Best Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking Systems

These days technology enhances their features day by day in the field of cars. Vehicle tracking systems are the best option for tracking the performance of your vans and drivers if you have a lot of them. And many times you face a problem regarding performance and want to upgrade your system. Then you must know the pros and usability of upgrading the tracking system.

The number of vehicles that are on the roads is greater than the roads can manage. This has led to the explosive growth of car sales across the country. The increase in the number of cars has also caused an increase in road accidents as well as vehicle theft.

Vehicle Tracking Systems in India have marked a revolutionary shift in the logistics and transportation sector of the nation. The implementation of GPS technology has allowed fleet owners to reap the advantages of the technological revolution that has significantly affected the methods of many sectors and industries.

Fleets suffer a significant loss of money and time due to traffic congestion. This issue can be solved through automated automobile tracking technology. So stay tuned in this blog to know more about vehicle tracking systems and the benefits of vehicle tracking systems.

What Is Vehicle Tracking System?

Tracking of vehicle systems as the name suggests allows the tracking of vehicles for its most basic purpose.

It also helps with dispatching and managing fuel as well as sending alerts and messages and tracking the performance of vehicles and maintenance, preventing thefts, and gives reports, and allowing the analysis of the reports.

Further functions are feasible, but it depends on the business that offers solutions for managing fleets.

Active And Passive Tracking:

The vehicle tracking system is divided into active and passive.

Passive Tracking:

Passive tracking does not show you real-time data and the whole tracking performance is stored in the memory location. When you want to see it you can download it later when the vehicle comes home after a trip.

Active Tracking:

In active tracking, we do have not to download or access the data later after a complete day. It works on satellites or cellular networks to provide real-time data. Active tracking systems gather and transmit data in time of use, offering many advantages.

Some vehicle tracking systems use active and passive tracking. Professional car trackers start at PS169 annually if you choose to sign a rental agreement and PS199 for those who purchase the tracker for themselves.

If there’s no signal it will be saved and sent out as soon as there’s a possibility. Although passive tracking devices and systems could be less costly options they are not sufficient for some businesses.

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Best Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking System

1. Safety features

Millions of accidents happen on the road every year which is shocking. This is the main reason to outfit our cars with a GPS tracking device for vehicles. Vehicle tracking systems are equipped with MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) sensors and an emergency button.

Drivers can use the panic button and summon assistance in the event of an emergency. When pressing the panic buttons to hit, an alert is issued to two different numbers. The first alert is sent out to emergency services in the area so that they can get assistance as soon as they can.

A second alert is sent to the emergency contact associated with the system. This alert could save your life in an accident or assist in saving the life of your employees when you are an owner of a fleet.

2. Train to be a better driver

The manner in which a vehicle is operated determines its longevity. If an automobile is driven hard, it can wear down rapidly. If you’re an owner of a fleet you may have seen employees drive in a way that is too rough, which could endanger your investment as well as the roads they drive on.

The most effective vehicle tracking system provides you with data on the driving habits of your employees. It gathers information on the acceleration style, braking style to a maximum speed, the average speed, and the turning and idling behavior of your workers.

Then, it analyzes the data to evaluate the driving behavior of your workers. As a fleet manager, you can use this data to help train your employees to operate in a more secure way. If you’re employing the system of vehicle monitoring solely for your personal use, you may make use of it to teach yourself to be a safer better driver.

3. Security features

Car theft is a source of stress, both for the individual as well as for fleet business. Vehicles stolen aren’t easily found without the aid of a GPS car tracker. It is possible to use a vehicle tracking system to create an outline of the area where your vehicle is able to operate.

This is known as geo-fencing. This feature is found in all the most effective vehicle tracking systems on the market. If you’ve geo-fenced your vehicle, it will not be able to move outside the area that has been designated.

When a vehicle leaves the designated area the vehicle tracking device emits an alert via the app that’s installed on your mobile device or computer. It is also possible to share your location live with the police department, so they can track and safely return the vehicle to you.

4. Controlling fuel expenses

Fuel is the biggest cost when using a car. A GPS tracker will help you save money that you could be spending on fuel. The majority of the top vehicle tracking systems include the option of fuel management. A VTS that has this feature can provide you with data on how well your vehicles are making use of fuel.

The device for tracking vehicles allows you to track the location your vehicles are transported to in real-time. It is now possible to determine whether your employees have made unauthorized travel.

This can assist you in choosing the most efficient route for vehicles. All of these options are able to help you manage the company’s or your personal’s costs for fuel.

5. Employee Monitoring

A tracking device for vehicles monitors not only the vehicle but also the driver. It provides an interactive map that is updated in a matter of minutes.

With the latest tracking software, you will be alerted on each occasion that your driver or employee is found to be engaging in non-conformity, such as abrupt braking, speeding, or swerving.

With these precise data, it is easy to monitor every driver’s actions and whether they’re adhering to the policies of your company and the laws of the road.

6. Instant Alerts

Geofencing can be a feature of vehicle tracking systems. an area can be created that you believe is secure for employees, or created as a work zone.

You will receive an alert the moment your car is removed from the set area, stopping drivers from driving off into non-work areas or in danger zones. In addition, by pressing the SOS button, you’ll be notified immediately in the event of an emergency.

7. Increased Productivity

The infrastructure and construction in India result in several roads being shut off or narrowed, and the increasing number of cars contributes to the longest traffic delays. A vehicle tracking device can assist you in navigating these challenges.

The tracking device for vehicles can help you choose a shorter route to reach your destination. It can also reveal which roads are prone to traffic and also which roads are closed for construction.

If you’re an owner of your fleet This information will help you improve the routes your vehicles travel so that they require less time to get to the final destination. This means that more work can be given to these vehicles, thereby increasing the efficiency of your company.

8. Reductions in staff and Infrastructural Costs:

For a fleet to be managed manually, it is necessary to have a massive team of people who are dedicated to managing the operations of your vehicles. This also means you’ll need a large amount of infrastructure to accommodate the employees.

This is a major cost and isn’t necessary when there are better alternatives readily available. The best option is to make use of an automated automobile tracking program. This system automates the administration of business processes.

The system is operated efficiently by a small staff. This means you don’t require any staff or infrastructure. It cuts costs by over half, allowing you to gain an advantage over your competition.

Best vehicle trackers in 2022 that can solve many of your Issues.

  • Vodafone Curve.
  • Streetwize GPS
  • Rewire 104 Pro
  • iTrack FS100
  • Amtrac AM-T22.
  • Shield GPS.
  • RECOMMENDED – Carlock Advanced Real-Time Tracker
  • WINNER – TruTrak FMT100.


Our society is facing an increasing problem of car theft. we want to be secure about the security of the precious vehicle. And often we have issues with the performance of the driver. Then a vehicle tracking system is the best option for you.

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