Everything You Want To Know About To IPL 2020 Shedule

If all government permissions to hold the IPL 2020 in UAE comes this week, IPL Governing Council will meet on 1st Aug and formally announce the dates, schedule, protocols for the gamers, broadcasters, franchises and the alternative stakeholders.

The IPL GC will meet via teleconference and publish that meeting has been convened with the franchises and the broadcasters. The dates, schedules, match timings for IPL 2020 can be released publish the assembly.

1. Dates And Schedule

The IPL 2020 time table will be released on Saturday. According to the facts with InsideSport, nonetheless the IPL agenda will live the equal what became released in the month of Feb 2020. That method on September 19th, first game can be played between Mumbai Indians & Chennai Super Kings.

It will also be exciting to test the healthy-timings for IPL 2020, will the fit be enhance through 30mins or will IPL 2020 will start at the usual time of 8PM ? IPL GC will planned at the identical on Saturday.


2. Player Replacement

There will be no change in the player policy and the franchises will be free to travel with extra players so as to avoid last-minute travels. This means the IPL franchises this season will have bigger squads and more players will travel to UAE with the team.


3. Fans In The Stadium

This is a area where discussions are at a very nascent stage. According to Emirates Cricket Board representative, ‘if BCCI is willing fans can be allowed in the stadium’, but the question is for minuscules revenues will the BCCI and franchises risk allowing the fans ? According to info available with Inside Sport, BCCI will have a discussion with the franchises on Saturday and arrive at a decision on the issue.


4. Travel & Accommodation

It was expected that the all travel and lodging arrangements will be done centrally by the BCCI. But according to a report in TOI, Franchises will have to figure their own travel arrangements and accommodation in UAE.

BCCI will coordinate with UAE authorities to ensure “discounted hotel rates” and share it with the franchises. It will then be the franchise’s discretion to settle for options provided by BCCI or make their own arrangements. Franchises will fly their players to UAE and back, as is the case during IPL in India every year.


5. Revenue Pools

Since all 60 matches of IPL are being played in 51 days,there will be no change in distribution of BCCI’s central revenue pool.


6. Medical assistance

Franchises will arrange for their own medical teams and the BCCI will arrange a central medical team. Once players & support staff land in UAE, the onus of testing will be on the franchises, who will in turn coordinate with BCCI’s medical team on a 24×7 basis. Each franchise’s medical team will stay with their respective teams within the security bubble.

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