7 Best L Shaped Gaming Desk For 2022 Gaming

Best L Shaped Gaming Desk For 2022 Gaming: Suppose you have purchased a gaming setup (Laptop or PC) but you don’t have a gaming desk. It’s like that – you have a coke without snacks for your refreshment. So if you want to feel the real gaming experience you must not forget about your gaming desk.

We know that you are here because you make up your mind to purchase an “L Shaped Gaming Desk” for experiencing an amazing experience in the digitally visual world. So, we also know that you are looking for the best l shaped gaming desk that is within your budget.

In this article, we will give you all clearance about gaming desks like –

  • What to Look?
  • Which one is best for you – complete comparison
  • price,
  • size,
  • How does your room look & feel after setup a gaming desk,
  • reviews,

One thing more you should keep in your mind before purchasing any gaming desk that what’s your room requirements, How does your room look after setup your gaming corner desk. Is there proper space or not in your room?

How does your room looks and feel? All these things will help you to pick the right and best-suited gaming desk for you and your room too.


What is an L-Shaped Gaming Desk & How it’s Useful?

What is an L-Shaped Gaming Desk?

This L Shaped Gaming Desk is perfect for anyone who wants to make their own custom desk and it even includes detailed instructions. It is the perfect example of how someone can customize their own desk.

It is designed to fit any room, making it perfect for apartments, dorms, or other small areas where space is at a minimum.

It comes with detailed instructions for those who have never made a desk before and it comes with the necessary tools for the project.


How It is Useful?

This L Shaped Gaming Desk is designed to fit all corners. The desk has been specifically designed to fit into a corner so you can have more room for your computer and other equipment.

This desk has an aluminum frame and is supported by four heavy-duty rubber feet. It comes with detailed instructions for those who have never made a desk before and it comes with the necessary tools for the project.

It is the perfect example of how anyone can customize their own desk for their home office.


What to Look for in an L-Shaped Gaming Desk?

Before we share our top recommendations for corner gaming desks let’s discuss what to look for in a corner gaming computer desk. You can also go out and look for your own corner gaming desks even if our recommendations don’t suit you.

1. Are You Looking for an RGB Setup

Although the answer is likely yes, it’s still something you have to answer. RGB gaming desks are the most popular type of gaming desk in the world.

This involves using a lot of green, red, and blue lights to give your equipment a techy feel. It looks amazing when done right. But, if it isn’t done correctly, it can look really tacky.

You don’t have to worry about an RGB setup if you don’t need one. You should ensure that your L-shaped gaming desk can accommodate the lights if you want one.

While some gaming desks have RBG built-in, most will require you to purchase strip lights. Before you purchase, take a look at how the PC gaming corner desk looks.


2. Size Matters

Why would you want to choose an L-shaped gaming desk? The reason why we’re considering L-shaped gaming desks over traditional ones is because of the additional space we’ll get. It’s pointless choosing a desk with a corner when you’re only getting a small one with no space.

The amount of space you require on your desk will depend on the current situation however, it is important to think ahead.

If you’re using only one switch, you could reduce the size of your desk to a degree. If you’re looking to purchase a PlayStation or PC in the near future, but you’ll have to consider this.


3. Size is a factor

If you’ve got a full-blown gaming setup, you’re familiar with the kind of setup I’m talking about. There are several monitors, high-quality standing desks, an enormous PC, a few consoles, a few headsets, handhelds, controllers as well as laptops as well as speakers, and much more.

However good you are in organizing, everything will consume some space, so be sure you have the space in the first place.


4. Cable Management

The management of cables is among the most frequently feared aspect of any gaming setup, to the point that there are experts who are experts in this area for setups that stream.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about let us clarify. Cable management is the process by which you manage and organize the various cables that you have in your system. This may not sound that bad, but take a look that for every device, you’ll have three or two cables.

Also, if you have a PC, PlayStation, two monitors as well as a Switch there are eight wires. That’s only for power leads, HDMIs as well as a wire for the Switch controller. Additionally, you have the charging cable, wires for headsets extension leads, and all kinds of small but messy cables.

To simplify things an ideal gaming desk should have some kind of cable management system native to the desk. A majority of gaming desks do either shape, whether L-shaped or not, and usually in the form of a platform underneath the desk which can be utilized to carry your cables to prevent them from touching the floor.

If you’re planning to create a gaming system that is significant then this is an extremely important thing to think about when you are shopping.


5. Ergonomics

Ergonomics will play a significant part in our list of priorities and with good reason.

If you’re a player particularly in 2021-2022, you’re likely to spend a significant amount of time on your computer. It’s not uncommon for those who are laid off by the flu to play more than 16 hours playing games every day. Anyone who is a player has experienced this at one time or another.

One of the unnoticed effects of this is that it can totally destroy your back. If you’re playing and playing, you’ll be placing your body in an unnatural angle, regardless of the position you’re sitting.

It doesn’t matter whether you sit down with a controller, or are sitting on an ergonomic keyboard. The result is exactly the same.

Your spine doesn’t have the capacity to withstand the weight of being seated, especially for prolonged periods therefore, you must look for an office that is designed to minimize the damage.


6. Price

The last thing to mention is that we must talk about cost. Everyone hates this topic however it’s something that is still a subject that we must tackle.

Gaming desks that are shaped like L’s can be expensive. Let’s make it out to the world at the moment. These desks are a specific product so that you will need to pay a cost that is reflective of that.

There’s a way to get around these costs if they’re excessive for you the best option is to quit your “gaming.” There are a lot of non-gaming desks that are extremely affordable yet do the job.

These standing desks with electric motors will not perform as well as the ones made for gamers, but it’s a less expensive option for those for a price.


New Features of Corner Desks:

The L Shaped Gaming Desk is perfect for anyone who is tired of having to deal with messy wires on their desktop or dealing with difficult-to-remove keyboard levers.

It includes four pre-installed rubber feet that are designed to keep the desk stable at all times and it also has all the necessary tools for the project including a step-by-step guide with complete detailed instructions.

The desk comes with all the necessary tools and is simple to put together. It also includes its own water bottle holder and some wood screws which allow it to easily clean up.


7 Best L-Shaped Gaming Desks 2022

Here we mentioned the top 7 corner desks after comparing on various aspects like – durability, shape&size, cost, comfortable, etc… Also, we determine the thing that the desk is within your budget.

So, please check these Desks:

1. Autonomous L-Shaped SmartDesk ($999)

Autonomous L-Shaped SmartDesk

Purchase Now

Autonomous L-Shaped SmartDeskCorner Desk
Assembly RequiredNo, Self assemblable
  • 5 years for frame
  • 1 year for top
  • Full: 77”L x 64”W x 1”H
  • Large Top: 77”L x 29”W x 1”H
  • Small Top: 29”L x 35”W x 1”H
ColorsWhite, Black

Autonomous L-Shaped SmartDesk is coming with a white top and white frames. So that it looks beautiful and also enhances the beauty of your gaming room or office. It also provides you with more space as it comes with adjustable heights – 29.4″ to 48″. 

It has 4 programmable setting arrangements with Modular segments for the perfect fit. Autonomous L-Shaped SmartDesk comes with the 5-year best warranty.

You can download – “Assembly Instructions here, which will help you to assemble your corner desk at your home or provides you with much clarity about the product.

2. Ikea Corner Desk – BEKANT ($259)

Ikea Corner Desk

Purchase Now

Ikea Corner Desk – BEKANTCorner Desk
Assembly RequiredNo, Self assemblable
  • 5 years for frame
  • 1 year for top
  • Length: 63 “
  • Depth: 43 1/4 “
  • Min. height: 25 5/8 “
  • Max. height: 33 1/2 “
  • Max. load: 220 lb 7 oz
ColorsWhite, Black

Ikea’s most popular corner desk – “BEKANT”, comes in white/black colors. The melamine surface is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to keep clean.

You can download Assembly Instructions – “BEKANT Underframe for corner table top and BEKANT Corner table top left here, which will help you to assemble your corner desk at your home or provides you with much clarity about the product.

3. GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk ( $67 – $72)

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk

Purchase Now

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner DeskCorner Desk
Assembly RequiredNo, Self assemblable
  • 3 years for frame
  • 1 year for top
  • Length: 58.1 “
  • Depth: 44.3 “
  • Height: 29.13 “
ColorsBlack Only

This space-saving desktop from GreenForest can be used for both works and play if you have limited space. Its L-shaped design allows for a slot in a corner of a room and allows you to place a gaming system at one end, and a workstation at the other.

This corner table comes in the range of $67 to $72, you can choose according to you from Amazon.

4. Bestier LED L-Shaped Gaming Desk ( $169.99)

Bestier LED L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Purchase Now

Bestier LED L-Shaped Gaming DeskCorner Desk
Assembly RequiredNo, Self assemblable
  • 2 years for frame
  • 1 year for top
  • Overall Dimension: 50.51″L*50.51″W*36″H
  • Monitor Stand:36”(L) x 9.4”(W)/73 x 24cm
  • Cup Holder: Φ3.7” x 3.5”
  • Headphone Hook: 2.2”x4.5”
Colors Black, Grey, Red, and Oak

Bestier LED L-Shaped Gaming Desk, comes in Black, Grey, Red, and Oak colors. The melamine surface is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to keep clean, and comes with LED Lights. The price of this beautiful corner desk is also very reasonable – $170 appx.

This L-shaped gaming desk comes with LED lights, making it a great choice. The Bestier desk is spacious but not as large as the M. Ironstone. It also has a bit more cable management support with lower shelves that run across the legs.

5. Howzone Motorized Corner Desk

Howzone Motorized Corner Desk

Purchase Now

Howzone Motorized Corner DeskCorner Desk
Assembly RequiredNo, Self assemblable
  • 2 years for frame
  • 1 year for top
  • Overall Dimension: 30 x 29 x 10.5 inches
Colors White Only

You can purchase this Howzone Motorized Corner Desk from Amazon, at only 270$. This is the first corner gaming desk with a motor built-in. The motor lets you adjust the height of your desk, or transform it from a desk that is sitting into a standing desk.

You may be thinking “why would I ever want to stand while playing games?” It’s a good argument, but it’s important to consider the implications of ergonomics. Even if it’s only for a short period of time each hour, standing up and stretching your body will help your back.

6. Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Desk ($180)

Teraves Reversible L-Shaped Desk Corner Gaming Computer Desk

Purchase Now

Teraves Reversible L-Shaped DeskCorner Desk
Assembly RequiredNo, Self assemblable
  • 2 years for frame
  • 1 year for top
  • Long Side: 68.90″(L) x 21.65″(D) x 29.53″(H)
  • Short Side: 53.15″(L) x 21.65″(D) x 29.53″(H)
  • Whole Dimensions: 68.90″(L) x 53.15″(D) x 29.53″(H)
Colors Metallic, Grey, White

The corner gaming desk from Teraves is sleek and stylish that is perfect for any décor. There’s more than enough space for your entire equipment, as well as ample space to accommodate more than one monitor.

Also included is an additional stand for your Motherboard with this desk. It is a great stand to save desk space by putting your computer under the desk on the stand that comes with it.

Teraves created this desk with a mix of sturdy and durable materials. The desk is perfect for long-term usage. You can clean it easily and it will always look amazing.

7. YOLENY L-Shaped Desk ($150)

YOLENY L-Shaped Desk

Purchase Now

YOLENY L-Shaped DeskCorner Desk
Assembly RequiredNo, Self assemblable
  • 1 years for frame
  • 1 year for top
  • Whole Dimensions: 55 x 49.5 x 58.5 inches
Colors Metallic, Grey, White

The only gaming desk that includes shelves. It’s possible that you’re not an avid fan and in that case, you’ll have to read further.

If you want more space, this gaming desk is a bit expensive and you’ve got more space than you’ll ever need. The desk’s design can accommodate a dual monitor setup and the shelf is enough space to accommodate games consoles, collectibles, or even printing.

This desk is made specifically for professionals. It is flexible enough to effortlessly connect your entire setup to each other, which makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to explore something like streaming. It may not be an upright gaming desk however, it is able to finish the job.

Wrap Up

Perhaps you’ve found a gaming desk you like. If not, you can refer to our buyer’s guide before you are shopping for a new desk.

Don’t purchase the first gaming desk that grabs your attention. You’re likely to spend many hours with it, so you’ll want to ensure that it’s constructed to be able to handle your demands.

If you’re interested in reading more, we’ve got many articles on gaming-related office layouts in our website. If you’re looking for a solution about your setup, it’s likely that we’ve got the answer. all you need to do is go to the blog and search for the issue you’re looking for.

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