1. Google IT Automation With Python

Google IT Automation With Python

Google recently announced their new Google Certified Expert Program (PEC), which allows IT professionals with over one year of experience in a number of Google industry verticals to be awarded this certification.

The program will train students on the basics of automation, such as reducing errors and identifying defects, as well as how to troubleshoot and fix these issues. Once trained, students will be able to complete Google’s official Google Toolbar for easy access to all of Google’s online resources.

If you are an automation enthusiast and wish to apply Google technology to your business, this may be an excellent training opportunity.

As with any training, there are many courses that can teach you how to automate your business processes. However, with Google, you’ll not only learn how to do it but how to automate a wide variety of Google activities, such as Gmail, AdWords, Docs, Spreadsheets, and many other areas.

With Google’s automation experts helping you through each step, there is no question that this PEC will give you the edge over your competition. You can take up Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certification by Google for Free !!


2. Project Management Certification

Project Management Certification

The CompTIA Project+ has a wide range of offerings that includes training for individuals who want to become project managers, or project coordinators. This certification, however, is also ideal for individuals already employed in the IT field.

It can be useful to IT professionals who want to improve their skills so they can take advantage of new technology and increase the variety of projects they are handling. There are many benefits to taking the CompTIA Project+ Certification. For those individuals who already work in the field but who want to take the certification further, then taking the CompTIA Project+ test is the best option.

By taking the test, candidates will learn more about the various tools, strategies, and skills needed to be an effective project manager. Candidates will also gain a better understanding of what the project management certification means and why professionals consider it necessary. If you are looking for a free course in Project Management, one can take up introduction to project management from Simplilearn.


3. Data Science Professional Certificate

Data Science Professional Certificate

An individual pursuing a Specialization in Data Science must have an overview of all the current trends in the industry and a deep understanding of how computers work.

Additionally, they must also be skilled in analyzing large quantities of data and using this information to develop intelligent programs which will be able to solve human problems.

The skills learned within this program will prepare students to compete in the IT market. 


4. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Taking a Cloud computing course will allow you to gain the necessary skills to work with a virtual private server, or VPS. These types of services are becoming more common and can be found with some of the bigger name web hosting companies. Many people choose a Cloud computing service because it allows them to take advantage of the many features that are offered by these types of servers.

However, before someone can learn how to work with one of these services they first have to get the proper training. A Cloud computing course can help that person become proficient with these software packages. Cloud computing courses are also usually time sensitive.

Some of them require a certain amount of daily interaction, while others may only last a few weeks. The amount of time that is required to learn the software is based on the program that is being studied. If someone wishes to get a lot of use out of their software then they should take the time to study the software in depth.

This will allow them to get the most out of their use of the service. offers free Cloud Computing Courses for individuals who are willing to take up a career in Cloud Computing


5. Python


A very popular way to learn Python nowadays is through online courses or classes. In these programs you generally set up your computer to run Python on it, and then you will be shown how to write simple programs. These courses are incredibly easy to follow since most of them are built specifically with computer science and machine learning in mind. In a lot of cases you will also be given examples of real-life problems that you can solve with Python.

The most comprehensive and complete course I have seen on the internet, however, is Dataquest Python. This program teaches python syntax and basic syntax, as well as teaching you data processing concepts and how to use the built-in modules/functions within Python.

You can sign up for a free Python course by visiting

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