15+ Best HR Automation Software & Tools that Save Time and Improve Processes

At the point when you deal with a few HR processes immediately, you depend on mechanization innovation to accomplish more—and quicker. HR automation software & tools remove manual exertion from your everyday exercises and make efforts to reduce your time and money.

Everybody despises squandering energy on dull and monotonous tasks. Human Resource Management is in such region that is loaded up with huge loads of administrative work, documentation, cycles, and time-consuming tasks.

In this period of modernization and tech progressions, there must be a superior arrangement – and there is HR Process Automation. These automation tools for human resource functions are aimed at reducing time with monotonous tasks. These tools help HR process automation and improve database management and payroll systems.

As the name suggests, HR Process Automation refers to the use of tools and applications that help automate the rather monotonous and time-consuming HR processes. HR Process Automation has several benefits, such as:

  • Increased accuracy
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased Data accuracy and safety
  • Consistency

Not only is HR Process Automation the right thing to do, it is also the future of HR.


What is the Value of HR Automation?

As per CareerBuilder research, HR managers lose a normal of 14 hours seven days physically doing responsibilities that could be mechanized.

HR automation tools take managerial undertakings off your plate and give you more opportunity to zero in on complex assignments connected with HR methodology, information-driven navigation, and projects that help the worker experience.

Chances are, assuming you as of now utilize some level of HR robotization, you can make it a stride further. As per research by KPMG, by far most HR administrations can be to some extent or completely computerized.

You can profit from utilizing HR automation tools across the full HR range, including the accompanying regions:

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Performance management
  • Payroll
  • Training
  • Workforce planning

Here are 15+  best automation software & tools to boost your HR effectiveness:

15+ Best HR Automation Software & Tools

1. TalentLMS




Building a vigorous worker training and improvement program no longer requires a manual solidification of individual classes and preparing materials. TalentLMS is a learning management software that board programming that assists you to train and develop workers.

Highlights incorporate adjustable instructional class plans and gamification devices that empower representative learning. You can likewise set up individual learning ways and dole out course libraries to various gatherings of representatives.

2. EverythingBenefits




At some random time, benefits organization requires overseeing employee benefit decisions, reestablishing and setting up new plans, working with carriers, and understanding the labyrinth of consistency prerequisites.

EverythingBenefits automates essentially every advantages organization process, from open enlistment activities to month-to-month receipt compromise and COBRA organization.

3. BreatheHR



BreatheHR is a cloud-based HR software that is built keeping in mind simplicity and ease of use and is designed to tame the chaos so that you can lead your employees out-front and not from behind the desk.

The software automates various functions such as:

  • Centralized employee data management
  • Approving and monitoring holiday or leave requests
  • Employee absence management
  • Recruitment
  • Document organization
  • Performance reporting

It delivers a professional robust solution while offering a personal friendly support service.

4. Fuse Workforce Management

Fuse Workforce Management



At the point when you’re answerable for a scope of HR exercises, having one device to assist you with finishing everything further develops proficiency and assists you with conveying solidified detailing.

The Fuse Workforce Management stage joins time and attendance management participation the board, HR executives, human resources management, and finance into complete human resources the executives (HCM) software solution.

Strong dashboards and announcing capacity empower labor force navigation and arranging, giving you a reasonable, ongoing perspective on your labor force.

5. WebHR



WebHR is one of the best online HR software which acts as a bridge between HR and Information Technology. With over 20,000 clients spanning across 197 countries, WebHR provides services “from hire to retire in the most advanced way.”

It boasts of features like eTrack, Shift Scheduler, Expense claims and Discussions, and comes with an HR mobile app and support.

It helps automate employee self-service, has dynamic dashboards, and helps organize recruitment, attendance, leaves, and holidays, it also prepares extensive reports and detailed insights for HR managers.

6. Pingboard



Your company org chart can be more than a static file sitting on your desktop.

With Pingboard interactive org chart software, employees can create personal profiles linked within an org chart and use the tool to learn about their coworkers’ hobbies, education, and individual achievements.

The software also integrates with payroll and HCM systems, so new hires and other changes appear automatically on the org chart.

7. PulseHRM



PulseHRM is a cloud-based Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and finance arrangement created on the Oracle tech stack.

It helps organizations put together, computerize, enable, draw in, measure, appreciate and outflank through broad reports and dashboards, representative information the board, and worker profile the executives.

It robotizes different cycles, for example, representative information support, worker and director self-administration, leaves the executives, time and participation, preparing and ability improvement, execution the board, labor planning, and control, pay the organization, finance, project following, repayment the board, and legal compliances.

8. AllyO




Enrolling robotization helps you draw in, evaluate, and select up-and-comers so you can all the more successfully seek ability.

AllyO enrollment and chatbot programming robotize applicant booking, commitment, and studies, so you can convey a positive competitor experience and make recruits quicker.

It additionally incorporates a text enlisting module and an ATS rediscovery highlight that permits you to return to past competitors and keep a solid ability pipeline.


9. SignNow




Regardless of whether you’re recruiting representatives, selecting them in advantages, or imparting new approaches, you want worker marks on a scope of related structures.

signNow offers online endorsement robotization for HR structures, work agreements, and HR strategy affirmations.

Rather than sending structures this way and that over email, representatives can utilize one cloud-based device to sign and safely store touchy HR structures and different reports.

10. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR



HRIS or Human Resource Information System is without a doubt one of the most time-consuming tasks. HR officials need to get multiple forms filled out by new entrants or job candidates, they need to compile all the data and then store it in one place.

Not only is this a tedious task, but it also has room for human error. Bamboo HR eliminates these errors by providing a platform for data entry, data tracking, and data information needs of the Human Resources, payroll, management, and accounting functions within the business.

Not only that, but it also helps create reports for gaining HR insights and saves time and money through automation.

11. Asana



Software for managing projects can help HR teams manage projects from beginning to completion.

Asana is a cloud-based tool for managing projects which lets you create teams for specific projects and track deliverables for projects by date individual or topic area.

The users can set up tasks and send information on status and updates, as well as see the visual representation of their project workflows.

12. Keka HR Payroll Platform

Keka HR Payroll Platform



Keka is an employee-centric Human Resource (HR) information system platform. It offers a fully integrated system that monitors and oversees all the tasks that must be completed to control and pay salaries to employees. It effortlessly handles attendance, leaves, bonuses, changes, etc., and assists in reducing questions about HR & Finance from employees.

13. WorkBright




Once an employee accepts your offer, you need to ensure that they receive the benefits of effective onboarding.

The WorkBright platform offers complete remote onboarding that allows the new employee to handle documents and file management for employees at any time.

The platform includes automatic reminders for important onboarding deliverables and mobile capabilities to allow employees to self-service.

14. CavinHR




Utilizing Human Resource Management System (HRMS software) as well as data management and employee engagement strategies such as engaging social tools as well as managing travel, CavinHR provides a complete solution to all your HR issues.

CavinHR assists in automating various tasks by providing a complete and feature-rich dashboard that assists in managing the performance of employees as well as social and peer recognition features and produces a variety of insightful HR reports.

These levels of automation and accessibility allow HR managers to concentrate their efforts on their top asset which is their employees.

15. TINYpulse




Regular and honest feedback can help employees be more productive, but surveys and performance reviews on spreadsheets create a burden for all parties.

TINYpulse software makes it easy to automate employee surveys, performance reviews, and peer-to-peer recognition, allowing employees and managers to engage in more effective interactions, as well as aiding you in understanding the employee experience.

16. Sigma HR

Sigma HR



With its professional ethics and large reach, SIGMA HR provides complete recruiting and staffing solutions for both individuals and businesses.

It offers specialized RPO services that efficiently manage the recruitment process as well as tools to help recruit the most talented candidates by providing the best opportunities.

Additionally, it comes with an exclusive dashboard for executives that highlights individual and team performance and offers training for soft skills as well as development for candidates.

17. Built for Teams

Built for Teams



Automatic time-and-attendance tracking lets to track the paid leave (PTO) and different types of leaves that affect employee earnings and their performance.

Created for Teams, the leave management software utilizes calendars that can be shared and interactive to provide a clearer time-off application and approval process for FMLA, vacation time as well as sick time as well as other unpaid and paid leave types.

18. GoodHire




Conducting background checks can help you learn more about the employees you choose to hire while ensuring a safe work environment.

The background check automation software from GoodHire lets you order background checks prior to hiring and view results from one place.

Candidates are also able to submit background information and view the results through an online self-service portal.

19. WorkSchedule.Net




No matter if employees work in shifts or doing seasonal work, you could benefit from the HR automation software that allows you to manage and set schedules for work.

WorkSchedule.Net automatizes scheduling for employees, using tools to design schedules for seasonal events and multiple shifts.

It allows you to set the maximum working hours, monitors the time off of employees, and lets employees register for open shifts.



While each of these automation tools have some amazing capabilities, it is possible to have too many of a good thing. Utilizing too many HR software will result in less effectiveness, more wasted time, and incorrect reports.

In reality, a tool that automatizes the whole range of HR tasks will provide greater effectiveness and value than five, four, or even six highly-specialized platforms.

When you are evaluating your options, choose an automated tool that will help you manage the entire workforce to allow you to save effort managing various systems and more time assisting your employees.


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