How To Buy KubeCoin

How To Buy KubeCoin: With regards to purchasing crypto, there are a ton of variables that become possibly the most important factor, like location and protocol. Some cryptocurrencies are more enthusiastically to obtain than others.

KubeCoin is one of them. This isn’t at present upheld across Coinbase’s immense ecosystem. There are still ways you can figure out how to buy KubeCoin. Here, in this article you will read about how to buy KubeCoin and is this legit or scam.

What Is KubeCoin?

Kubecoin is a digital currency based on cardano platform, fundamentally made to get upset relaxation and travel industry.

Founders vision is to create Kubecoin a standard currency for the travel industry exercises continuously or you can say genuine world. What’s more, 375.000€ was brought by organization up in December 2018.

How To Buy KubeCoin?

KubeCoin is not currently supported across Coinbase’s vast ecosystem. There are still ways you can find a way to buy KubeCoin. Sign up with Coinbase to stay up to date on KubeCoin and get notified when it becomes available on Coinbase app.

Where To Buy KubeCoin?

As of now they are not accessible for public sale. In this way, you cant buy them anyplace right now separated from their ICO offering system.

Yet, after tenth June clients can purchase KUBE token utilizing roar shrewd agreement address. ICO will end in 3 day. According to our assumption kubecoin can be bought at binance.

1. KubeCoin Tokenomics

Token distributionPercentage
Pre sale16%
Liquidity locked10%
Ecosystem expansion4%
Public offering36%

mention data regarding Kubecoin tokenomics is taken from official website of kubecoin crypto

2. KubeCoin Team

Some main faces:

  • Paolo Della Pepa – CEO
  • Marc Parellada – CMO
  • Daniel Martin – CTO
  • Gemma Mengual – Team Leader
  • Milto, Cavz, Andrew – Ambassadors
  • Queen Floyd, Reckss- Moderators

3. KubeCoin Investors

  • Draper B1 made investment of 150.000€ as a Human Venture Capital.
  • Archipelago Next made investment of 100.000€ as a Venture Capital.
  • Enisa made investment of 125.000€ as a Public fund.

4. Ecosystem Of KubeCoin

As vision of founders is exceptionally clear for making kubecoin, the No 1 crypto coin for travel industry, Aside from that they have not many more projects lined up like Flykube, Eatekube, Kubepay, Kubecoin NFT, Kubebox, Kubein and WowKube.

A portion of their projects are doing astonishing in travel and food industry in Europe and they are growing at extremely quick speed simply because of founder’s clear vision.

5. KubeCoin Usecase

  • Api blockchain payment: This will power and speed of payments for business by integrating them with blockchain using Kubecoin API blockchain payment system.
  • Staking proof: #Kubers – the holders of Kubecoin can stake their coins safely and earn yield on them as well as holders can increase their earning by simply staying active and by doing interactions.
  • Payments: Hotel payments or any other expense for travel and leisure can be paid safely using NFC payment system using mobile app just by linking your account.
  • Kubepay app: this will make more easier for users to buy and sell kubecoin: KUBE safely as well as this will help user to make safe transactions for any purchases related to travel products and leisure items.

6. KubeCoin ICO

Yet at the same time if you have any desire to invest in KubeCoin than you can get kubecoin tokens by partaking in their ICO. It is as of now running at cost of €0.12 per coin.

For purchasing kubecoin token in ICO, you need to make an account on their authority site and submit you reports of KYC, when KYC is finished AND supported by group, just than you can purchase kubecoin crypto coins on tenth June 2022 at 9AM. ICO will end in multi day.

Is KubeCoin Legit, Safe & Scam?

Indeed, Kubecoin is genuine projet as group behind kubecoin is serious areas of strength for exceptionally well they as of now have laid out business, for example, EatKube, Flykube, Just with this, originators need to grow their Environment in 7 verticals.

Indeed, kubecoin is protected as it is made on Cardano network, which is extremely safe itself. As it is incorporated on cardano blockchain which make it safer and protected as well as save Kube clients from high gas fees.

No, Kubecoin isn’t a scam because founders are veritable as they are now running not many projects, and furthermore it is coordinated with cardano blockchain which improve security of kubecoin.

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