Best API Marketplaces In 2023

In this article, we’ll discuss about the best API marketplaces. In the last ten years, the use of APIs, or application programming interfaces, has exploded.

APIs must have comprehensive documentation and example code that can help developers. It must also be produced in a manner that is uniform, consistent, and compliant.

You don’t have to create a website only to sell your API or add a payment processing system for that matter. Here you will have the 5 best API marketplaces in 2023.

What Is an API Marketplace?

An API marketplace is a marketplace that combines API suppliers and customers on a single platform. A marketplace for APIs has a number of different parts, including a provider portal and a developer portal.

On this platform, API sellers (developers or companies) can advertise their APIs for sale, and API buyers (other developers) can view and purchase them.

An API provider can sell their APIs on an API marketplace and make money off of them by providing different subscription options. API marketplaces also assist developers and potential customers in locating APIs by providing useful search tools, collections, and categories.

Best API Marketplaces In 2023

1. APILayer


In February 2022, the API marketplace was just introduced. There are more than 75 API goods listed on this marketplace, but more are being added every day.

Companies looking for exposure to a larger consumer base, including money collection, key management support, etc., should use this API marketplace.

This means that all other tasks will be handled by APILayer, leaving you to design APIs. You can set the price and self-host once APILayer has authorized your API and advertised it.

2. Celigo

Celigo, a full-service integration platform, is one of the most popular API marketplaces in 2023. There is one market where real-time integrations can be found. It also has other appealing qualities.

A large number of apps, for instance, are offered and categorized into groups including collaboration, supply chain and logistics, CRM, ERP, human resources, project management, and so forth.

Both the interface uptime and the high level of security provided by the API marketplace are remarkable. Additionally, both buyers and sellers can feel safe because of compliance with international standards for data privacy.

There is also a tonne of learning resources accessible for simple setup and management on the provider’s own website.

3. AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace

Amazon API Gateway is one of the most widely used fully managed services. APIs of any scale can be readily built, published, maintained, monitored, and secured by developers.

To receive and process hundreds of thousands of concurrent API calls, Amazon API Gateway manages traffic, authentication, access control, monitoring, and API version management.

API Gateway has no startup fees or minimum charges; you just pay for the data that is sent out and the API calls you receive.

Using API Gateway, you may create and maintain APIs that have access to backend services like Lambda functions or Amazon DynamoDB tables.

4. RapidAPI

Let’s start with RapidAPI, the biggest and most well-known API marketplace. You can easily manage, monetize, and list your API on this marketplace.

The Swagger spec and an easy-to-use user interface are included in the free API marketplace (for faster processing). An interactive document is generated instantly after you upload your API.

The customer may easily access the API with a click and browser-test it thanks to this documentation. Additionally, this API marketplace offers code snippets in a number of languages that users can use to incorporate APIs into their existing applications.

You need not be concerned about security because each request is first validated. Every transaction’s gains, up to 80% of them, are yours to keep.

5. Rakuten


Among the free APIs to use, Rakuten is also a widely popular marketplace with over one million developers worldwide. These developers offer end-to-end support for marketing and managing your APIs.

Integrating this marketplace is uber easy, and each parameter can be set within minutes, even swagger specs upload. This API marketplace will also generate documents automatically for instant testing and usage.

The API can be integrated easily using code snippets available in different languages. This free API marketplace also provides detailed analytics reports for performance. You must pay a 20% monetization fee per transaction to sell on this marketplace.

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