Good Longboard Brands: When we talk about outdoor activities – Longboarding is one of the most popular in worldwide among Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting, Sailing, Motorboating, Biking, Rock Climbing, Horseback riding, and Skiing. In worldwide more than 65% of people visiting on snowy places to do longboarding. People of all ages love to do this outdoor activity because it’s exciting and fun.


Do you want to get into longboarding? 

All longboards don’t look the same. The riding style that you choose is important when buying a longboard. It is almost as important, if not more, to look at the brand name when buying a longboard.

There are many brands that excel at longboarding. It can also be very interesting to learn about the history of each longboard brand. This can help riders see how much work has been done to make the board.


Want to know the Good longboard brands?

Trying to find good longboard brands can be very confusing without some help. Longboard brands are like bodybuilders; you only know what you have until they no longer make them.

If you’re looking for longboards, it is best to do a little bit of research so that you can get the best longboard for you. There are many different types of longboards, and they all come from three main types of companies. These are:

Good Longboard Brands:

  • Kryptonics Longboard,
  • WLS Longboard,
  • Mad Rock Longboard.

We will not go into details about each one of these longboard brands.

just a quick note about the differences:

1. Kryptonics Longboard

 Kryptonics Longboard

Often referred to as the “Kryptonite” brand, Kryptonics offers a variety of longboards ranging in length. Longboard enthusiasts typically prefer longboards that are under 7ft long, with a tail long enough to let them ride free.

Many longboards have dropouts that allow riders to simply step off, while others have dropouts that lock in place for a safe and secure ride.

All Kryptonics longboards are made of solid cedar, and the trucks and wheels are made of high-quality Nylon. All longboards feature a full suspension system with A/C brakes and rebound damping to keep your rider comfortable during a great longboarding session.


2. WLS Longboard

WLS Longboard

This longboard brand is manufactured in California by none other than WLS itself. Many longboarders prefer WLS because of their solid construction, attention to detail, and wide selection of longboards.

As with many other longboard brands, some of the WLS longboards offer a full suspension system with A/C brakes.

Other longboards do not, and those riders who are looking for an A/C friendly longboard with dropouts should check out the WLS line.


3. Surly Longboard

Surly Longboard

Surly is one of the top-selling boards on the market today for a reason. They make longboards that feel like they are riding on a surfboard, thanks to their custom design freestyle truck.

Many longboard brands tend to add a waist to their boards to make riders feel more comfortable as well as giving the board longer wheels.

Surly takes this one step further, adding a waist lock so that riders can be sure their longboards will stay on their hips the entire time they’re on the deck.


Top Longboard Brands in 2021

There are better longboard brands, if you’re into freeriding, cruising, downhill riding, or longboard dancing. These are the top longboard brands in 2021.

1. Kustom Longboards

Kustom Longboards

Kustom longboards are another brand that has been making waves in the longboard industry. These longboards are designed to mimic the best aspects of surfing, with Kustom trucks that are as unique as their riders.

They use high-performance trucks that are built to withstand the wear and tear from rough waters, carve trails, and perform under extreme wind pressure. Kustom longboards are also known for having great style and are available in many different fun colors.

Kustom trucks are just as important as the type of deck you choose, so look for longboards with truck sets that feature these top-notch trucks. Some of the most popular names in Kustom trucks include Geox, Tomy Products, and Cusco.

Longboard brands that don’t make trucks fit for surfing include Omen, Shockwave, and Kustom. If you want a true surfboard to feel with your longboard, look for brands of longboards that have trucks that use a hollow steel core to provide a solid base for a longboard deck.


2. Landyachtz


Landyachtz has been around for quite some time, but they have only recently been releasing new longboards that are geared toward longboarding.

The majority of Landyachtz longboards are longboard trucks that feature concave cores and their trucks are tapered for a better feel while riding. Their boards are available in both freestyle and downhill.

They also have a wide variety of different colors to choose from. This brand has a full line of both freeriding and competitive longboards. If you are serious about longboarding, make sure to check out Landyachtz longboards for sale.


What are the Good Longboard Brands for Beginners?


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