8 Best Ways To Fix Whatsapp Status Not Sending

Are you having trouble sending WhatsApp status? Do you want to fix WhatsApp status not sending? This article is only for you if you are facing this type of problem with your WhatsApp. Have you ever tried to update your status on WhatsApp but it just won’t go through?

It might be annoying, especially if you want to show your contacts something important. So, in this article, I am going to provide some best ways to fix WhatsApp status not sending.

About WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status is such a feature of WhatsApp that you can share your feeling with your friends, family and all other contacts at the same time. You are in a good mood, you are not in a good mood, you can upload your photos, videos, and all kinds of emotions on WhatsApp status and show them to everyone in your contact list.

It is comparable to the “Stories” function offered by other social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. A status update is available to the user’s contacts for 24 hours after it is uploaded. The status automatically disappears following that time frame.

Fix Whatsapp Status Not Sending

Fix Whatsapp Status Not Sending

1. Check Your Internet Connection

If you are not able to upload anything on your WhatsApp status then first of all you need to check your internet connection. Your status won’t send if your internet connection is shaky or unstable.

WhatsApp requires an active and reliable internet connection to update new messages, just like any other instant messaging service. Without a reliable internet connection, you will have trouble syncing new messages, media files, and the Status.

2. Check The File Size And Type

Large media files can be sent on WhatsApp Status, however, they typically take longer to upload than usual. Therefore, you must wait a little longer if the file size is large. The media file formats that are compatible should also be considered.

You can upload media files in a variety of formats to WhatsApp, including AVI, MKV, MP4, and 3GP. To avoid problems with media compatibility, you can convert your WhatsApp Status into these supported formats before sharing it.

3. Update The WhatsApp App

The WhatsApp app is often updated to include new features and fix bugs. As a result, manufacturer support for the outdated software will end, and you won’t be able to change your status whenever a new version of a certain section—let’s say the WhatsApp status section—is released.

4. Clear WhatsApp Data And Cache

Another approach to solving the WhatsApp status not sending issue is to clear the cache and data. All temporary files and data that might be the root of the problem will be deleted throughout this process. Here are the steps to clear WhatsApp data and cache:

  • Go to your device Settings and select Apps & notifications
  • Find WhatsApp and tap on it
  • Select Storage & Cache, then tap Clear cache
  • If clearing the cache doesn’t work, tap Clear storage or Clear data (this will clear all your WhatsApp data, so make sure to back up your chats first).

5. Fix The Date And Time Of Your Phone

The WhatsApp app will automatically be impacted if the date and time on your device are incorrect. You might not be able to upload your status or send messages. Here is how to update your device’s date and time:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings>Date and Time.
  • Step 2: Toggle to turn ON the “Use network-provided time” and “Use network-provided time zone.”

6. Try To Upload Another Media

By uploading an alternative video or image, you can try to resolve the problem. If another video or image has been posted, the one you previously uploaded must have some problems. If you are unable to upload any additional videos or pictures, WhatsApp is the issue.

7. Check The WhatsApp Server

You are experiencing this problem for a number of reasons, including occasional WhatsApp server difficulties. If that’s the case, we advise you to check the Whatsapp server from any unaffiliated website.

If the server is down, all you can do is wait because there will be nothing else you can do. Uploading the photographs and videos should be attempted once the server issue has been resolved.

8. Reinstall The WhatsApp

The final and best option is to reinstall WhatsApp. Make sure you have made a backup of your communications before uninstalling WhatsApp. Once you’ve completed the backup, remove WhatsApp and then reinstall it later.

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