features You Should Look At When Buying Anti-vibration Mats

Buying Anti-vibration Mats

You should be familiar with the basics of anti-vibration products before you shop. Here are four areas that you should pay close attention to.

Let me now explain what products you could buy, how they are made, their effectiveness and what prices you can expect.


1. Product Types

There are many options for anti-vibration materials. You can protect your wooden floors with small rubber pads. They are usually too thin to lift the machine off the ground, so they might not stop all vibrations.

You can also find products that are specifically made to absorb the vibrations of your machine and prevent it from skidding on the floors while it is working. These small rubber pads can be slipped onto the machine’s feet.

You may be able to use many rubber stands if your machine has a flat bottom. You can just slip them under your washer and forget them. They’re tall enough to prevent your machine from vibrating on the ground.

Rubber flooring materials can be laid under the machine to act as a buffer. Flooring materials are more durable than rubber mats that you can slip under the edges of the machine. They cover the entire surface of the machine. Rubber flooring is the best solution to dust bunnies moving under your machine.


2. Materials And Thickness

Materials And Thickness

Rubber is a major component of most products, as you might have noticed. Rubber is a great material for shock absorption due to its density and mass. You should expect a rubbery odor at first.

The smell would not bother me, however, since rubber is very good at holding the washer in place. Many of the rubber feet have anti-walk claims. This means that the machine will not vibrate across the floor.

However, if your computer really wants to live its own life, then who can stop it? If you truly love something, you should let it go. You should not allow a machine to run. Have a technician evaluate the risks and recommend buying a new machine. You can then get anti-vibration mats.

As always, I recommend using thicker materials if possible. Although it may be more expensive, thicker materials are always better if you want to achieve peace and tranquility.


3. Effectiveness

As I mentioned, thicker materials are the best option. However, rubber feet don’t have to be useless. They are cheaper than most other materials and will work in an emergency.

If you don’t mind spending a lot, thick padding should be used under and on the sides of the washer. The machine should not touch walls, furniture or appliances. If you have problems with your machine after you’ve installed anti-vibration mats, you can either pad it or cover it with blankets.


4. Price


When shopping for anti-vibration flooring, the last thing to think about is their price. You don’t have to worry about this, as I included products that are affordable for everyone.

My choices range from $15 to $130 so there should be something for everyone. Let’s now look at my six choices for the best anti-vibration products for washing machines.

How to lower the vibration and soundproof a drying or washing machine.

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5+ Best Anti Vibration Pads for Washing Machines and Dryers

[su_box title=”Xcel Foam Rubber Padding Acoustic Damper Anti-vibration Pads” box_color=”#b27115″]

Xcel Foam Rubber Padding Acoustic Damper Anti-vibration Pads

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1. Xcel Foam Rubber Padding Acoustic Damper Anti-vibration Pads

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The first product to aid in reducing the vibrations of your washer is the XCEL foam rubber padding. The material is sold in boxes of 8×6-inch squares made of rubber that is industrial grade. In reality, as the title suggests, the company made the product much thicker and plumper by injecting it with air, creating foam rubber.

The pads are just one-quarter inch thick, meaning that you’ll have the ability to cut them with ease. Since the pads can be used for multiple purposes they can be used to put them where you’ll need to put them. However, you do not need to alter their form or shape in any way to place them in the washing machine.

Actually, I’d suggest folding them up to give them a bit more bulk, and then placing them in the machine’s corners. If you don’t need to make use of all eight squares, double stack them and put two placed on top of one another on areas around the edges of your machine. This will likely raise the machine off the floor, and prevent it from slipping or vibrating.

XCEL produces these pads across the US They’re also available for less than $15.

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  • 8 6-inch squares
  • 0.25 inches thick
  • Foam rubber
  • Multi-purpose
  • Very reasonable


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[su_box title=”RevTime Anti-Vibration Mats” box_color=”#b27115″”]

RevTime Anti-Vibration Mats

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2. RevTime Anti-Vibration Mats

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The RevTime anti-vibration mats are made of soft particles of rubber, also known as rubber granules. The granules of soft rubber are compacted into the mat, making it extremely sound-absorbing. The rubber granules are composed of recycled rubber 100% therefore it’s totally eco-friendly.

The RevTime Anti-Vibration Mats are used in Washing Machines, Dryer, dishwashers, Elliptical Machines, and many more. The Anti-Vibration Mat is really sturdy and compact, meaning you don’t need to worry about its quality.

The RevTime Anti-Vibration Mat also functions as an anti-walk, anti-move mat therefore you can put it on top of any machine that is vibrating or moving when running and you want it to stop the vibrations and stop moving. All the vibrations and movement can damage the floor and the machine over time.

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  • Maximum sound dampening and is easy to install
  • Portable workout mat.
  • The non-slip design with maxx durable and stable.
  • Anti-walk, anti-move, keep your machine stable in place.



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[su_box title=”STEADY-PAD Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Pads” box_color=”#b27115″]

STEADY-PAD Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Pads

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3. STEADY-PAD Anti-Vibration and Anti-Walk Pads

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If you’re experiencing problems with your washer or dryer walking from all the vibration, then the STEADY-PAD anti-vibration and anti-walk washer and dryer pads are an option you should consider. These pads have an exceptional grip on the bottom that prevents the appliance from being able to move.

Of course, they do a lot more than stop your washing machine from migrating. Most importantly, they absorb the vibration and prevent it from transferring to the floor where it can travel uninhibited. Since these pads are 1.25” thick, they have plenty of material to absorb even heavy vibrations.

These pads provided great value overall. Four are included in a package to dampen one appliance. They will raise your machine about an inch, so be aware that they will be taller now.

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  • It would shimmy across the floor even with a small load.
  • Easily slide around on our slick tile floor
  • This set of 4 pads greatly reduces the transfer of vibrations from your washer/dryer to the floor


  • install such washers on concrete floors only not for wooden floors.


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[su_box title=”ENJ Washer Anti-Vibration Pads” box_color=”#b27115″]

ENJ Washer Anti-Vibration Pads

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4. ENJ Washer Anti-Vibration Pads

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ENJ Washer Anti-Vibration Pads is a Premium Anti-Vibration Pad for Washing machines and Dryer. It is made up of super premium heavy-duty anti-vibration pads.

As the material is Premium Heavy Duty it is really good at absorbing the high intensity of vibrations easily. These pads are perfectly sized so you can just place them in the right place and it will get its work done.

This anti-vibration pad is hard rubber which means a high durometer that will keep the machine steady and stable.

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