Best ASX lithium stocks 2022

The best ASX lithium stocks based on year-to-date gains have performed well as strength in the lithium market areas of strength for holds. This year has been an interesting one for lithium, with specialists hopeful about the metal’s true capacity. After costs for the commodity cooled somewhat in Q2, they have shown strength by moving back up.

Best ASX Lithium stocks 2022 has been hailed as “the new gasoline” and “the new petroleum,” and understandably: battery utilization and creation is developing dramatically, with the possibility to change how we power things emphatically throughout the following couple of many years.

And keeping in mind that numerous financial backers center around the greatest names in electric vehicles (like Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) and Panasonic). Lithium stocks are unpredictable consistently, however, this is drawn-out speculation, and there are 5 best ASX lithium stocks that are truly worth purchasing in the year 2022, and I have made sense of every one of them exhaustively and why you ought to purchase those lithium stocks.

Best ASX lithium stocks

1. Core Lithium (ASX: CXO)

Core Lithium is an Australian mining organization expecting to become one of the greatest exporters of lithium to the Asian region. The company has seen its stock skyrocket a fantastic 887% throughout the course of recent months due to the consistently expanding cost of lithium and significant advancement towards the beginning of creation.

The organization claims it will be one of the most reduced-cost lithium spodumene makers in the world once its Finniss mine enters creation. It’s likewise exceptionally capital-proficient, considering that its creation depends on a basic DMS process that utilizes just gravity, and water.

This is 66% less expensive contrasted with the floatation process. Besides, the Finniss project is presently completely financed. The organization will possibly enter creation in 2H’FY22 and produce around 197,000 mtpa.

2. Global Lithium (ASX: GL1)

Global Lithium (ASX: GL1) is centered around its 100% possessed Marble Bar lithium project, which is situated in Western Australia’s North Pilbara Craton; the venture’s Bowman store has been the essential investigation target.

It gained an 80 percent premium in the Nourishment lithium project from Breaker Assets (ASX: BRB) in December 2021, and the two organizations intend to cooperate on the investigation at the task in 2022.

On March 3, Worldwide Lithium marked a long-term offtake bargain for spodumene concentrate with Suzhou TA&A Ultra Clean Innovation (SZSE:300309), its biggest investor.

Presently, GL1 share cost is $1.75 AUD with a multi-week high of $2.79 AUD and a 52-week low of 0.24AUD. According to Morningstar, the fair worth of GL1 is $2.84 AUD. Thus, you can envision whether getting into this organization at this cost is worth it or not.

3. Lake Resources (ASX: LKE)

LKE is a lithium developer which utilizes exclusive clean extraction innovation to make high-virtue battery-quality lithium carbonate. Its tech partner, Lilac Arrangements has planned a ‘benign water treatment’ which returns all water (brine) to the source without changing its science, making it undeniably more harmless to the ecosystem than regular brackish water vanishing or hard rock mining.

Lilac is upheld by the Bill Entryways drove Advancement Energy Asset. LKE’s flagship Kachi project along with three other lithium brine projects in Argentina covers 2,200 square km in an ideal place in the lithium triangle, where 40% of the world’s lithium is created at the most reduced cost.

4. Arizona Lithium (ASX: AZL)

Our recently added pick for top lithium share to purchase in 2022 is Arizona lithium (ASX: AZL)This company has performed very well from the most recent multi-month with a multi-week high of $0.20 and multi-week low of $0.04. This company was established in 1969 (you can trust them).

At current valuation, the fair worth of this offer stands at $0.21 assessed by Morningstar Quantitative yet some forecast says it can without much of a stretch arrive at $1AUD. Our prediction for the cost of AZL is $ 0.38 AUD toward the finish of the year 2022. Currently, AZL’s share cost is $0.16AUD

5. Lithium Australia

LIT is a lithium stock that seems as though it will do very well for financial backers. It as of late gained two new tasks, one in Australia and one in Canada, which together contain the possibility to twofold the organization’s complete result. Everything began back in 2005 when LIT was known as ADX.

In 2010, it changed its name to Lithium Australia NL and began investigating lithium in Canada under the oversight of Dr James Nelson from the College of English Columbia. LIT began investigating open doors in Australia, getting Jervois Mining Ltd, which is centered around the hard rock area with a solitary resource.

In addition, the company also has a market capitalization of around $1 billion. However, in 2013 LIT’s fortunes change when it acquire the PLS project from Galaxy Resources Ltd, which is majority-own by mining magnate Clive Palmer.

This project has the potential to reach an output of 40,000mt, and it is in a very advanced stage of development. This could be developed in stages, with the first one starting in 2020.

Should You Invest In Lithium Stocks?

Indeed, you ought to expand your portfolio by putting resources into lithium stocks or ETFs that put resources into lithium. The request for lithium is expanding day by day, according to many significant analysts lithium requests will associate with 2 metric million tons in the year 2030.

As you most likely are aware, lithium is getting used in batteries, and the request of electric vehicles is expanding which means interest in lithium will likewise increment.

Apart from the above 5 lithium shares keep eye on bellow mentioned as well to see massive gains in 2022

List Of Lithium Mining Companies In Australia

Lithium companiesASX code
AVZ MineralsAVZ
Core LithiumCXO
Lake resourcesLKE
Liontown ResourcesLTR
Mineral ResourcesMIN
Orocobre LimitedORE
Piedmont LithiumPLL
Pilbara MineralsPLS
Vulcan EnergyVUL
Global lithiumGL1

Will Lithium Stocks Go Up?

Indeed, lithium stocks will go up without any doubt because of many reasons, for example, increasing demand of lithium, expanding demand of electric vehicles where lithium will be utilized as prime material for creating batteries.

Aside from vehicles, lithium has a gigantic interest in clinical areas and this request is consistent means the medicine is expected at all times so the need for lithium won’t ever stop.


these are probably the best ASX lithium stocks in 2022, in which you could put resources as of now in 2022. A ton of exploration has been done on them, and they show extraordinary potential for development now as well as sooner rather than later.

In this way, on the off chance that you pick any of them today, by end of 2022, you will see that your cash has developed more than you anticipate.

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