Best Ways To Reboot The Starlink Router

Are you having problems with your Starlink router? Is Your Starlink Router Having Connectivity Problems? So in this article, I will share with you that there are some ways to reboot the Starlink router, after following which you will not see any problem related to your router.

Many connectivity issues can frequently be resolved by restarting your Starlink router. Find out the most effective ways to restart the Starlink router and fix connectivity problems.

What Does Reboot Starlink Do?

Rebooting your Starlink router might be your best move for improving performance. Additionally, after a reboot, you will be able to maintain all of the network configurations. Rebooting the Starlink router maximizes speed by clearing the RAM, refreshing the cache, stopping any running processes, and restarting the router’s firmware.

Reboot The Starlink Router

Best Ways To Reboot The Starlink Router 1

1. Use The Application To Reboot Starlink

Whenever you set up a new Starlink router, you have to download and install its app to setup it. The Sterlink application is not only for setting it up but also allows you to change or correct any settings or operations at any time.

Similarly, utilizing its program to restart Starlink Internet is one of the simpler procedures to start with. here are the steps to reboot the Starlink router.

  • Open the Starlink app.
  • Now tap on the menu bar at the top-right corner.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Scroll down a bit and tap on Reboot Starlink.

It will take two to three minutes to complete. Your Starlink will shut down, restart, and check for faults during this time.

2. Unplug the Power Cable

Directly turning off the router, ie unplugging it, is one of the least time-consuming and simplest ways to reboot. Because most of the people will not like to reboot it through the application because it takes a little more time.

This sounds reasonable given that the application occasionally responds quite slowly when restarting the Starlink router. In this method, you simply have to proceed and take the cord out of the power cable.

3. Unplug The Satellite

If you have used both the methods given above still no solution is found, then only use this third method because it can be a bit little difficult. Unplugging the main satellite that is located on your roof is another way to reboot Starlink Internet or router. here are some steps to follow:

  • you have to climb the roof
  • pull out the cable internet cable that is going to your Starlink Satellite
  • wait for a minute and then plug it back in

You may even put this behind your router inside your home if you are having problems accessing the roof. The internet wire can be removed from your router’s rear in the same way.


Q1. Will rebooting my Starlink router delete my saved settings?

No, restarting your router won’t wipe off any previously saved settings. All customized settings, however, will be deleted if you conduct a factory reset.

Q2. How long does it take for a router to reboot?

Usually, it takes a few minutes to reboot. Before evaluating changes, give the router enough time to restart and establish a connection.

Q3. How often should my Starlink router be rebooted?

Rebooting your Starlink router once every few weeks can assure peak performance and eliminate any short-term issues. Rebooting more frequently could be required if you frequently experience connectivity problems.

Q4. Will Starlink’s poor internet speeds improve after a reboot?

Rebooting your Starlink router can assist in resolving some connectivity difficulties that could be a factor in your internet’s poor speed. However, it’s advised to get in touch with Starlink support if the problem still exists after rebooting.


Rebooting your Starlink router frequently proves to be the most efficient fix for connectivity problems. Common router troubles can be resolved by using an application to restart the Starlink router, unplug the power cable, and unplug the satellite.

This will allow you to browse the internet without interruption and smoothly. So I hope that you must have got the solution to your problem from this article. By using any one of the methods that I have told you above, your problem must have gone away.

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