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Did you want to know about Dead by Daylight Stats and Data? In the horror-themed game Dead By Daylight, you have to get out of the campgrounds.

One of the most terrible places to be trapped dead by daylight is The Crypton. The Crypton has several resources you can use, including hooks, generators, valves, windows, and much more.

How To Check Your Dead By Daylight Stats

Top 3 most played Killers

Here are the top 3 most played killers below:

  1. Huntress: The huntress has keen hearing, which gives her an advantage when it comes to sneaking up on survivors. The Huntress doesn’t have any perks that are combat related which could be seen as a disadvantage in some cases. She lacks combat skills but makes up for it with her ability to sneak up on the survivor unnoticed.
  2. Doctor: Doctor is swifter than other killers and can treat other survivors more quickly. This killer has an advantage over the various hunters and survivors since they can teleport. The sole drawback for this character has been their ability to transport equipment like loud generators and traps.
  3. Wraith: Since Wraith is so quiet, it can be challenging to hear them approaching. The phase-cloak of the wraith can temporarily render them invulnerable. This enables the murderer to approach the surviving covertly. Additionally, the Phase-cloak will protect them from traps and other devices throughout The Crypton and elsewhere.

Top 3 most played Survivors

These are the top 3 most played survivors below:

  1. Meg Thomas: Meg was one of the survivors that spent a significant period of time in the daylight dead. She had a very difficult time escaping because she had no experience with horror games before this one. She was only able to get away after other survivors were able to assist her. Meg isn’t terribly sadistic, but her benefits more than makeup for it. Meg can be quick to find closets and other hideouts. She is able to run faster than the other survivors at times, giving her an advantage over time.
  2. Claudette Morel: Claudette Morel is a diligent Botanist who has the skills to increase both her and her team’s chances of surviving as well as to help her squad heal more quickly. When the fog lifts, she gathers strong plants from the area surrounding the campfire to make tinctures that can stop bleeding.
  3. Feng Min: Feng has excellent vision throughout his escape attempt which gives him an edge over the other survivors. Feng Min will search the various nooks and crannies of The Crypton and the neighboring locations when he has to find a generator. Feng had some trouble leaving, but he was able to do so because of his improved vision.

Most popular Killer perks

These are the most popular killer perks:

  1. Hex: Ruin: Killers in Dead by Daylight can employ the hex skill “Ruin,” which is a hex. The ability surrounds the survivor with a field of confusion, making it challenging for them to flee. Additionally, The Hex is renowned for making things harder for the survivor so they don’t quite manage to escape.
  2. Barbecue & Chili: One of the most well-liked killer benefits in Dead by Daylight is the barbeque and chili. The perk was turned into an advantage because it enables the killer to catch up to survivors. The killer will be able to heal themselves when they are hurt because to the BBQ and chili. The ease of use and accessibility of this benefit has contributed to its popularity.


Is there an age restriction for players in Dead by Daylight?

What age is required to purchase Dead by Daylight? Dead by Daylight has an 18+ age limit. Anyone below the age of 18 will need a parent’s permission before they can purchase it.

What are the side effects of Dead by Daylight?

Dead by Daylight’s drawbacks include the fact that it’s a horror game with a lot of jump scares and unsettling material. After playing this game, many people lament having nightmares.

Who Developed This Game?

Behaviour Digital Inc., a Canadian business, is creating Dead by Daylight. Since its founding in 2002, Behaviour Digital has been creating video games.

Action, puzzle, shooter, and other video game genres are among the many that Behaviour Digital specializes in.

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