Diwali Pooja Time 2021

Diwali Puja Time 2021: Starts at evening 6:15 PM to 10:15 PM, Thursday, 4 November


Diwali Pooja Time 2021 – Laxmi Puja Vidhi, Subh Muhurat, Time:

The celebration of light, Diwali, is celebrated with great enthusiasm as people decorate your homes using diyas as well as other lights. The festival of lights is celebrated on the night of the moon’s darkest or Amavasya is observed in the month of Karthik between mid-October to mid-November.


Diwali puja Time Of The Year 2021 And What It Means

Diwali Pooja Time

Diwali is a festival that has been celebrated in the traditional manner from centuries. It is one of the most awaited events of the year and is full of fun and excitement, much more than any other festival. Diwali is a special festival of lights, fun, and joy. As I am sure you know too well, it is not just about Diwali, but it is all about the celebrations surrounding Diwali. This is why we celebrate the festival of Diwali at least for a week before Ash Wednesday, the day when the entire Christian community celebrates Jesus coming back to earth as king.

Diwali puja is also known as Bhaidooj or Vatiya Lok Kala celebration. The celebration actually starts a week before Ash Wednesday and lasts for nine days. On the first day itself, all the household, relatives, and guests are invited to the pump so that they can worship God and offer prayers to his statue. The main highlight of the Diwali Puja is of course the process of lighting the idols of the Gods. They light the candles and spread flowers on them and take vows to worship God.

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The process of Diwali puja is really an enchanting one for me. Every time I see a candle being lit, I get filled with so much religious enthusiasm. At one point in my childhood, I used to carry the candles and incense to my house and lit them in front of the idol of my favorite deity. Whenever I feel homesick after my stay abroad, all I need to do is to reach my mother’s house and pray for her and that her good health always be everlasting.

All this and much more is what happens on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Diwali is not just a single-day celebration; it is the entire season and period of happiness and joy for the Hindu people. The main focus of the celebrations is ‘Rasnami’ – the return back from the Rajasthan desert during the period of Raja-Panchkarma. Rasnami is when the entire community, family, relatives and friends gather together and pray for the coming of an end to the Rajasthan civil war and the freeing of the Hindu nation from the rule of the Badwites (Brahma) and the Muslim marauders from the Indian subcontinent.

The Diwali puja also takes place at the entrance of the household, so that all the female relatives and household women pray for the arrival of the Mahrajah and the coming of an end to the Diwali festivities. All this is seen and observed with great excitement and happiness by the Hindu women. This is a truly significant festival because it marks the triumph of good over evil. This is also the time of Rakshabandhan the grand celebration of lights and happiness. This Diwali Puja is also a time when the women are allowed to become free and enjoy their sexual pleasures.

Diwali is a highly magical and sacred festival for the Hindus of India. It is a time for celebrations, joy and abundance. Diwali Puja is such a festival that can be truly called a festival of divine love. The ancient myth about the goddess sending her son Devar as a boy to look after her daughter Parvati to keep her happy in her marital bed is related through Diwali.

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