FREE ROBUX Promo Code – Guys the robots have been added to our account guys to spend on whatever we want in the Roblox catalog for most people this is what the Roblox account looks like.

Steps On How You Get FREE ROBUX Promo Code?

Step-1. As you can see right now I’m on my profile.


You’re gonna do is you wanna visit the URL  –,  to replace the home with promo codes. It’s as simple.


Step-2. Will take you up to the redeem Roblox promotions.

redeem Roblox

which is the page where you type in the promo code and what you want to type in here –“APRILEASTERROBUX”.


Step-3. I guess both April easter robots guys just like so make sure you’ve got that in capital letters. And, when you hit, redeem button. it will say “invalid promo code” but don’t worry. It’s all a part of the process.

Invalid Promo Code

hit redeem invalid promo code just like so once you’ve done that. It’s as simple as this.


Step-4. You want to go over to the uh gift card option. Over here okay gift cards and it’ll lead you up to this page.

Reedim Now

you want to look for this redeemed now. It’s pretty difficult to miss. It’s the big-green button with redeem now.


Step-5. You want to click that and it’ll take you to the redeem robots card selection.


you want to type in the pin code exactly the same April Easter Robux. just like so “APRILEASTERROBUX”.


Step-6. You want to hit redeem, might ask you for verification. Just like this, it’s a totally normal boom boom. Once you’ve done that it’ll invalid pin.


Fine, you want to go to your row box up here and click buy Roblox, and then I’ll load you up to the final step.


Step-7. The redeem credit page in this end top in guys you want to type the exact same code we’ve been typing – “APRILEASTERROBUX”. Just-like-that all in caps guys just like so and if you have done this correctly.

Reedim Card

It will say zero dollars is your Roblox credit right here and minus $99 as in balance down here. So if you’ve done that that’s what it should say when you hit redeem it might ask for another verification. When you hit redeem you should say invalid pin format might ask for verification and there you verification like I said guys this is totally normal.

Do not worry if it does ask you for this that’s just Roblox’s way of checking you’re not a robot you know there are a lot of like hackers and what not on this game and you need to make sure it’s real people. You know so get this done all right. So bear in mind guys I’ve got 541 Robux right now we’re going to press f11 we’re gonna refresh the page up.


Here guys and hopefully if we’ve done this all correctly. it should load the roux right on into our account guys so let’s refresh the page and would you actually believe it. If you are a die heart fan of Roblox and want to earn Roblox Speed Codes, So please check the post – Roblox Speed Run 4 Codes. Robots have been added to our account to spend on whatever we want in the Roblox catalog. That’s it.

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