Which Garage Ceiling Fan with Light Will Best Fit Your Needs?

Garage ceiling fans are, quite simply, specialized, high-performance garage ceiling fans. And just like any fan, they come in a variety of styles, finishes, and features. In fact, some garage ceiling fan models can do so much more than circulate air; some can be used as radio transmitters or as Christmas tree lights.

In fact, a garage ceiling fan with light kits can turn your garage into the dream fantasy place that you’ve been hoping for – a place where your feet feel safe and warm, and your head is high enough that falling out of the chair doesn’t feel like a major disaster.

Let’s take a look at the different types of garage ceiling fans with light kits available, and how they can enhance the look and feel of your garage.

Types Of Garage Ceiling Fan

1. One-handled Fan

One popular style of garage ceiling fan with a light kit is the retractable one-handled fan. These overhead light fixtures can either be manually (for larger garages) or motorized (for small or medium-sized garages).

The advantage to this style is that you can extend their operating length by simply pulling them down. Another major advantage is that they generally have very long blade spans, which allow them to efficiently provide considerable amounts of cooling in large garages.


2. Platform-style Fans

Another popular style of garage ceiling fan with a light kit is the retractable, platform-style fans. As the name suggests, these overhead light fixtures come down to the floor and can be manually or motorized.

They are great options for garages with spaces big enough to accommodate these fans and are especially popular with garages that are attached to the house – for example, those located below an apartment complex.


3. Remote Controlled

The majority of garage ceiling fans with light kits come with remote control. This remote control is usually a rechargeable battery unit that allows you to change the blades any time during the season, and even at night.

In order to conserve energy when the blades are retracted, it is recommended that you keep the blades shut while not in use.

To check the price, you should check whether the remote control offers onboard batteries. If it does, then you can always consider buying additional batteries.


4. Garage Ceiling Fan With Light

When it comes to choosing a garage ceiling fan with lighting, you should check the specifications of the wall control to make sure it can be used on all types of garage ceiling fans with lighting.

This means that not all garage lights will work well with the same fan, so you should buy a wall control with the right voltage and amperage rating. Some wall controls also offer an option of damp rated operation – in other words, the fan can operate even when it is damp outside.


Things To Consider Before Purchasing Garage Ceiling Fan

In order to determine the size of the fan that will best suit your needs, you should check the price and size in different stores. Also, consider the installation costs as well as the amount of power consumption. For large garages with several rooms, the best garage ceiling fan with lighting is probably the type that has large motors.

These are generally used for attic areas, as they can generate more air and light more than the small fans used for single or smaller rooms. Another thing to consider when purchasing a garage ceiling fan with lighting is the cost of electricity. Most garage ceiling fans with lights are powered by standard incandescent bulbs.

However, there are many light manufacturers that offer special fixtures that are designed to fit specific bulbs and come at an affordable price. So, it might be worthwhile checking price and model options for multiple brands and models before deciding on the one to purchase.


7 Best Garage Ceiling Fan

The number one consideration when purchasing a garage ceiling fan with lighting is the overall quality and durability of the unit.

The best units have been tested over again to make sure that they perform as well as possible. The higher the score, the better the performance and long-lasting life.

There are some popular brands that consistently score very high marks in both categories: motor size and reliability, ceiling weight, and ease of installation.


1. Air King 9718

Air King 9718


Blade Length:18″
No. of Blades:3
Reversible Blades:No
Assurance:1-year limited

The very first option would be the 18″ ceiling fan suitable for any industrial space, including garages offices warehouses, stores, and many more. The fan is constructed from powder-coated steel that is durable and long-lasting.

“Install this Air King 18-Inch 3 Speed Enclosed Ceiling Mount Fan nearly anywhere, and you’ll be able to stay cool for the entire time. The fan has an 18-inch blade that circulates air in auditoriums, gyms, schools, and other types of industrial space that requires some air circulation.It comes with 3 speeds, is completely sealed, and features an adjustable pull cord that is mounted at the rear. It’s all covered with powder-coated steel that can handle everything that is thrown into it. Let a little breeze into your home by using the Air King 18-Inch 3-Speed Enclosed Ceiling Mount Fan.

The spinning switches on the back allow the user to turn on or off the fan as well as switch the speed quickly. With regards to its performance, it is important to be aware of its 1/6 horsepower, fully enclosed, and durably lubricated motor that has an insulated capacitor that allows for quiet performance and generates more airflow. It is true that it can reach 8,780 CFM which is an impressive performance that’s hard to beat.

The blades are tiny with just 18″ in length. They are housed in a metal housing to keep them away from reach, thus reducing the chance of accidents since the fan is lower than other types that ceiling fans.

The cooling unit can be ETL and OSHA approved, so it will perform to its best. The product comes with a limited warranty of one year, which is significantly less than we had hoped for in light of the warranties of other models.


  • Ideal for industrial spaces of all sizes due to its extended cooling capacity
  • Steel coated with a powder that is able to withstand water
  • ETL certified
  • The design is compact so that it won’t be an unwelcome space


  • The warranty is extremely short.
  • The motor isn’t reversible as is the case with other models.
  • There is only one speed for the blades that rotate


2. Hunter Cassius 52” Ceiling Fan

Hunter Cassius 52” Ceiling Fan


Blade Length:52″
No. of Blades:3
Special Features:‎Pull Chain
Wattage:‎64.1 watts
Reversible Blades:Yes,  52 x 52 x 11 Inch
Control:‎Downrod Mount, Ceiling


Its Hunter Cassius vintage ceiling fan that has massive appeal is a perfect fit within your modern home’s style. The gorgeous, clean-looking options are combined with the sharp contrast of angles in this design, creating a style that keeps your room modern and fresh.

The adjustable mount fan comes with a mounting system with three positions that permit standard, low, or angled mounting. This Hunter Cassius fan features a 13-degree blade pitch, which is designed to provide optimal airflow and maximum performance.

5 inches and 3 inches downloads make sure that the right distance is maintained from the ceiling and help maximize the flow of air at your desired blade size. This reversible model comes with reverse-rotation fan blades to ensure that your home is cool during the summer and warm in the winter. It is ideal for areas with ceilings of 9′ or higher.


  • Multi-speed Reversible Fan Motor
  • Easy Room Placement: Indoor/outdoor Fan Is Height Adjustable.
  • ‎ETL Damp-rated For Use In Covered Porches, Patios And Sunrooms.


  • The Cheap Unbalanced Fan Blades
  • The Temporary Clip They Provide Causes An Airflow Disruption


3. Air King 9020 Wall-Mount Fan

Air King 9020 Wall-Mount Fan


Blade Length:52″
No. of Blades:3
Special Features:‎Pull Chain
Wattage:‎64.1 watts
Reversible Blades:Yes,  52 x 52 x 11 Inch
Control:‎Downrod Mount, Ceiling

Air King 9020 Industrial Grade Wall Fan Air King 9020 Industrial Grade Wall Fan is ideal to cool and circulate air within commercial or industrial environments, such as loading docks, warehouses, health clubs, and churches. This fan can be mounted to the wall to conserve the floor space and table space.

The 9020 is designed to keep the power cord off of the surface for high-traffic areas. With a strong motor, and steel structure it is the ideal choice to speed up the circulation of air and cool.

Air King added a powder-coated finish to the blade guard and the mount to ensure many years of high performance. This model is checked in line with AMCA standard 230.99 which meets the made in America standards for ARRA in addition to being ETL and OSHA certified.

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