Best Gmail Tips And Tricks

Best Gmail Tips And Tricks: Gmail, as a web application, is always in development. However, the under-the-hood power of Gmail is amazing. There are many browser extensions and add-ons that can improve Gmail beyond its original capabilities. Not all Gmail’s power-user tech requires the use of special accessories.

You can do a lot without needing to install anything. Gmail users can be productive regardless of whether or not they use Gmail. Many people don’t know how much Gmail can do for them, even with the available tools. Here is the list of the top 15 best Gmail tips and tricks below.

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1. Use Multiple Accounts – Best Gmail Tips And Tricks

If you’re a Google super-fan and have multiple accounts with Google/Gmail (even one that’s a Google Workspace account at work) There’s no need to sign in and log out frequently. When you’re on the PC (using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge) you can join multiple accounts simultaneously.

Each account can be in one tab while you are registered. Click on the avatar of your account at the top of the screen and then select Add another account. To move between different accounts simply click your avatar once more, then select the account you wish to switch to without entering a password.

It is your default username that you used to sign in first. It is also possible to set on the Chrome browser to help keep your various accounts (or accounts of other users who use your computer) distinct however usable(Opens with a fresh tab) with Chrome Profiles.

Click on the profile icon located at the top right of your browser’s window. then click on the Pencil icon, giving the Profile an initial name, and then add it on the right. You’ll be presented with a brand-fresh Chrome Profile sign-in page to utilize here.

2. Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Gmail is brimming with keyboard shortcuts for nearly every task you could think of; some require only one button press (hit on the letter C in order to launch an editor such as). Use Shift+? to view the entire list.

To modify an existing shortcut, click View all settings > Keyboard shortcuts. Any new shortcuts you create in this section will replace the defaults. Make sure to save your changes at the bottom of the page to keep them in place.

3. Send From A Different Email Address

There are a variety of Gmail-based accounts, or even multiple addresses in one account. You can set all of those addresses up within your primary Gmail and appear to be sending messages from a different account, be it continuously or per message.

Navigate to Settings > Accounts, then Transfer > Mail where you can create more than one email address. This is useful when you have a large number of messages from one account but need replies to be sent to a different one.

4. Use Send+Archive

You can label a message prior to it being transmitted by using the Options menu at the bottom of the composition window. The message will be archived immediately after it’s the message is sent. To enable it you must go to View the settings, General > Send and Archives > Display “Send and Archive” button in the reply.

If the message you’re writing already has an assigned label, you’ll see the new button, “Send+Archive.” (though it doesn’t say “archive,” it shows the icon for Gmail’s archive as a box with a file icon and an arrow down.) If you click this button, the entire thread is archived and assigned to the label that you’ve chosen.

5. Gmail Templates

This is a major time-saver, especially for emails that are repetitive. To create email templates, you have to start Gmail then click on Settings, and then click Advanced. Then, next to ‘Templates’, click Enable.

To enable this feature when creating an email simply click on the three dots that are stacked in the lower right corner, then choose the option ‘Templates’.

6. Gmail Add-Ons

These Google Workplace add-ons have the ability to boost productivity tenfold. The most commonly used extensions you can get from Gmail.

Gmail includes the Zoom Add-on, which lets you seamlessly include Zoom video hyperlinks to your emails; the Mixmax add-on, which can help you plan, track and combine emails; and the Slack add-on, which lets users to send emails to Slack.

7. Increase The ‘Undo Send’ Time

This is a crucial feature as there is a good chance that you’ll send an email and then regret the mistake. This feature allows you additional time to find those errors. To activate this feature, open ‘Settings and then click on General, then scroll down to ‘Undo and save’.

8. Add Files Via Google Drive:

There are numerous times you’re looking to attach a massive document but aren’t sure how to go about it. It is easy to upload your file onto Google Drive and use the Google Drive icon on Gmail to add the file to the email.

This trick will allow you to get rid of questions such as “where’s the file?” To use this feature, you need to create a draft email, then click the Google Drive icon that is located in near the end of your email’s address field. Then, add the file.

9. Emails To Schedule

Are you looking to appear amazing and on time to the person you’re emailing? This feature is to use since you can set up your emails to ensure that they will be sent automatically even when you’re not online.

To take advantage of this feature, you’ll need to create an email, then click the down arrow that appears on the “Send” button, and then set the email to send at a time that you are at home.

10. Make Use Of Aliases To Stop Spammers

If you decide to sign up for something, make an alias in order to deal with spam. For instance, if you’re looking to join Spotify with your current email address, which address is “cool person at” Do not use that email to sign up.

Instead, you can use “coolperson+spotify at” to sign up for the service. You’ll still receive messages, but you can restrict them to their own folder.

11. Make Your Own Personal Signature

We all want to make an impression, even when it’s via email. Gmail offers you the chance to impress your clients with a memorable signature. You can do this by providing contact details, helpful hyperlinks, a title as well as an image after your email’s content.

To enable this feature, you’ll be required to select “Settings” and then select the ‘General tab. Then, scroll down to Signature, where you’ll need to click on ‘Create New’ to create your signature.

12. Gmail Advanced Search

Have you tried to locate the file in your Gmail without success? You can use the advanced Search’ function is the one you require when you are feeling like an email has gone missing from your computer.

With the help of this function, you are able to sort the results of your search by recipient, sender dates, subject, body text, and labels in addition to other functions that are in the mail. Don’t lose emails again.

13. Snooze Your Gmail

There are occasions when you receive an email, but you aren’t in a position to reply promptly. In this case, you can make use of the feature of snooze to help you remember the email so you are able to respond.

To activate this feature, just click the clock icon within your inbox and choose Time & Date. Once you’ve selected the date and time then your email will be displayed within that window.

14. Power Your Search

The fastest way to perform a search engine in Gmail is to simply click the settings icon within the search box. This opens a full search dialogue box. You can also bypass the box and use the various options for search operators(Opens within a brand new tab) Gmail supports.

For instance, you can enter “in the trash” or “in spam” to search only the folders you want to search (they’re typically not searched for). Limit a search to only “the inbox.” Utilize “label:” followed by the name of the folder or label to find that folder. “filename:” followed by the label, or folder name “filename:”

followed by the actual name of the file will find specific attachments. Utilize a minus sign (hyphen) to find one specific item and not another. For example: “dinner -movie” would only return messages that contain “dinner,” but skip those that refer to “movie.” Another Boolean operator that is supported can be “OR” (all capitalized).

15. Response In A Can –

Stop typing particularly repeating the same message over and over. Templates–previously called “canned responses”–are a must for repeated, redundant, repetitive emails. You can turn it on through the settings, Advanced tab > Templates Turn on.

Scroll down until you can save the changes and Gmail will load. Create an email from scratch and then type in an unformatted response. Use the ellipsis option in the lower-right corner of your message and choose “Templates.”

You can save the message that you wrote to be used as a template for future messages, or add templates already saved to the window currently in use. If you decide to rewrite the canned response, save it under the same name in case of future use.

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