Broker Forex4you

Forex4you allows you to increase your income by becoming a leader within the Forex4you social trading platform. You can earn a second income from each lot that is copied from you. You decide the amount of commission for each lot copied from you – $2, $4, $6, or $8 per standard lot. Your income will increase if you have more followers who copy you.

Benefits of Opening a Test Account Before Dealing With Large sums

Broker Forex4you is a trading platform exclusively for brokers. You are required to open an account with Broker Forex4you, pay your subscription fee and deposit any funds that you wish to trade into your account. In return, Broker Forex4you will manage all your trades and deposits for you. The major advantage of using this service is that you can enjoy maximum leverage, reduced risk, and a flexible payment system.

There are various features provided by Broker Forex4you including hedging allowed, a single sign-up option, multi-sig, multiple accounts, trade, and limit alerts, stop loss, and leverage protection. They also offer free account management, signal services, real-time market quotes, and low spreads. One of the most important features of Broker Forex4you is its ability to provide a negative spread. Negative spread is a feature of forex4you that allows you to reduce your risk by spreading your trades across different markets.

This facility is available only to brokers. You need to have a certain amount of capital to open your account. Once you open an account with Broker Forex4you, you will receive the broker forex4you account software, which will help in building a profitable trading portfolio. You can create your own demo trading portfolio using a starter package from the broker. You can test the trading strategies and watch them develop before making a final investment decision.

Payment System:

Broker Forex4you offers two payment systems, namely: one-time payment and recurring payment. With the one-time payment plan, you will receive a fixed amount of commission on every transaction.

You have the flexibility to set the frequency of payments as per your trading conditions. For a recurring payment plan, your account will be credited automatically each month. Your earnings are subject to the rules and regulations of the exchange where you are trading.


The major benefit of Broker Forex4you over other online forex brokers is that you can open up a practice account before dealing with larger amounts. You can use this practice account to sharpen your trading skills.

When you start dealing with higher amounts of money, you will need to read more books or attend more seminars in order to learn the tricks of the trade. Thus, trading can be quite stressful at times. With Broker Forex4you, you can reduce your stress level by accessing your account anytime from anywhere.

Online brokers do not offer any free services like in the traditional banking system. However, their services do include deposit insurance, customer support, news flashes, live streaming media, and negative spread service.

Broker Forex4you offers competitive fees as compared to other brokers in the market. It also offers favorable deposit insurance for those who are new in the trading market as they can get cover for their deposit when they face any sort of market situation.

What is Forex4you?

Broker Forex4you

Forex4you is a trademark of E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. Forex4you introduced proprietary technology MarketPlace in 2016, which is its own liquidity aggregator, and order execution software. Clients now have ultra-fast, secure, and stable execution with tight spreads thanks to new technology.

Forex4you is it legit?

According to our research, Forex4you has been found to be reliable, secure, and regulated. It also offers a professional trading environment that is suitable for new or experienced traders in Forex or CFD trading. We recommend that you do your research before opening a forex account with any broker.

Is Forex4you a good broker?

Forex4you is a trusted broker that takes the necessary steps to ensure clients have a safe, reliable, and advanced trading environment. KPMG has audited the growth and it is clear that this approach works. Forex4you has a transparent business structure.

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