How Does Marketing Influence Consumer Behavior

Marketing and promotion are important for businesses of all sizes and kinds; no matter what you are doing, you have to promote your business and make it known to grab customers and earn profit.
Today, the whole marketing scenario has changed compared to what it used to be a few decades ago.

Advertisement is no longer limited to large billboards and newspaper ads; marketing agencies are focusing more on digital modes of promotion and attracting a larger audience. Internet marketing has become the latest strategy for spreading the word about any business.

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Besides, marketing is an essential tool that can help mold consumers’ perspectives, and the businesses that utilize this ability to their advantage can gain a larger consumer base. Here are some ways in which marketing influence consumer behavior.

1. Trendsetting

Trends keep changing; you don’t wear the 90’s dresses today UNLESS your favorite celebrity starts wearing them and sets a new trend. Today, public image and credibility matter more than the product itself.

You can make a simple egg go viral if you know how to market it right. Trendsetting is hot, and with Instagram and TikTok being every smartphone’s staple, anything can get viral and become a trend.

When people find something catchy, they try to adopt it or make it a part of their life in some way, and when you see so many people around you following the same pattern or trend, you will have the urge to jump on the bandwagon too. That’s just marketing playing with your mind by setting a trend for something.

2. Emotional Connection

Today’s marketers know how to connect with their audience on a personal level; the usage of an informal tone of communication, even in emails, personalized messaging, and other marketing tactics is used to make people feel emotionally connected with the brand.

Many brands even use human faces to show a deeper connection with their audience. Even smarter companies use the power of influencers to communicate with their audience and compel them in using their products or services; people feel emotionally connected and related to their favorite influencers and often prefer using the brand they are using.

Moreover, some companies regularly conduct surveys and interviews to make their customers more connected with them. All of this is to create an emotional bond between the brand and the customers.

3. Shaping of Perspective

Customers’ perception means their awareness, impression, and opinion about a business. You must have heard that perception precedes reality. And no one takes advantage of this fact more than marketers.

We are constantly browsing the web these days, and marketers use this behavior of ours to change our perspectives; what we see as trendy, we think of it as also being good and adopt it for ourselves too.

Even when we don’t necessarily need a product or service, clever marketing can change our perception and create a want for it.

4. Constant Interaction

Any idea, purpose, or plan can be seeded in the mind by the repetition of thought. Clever marketers know how their consumers’ minds work, so they stay in constant interaction with them in an effective way.

Customers trust one brand or product over the other because they have seen or heard about it more. Consider your own self; you must have bought something from the supermarket unplanned just because you have been watching its advertisement a lot lately.

Marketers keep in constant interaction with their audience to make them remember their product and compel them to make a purchase.

5. Creating a Need

How many times have you bought something even when you didn’t feel the need for it before knowing it? I know we are all guilty of it.

And that’s what marketers make us do; when you see a product going viral, a lot of people, especially influencers using it, and seeing it available in the supermarket, you might feel a bit left out for not using it, so you feel the need to purchase it.

Clever marketing can make even a useless thing seem so alluring that consumers almost feel the need to buy it. That’s the power of marketing!

To Sum Up

Marketing is an integral part of a business, no matter how big or small it is. Clever brands know this and are thus using marketing to influence their consumers’ behavior to their benefit.

By setting a trend for the brand, creating an emotional bond with customers, shaping their perspective, and creating a need in people, marketers can make a business flourish and grow by leaps and bounds.

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