Essay on Diwali

Diwali is celebrated on Thursday, 4 November in India, 2021.

If you are someone who wants to write an essay on Diwali in English, then you would do well to learn about the customs and rituals that have been associated with this festival. It is interesting to know that – What are the primary reasons for celebrating Diwali? 

The basic idea behind the process of Diwali in India is a reflection of the culture of the people of that era. They believed in the powers of deities and the like. Thus, they preferred to celebrate life in all its brilliance with the aid of such things as lights, fireworks, bells, diyas, and other similar items.

A typical essay on Diwali in English will focus on this aspect alone. If you are an admirer of traditional Indian Diwali parties, then you should definitely spend time preparing an essay on Diwali in English that celebrates the essence of the tradition and culture of that region.


How do You Write a Diwali Essay?

In this article, we will explain to you, – how to write an amazing and very eassy essay on Diwali, which you don’t need to make revisions again and again. You just need to understand or learn few points before you write an essay. Which are as given below:

These points are:

  • Introduction
  • When Diwali is celebrate?
  • Why Diwali is celebrate?
  • How to Celebrate Diwali?
  • What to do on Diwali?
    Chhoti & Badi Diwali:
  • How do people decorate their Houses during Diwali?

If you are a student of any class between classes V to Xth, then this essay is super easy to learn for you.

An Essay on Diwali

Essay On Diwali

Celebrate the Festivities With Dignity and Ease


Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals of India. On this day, all the houses of the people are decorated and all the women are preparing for the celebrations by getting ready with their best outfits and beautiful hair accessories.

The main highlight of this festival is the process called “Diwali Puja”. This process basically involves a ceremony which is conducted to offer thanks to the Lord for his co-operation in letting the people celebrate this wonderful festival of lights.

The essence of the festival is the belief that Goddess Lakshmi is the founder of the universe and every human being is her offspring. People worship her in the form of candles, oil, flowers, incense, toys, and other objects at night. The Diwali lamps are lit at different places across the country at the beginning of the festival and the people dance and rejoice, to celebrate the joy of the Goddess. This is why the essence of the festival is happiness, cheerfulness, and bliss.

There is no doubt that every house is adorned with diyas, candles, and other decorative materials, but this does not mean that there is nothing else to be done on Diwali.


When Diwali is celebrate?

Diwali Also called “Deepavali”, which occurs in the month of October, or in November. It is also celebrated on the 20th day of the festival Dussehra (This day Lord Rama killed Ravana, the demon king of Lanka).

DIwali Essay

Dussehra is celebrated on Friday, 15 October in India, 2021.


Why Diwali is celebrate?

Diwali celebrations are held in honor of Lord Ramchandra. According to Hindu mythology, the belief is to be the day on which, Lord Rama came back home to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.

During his time in exile, the demons fought him and the demon King Ravana that was the ruler of power in Lanka. After Rama’s return, the residents from Ayodhya lit diyas in celebration of the king as well as celebrate the victory.

Since the years, Diwali is celebrated to proclaim the triumph of good over evil.


How to Celebrate Diwali?


In the Diwali Pujan, people worship goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on the evening of Diwali.

People also believe that Lord Ganesha who is often referred to as a destroyer of obstructions is revered for his wisdom and intelligence.

In addition goddess Lakshmi is revered on the occasion of Diwali for prosperity and wealth. Diwali puja is believed to invoke the blessings of gods.

One of the best ways to celebrate Diwali in its true essence is to get hold of a copy of the Bhagavatam. This is a copy of the ancient Hindu document that describes the procedure for celebrating the auspicious festival of Diwali in the right manner.

It is also supposed to be one of the most revered books in the world. If you read the Bhagavatam, you can easily understand why the people of the region were so excited about celebrating Diwali every year. Once you have understood the essence of the document, you can use it to celebrate Diwali in the right manner.


What to do on Diwali?

The process of preparing for the festival begins several days before the event. It begins with the meticulous cleaning of the shops and homes. A lot of people throw away everything that is old and household and get the entire remodeling work completed prior to the start of the celebration.

There is a long-standing belief that Goddess Lakshmi is seen in the homes of people during Diwali the night of their blessing. So, all the devotees wash and decorate their homes with lights, flowers, and rangolis, candles, garlands, diyas, etc. for the celebration.

The festival is typically celebrated over three consecutive days. Which are as: Dhanteras, Chhoti Deepawali, and the last Badi Diwali.


Its first celebration is known as Dhanteras. It is a custom to purchase new objects, including ornaments. This day is reffers to the god Kubera – Who is the God of Wealth. On this day people worship the god of wealth like – Kubera, Lord Ganesha & Godness Laxmi Ji. And wishing for a wealthy and prosperous life for themself and their family.


Chhoti & Badi Diwali


In India, the next days after Dhanteras are known as Chhoti Diwali and Diwali.

The following days are used to commemorate Diwali which is when people break crackers and decorate their homes.

It is also a tradition to meet with family members and friends and to give gifts. Many sweets and Indian dishes are made for this day.


How do people decorate their Houses during Diwali?

One of the best ways to decorate your house for the festival is to go in for the maximum use of fluorescent lights and electric lamps. These lights help you create a mesmerizing ambiance inside your house when you light them and hang other items such as torans, carpets, and the likes in great designs.

Electric lamps and screens of colored frames are other popular items that are being used to decorate festival houses. It is important to keep one thing in mind while choosing lamps for the festival. Don’t choose a lamp just because it has a bright light or is vibrant in color; instead, look out for its functionality.



A short essay on Diwali must always try to depict the spirit of the festival in the best possible manner. For this purpose, you should write an essay that describes what the festival is all about, why it is being celebrated, and by what path the participants should take.

The short essay should also try to describe the glorious brilliance of the traditional ideas and the customs related to them. It is believed that all religions could have come to existence without any interference if people only realized their deep spiritual meaning.

You can conclude your essay on Diwali by saying that this is a time when the entire humanity is experiencing the greatest joy and happiness. The happiness emanated from the festival shows how human beings have come closer as a community.

Diwali is the Festival of Lights, and a diwan (short essay) that successfully narrates the spiritual essence of the festival should therefore discuss the festival in a positive way and convey the joy and happiness felt by the human race every year at that time.

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