How To Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing

If you have a pet dog or puppy, and you want to freshen their breath, you need to make their teeth clean. If you are a dog owner, and you don’t know – “How To Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing?”.

This article is best suitable for dog teeth cleaning hacks, we will let you know different methods by using them you can easily able to clean your pet’s teeth. Before that we have to know one most important thing which is mentioned below:

Why Should I be Aware of Brushing the Dogs Teeth?

Being aware of dental diseases can protect your dog from enduring discomfort.

The most common symptoms for the periodontal (dental) condition are as the following.

  • Red/puffy gums
  • It is painful when chewing
  • The dark spots are on the teeth.
  • Cracked teeth

How Can I Clean my Dog’s Teeth at Home?

In this article, we will cover the 10 best methods by using them you can easily clean your dog’s teeth. If you are looking for – “how to clean dog teeth naturally?”. We also cover them in this post as well.

1. Dog Dental Spray

Dog Dental Spray

Dog dental sprays are easy to use and best for removing plaque from your pet’s teeth. There are many sprays available in the market like – PetSmart or Petco. You can purchase from any pet shop.

Dogs generally love the spray once it’s in their mouth, even though they may not appreciate the “spray” part. The spray is tasty, freshens their doggy breath, and helps remove plaque from their teeth.

Sprays are usually one of the ‘last’ things to try because they do work slower than other products.


2. Chewing Bones

If you don’t like to give real meat bones (natural dog teeth cleaning treats) to your dog then you can provide him chewing bones. These chewing bones are made up of calcium which is a great treat for our pet’s dental health as well as its tasty and healthy too.


3. Coconut Oil For Dogs

Coconut Oil For Dogs

We’ve all known about the advantages of coconut oil to humans, but it doesn’t end there. It is also a bacterial killer. Applying coconut oil to the gums and teeth of your dog helps in eliminating plaque-causing bacteria.

 The most beneficial part?

If your dog doesn’t like the idea of rubbing her teeth then you can add coconut oil to your dog’s diet, and it’s similar.


4. Food Supplements

There are numerous dogs food supplements available in the market such as PlaqueOff Powder. Which is used to soften and remove plaque from your pet’s teeth.


5. Raw Bones

Raw Bones

This is something you’ll need to speak with your veterinarian first. However, if he will give the green light the raw bones are believed to be extremely beneficial for dental health for dogs.

When your dog eats bones that are raw chewing, they’re breaking off connective tissue and eating that cleans not just the teeth’s surface but also the gaps between the teeth too.

Don’t cook bones. Bones cooked in any way are not recommended to dogs, in no way. Bones cooked in the oven can cause splinters and can cause a variety of health issues.


6. Teething Chew Toys

We know that pet’s especially dogs love to play with different toys like – Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole. With the help of these toys, you not only help your dog live healthily but also your pet’s brushing and mouth muscles developed.

We highly recommend our readers that if you have a pet especially a dog then you need to play with him for half an hour a day with any homemade knotted pulling rope of clothes, or you can purchase Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole from your nearer shop or you can buy it from Amazon.


7. Water Additives

A non-brushing solution for cleaning teeth for dogs is water additives. Add-ins for water or additives are liquids that you can include in your pet’s water bowl. They contain enzymes that can help to break down tartar and plaque.

Simply add it to the water of your dog and it will be absorbed into their mouths when they drink water.

Food additives, like ProDen PlaqueOff Powder, are widely praised products for dog dental hygiene. These kinds of additives function in a systemic manner to eliminate tartar, plaque, and bacteria within your dog’s mouth. The natural ingredient is consumed and is absorbed in saliva from your dog which removes biofilm from their gums and teeth.

Additives to water are also scrutinized by pet owners, like this one. These kinds of items are added to the water of your dog each day, and help to change the pH level of saliva in your dog to reduce tartar production. Additionally, (and is where many of the positive reviews come from) it is a great way to combat bad breath!


8. Healthy Fruits, Veggies, & Treats

Foods That Can Boost Your Immunity

If you’re doubting the efficacy of nutritious vegetables, fruits and treats to clean teeth, listen to me! It doesn’t matter if it’s watermelon, carrots, or sweet potato-based treats, they provide benefits to clean the teeth of your dog.

The more natural our pets eat, the better their teeth will be overall. However, many dog treats are made of sugars syrups, sugars, as well as other harmful ingredients. Make sure to look for natural treats for your pet!

A wide variety of vegetables and fruits make nutritious treats for your pet. They’re excellent because they’re lower in fat and calories, and are very popular with dogs, and also aid in keeping your dog’s teeth healthy!

Foods like carrot sticks, apple slices cooked pumpkin, uncooked sweet potato, and squash are delicious dog-friendly human meals that can help remove plaque and build up off your dog’s teeth.


1. How can I get plaque off my dog’s teeth naturally?

If you want to remove plague off from your dog’s teeth at home naturally. You should try clean clothes, provide him vegetables and food, give him chewing toys, and use fingers to clean their teeth.


2. How can I clean my dog’s teeth at home?

You can use these methods:

  1. Dog Dental Spray
  2. Chewing Bones
  3. Coconut Oil For Dogs
  4. Food Supplements
  5. Raw Bones
  6. Teething Chew Toys
  7. Water Additives
  8. Healthy Fruits, Veggies, & Treats


3. how to clean dog teeth with baking soda?

If you are in the event of a need, mix 1 tablespoon baking soda and a teaspoon of beef or chicken broth or stock to give it a touch of flavor. The resultant paste will cleanse your dog’s teeth slightly however, commercial toothpastes contain enzymes to fight plaque, and fluoride to fight bacteria


4. how to clean dog teeth without brushing at home?

Chewing. Some chewing toys are designed to keep gums and teeth healthy by helping to remove plaque from teeth. Our Dental Dog Toy is a pet-safe toy that helps to reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar. Dental treats can also be a great way to look after your pet’s teeth.


5.  how to soften dog tartar?

There are numerous dogs food supplements available in the market such as PlaqueOff Powder. Which is used to soften dog tartar.


6. how to remove tartar from dog teeth?

Although you can employ a toothbrush to get rid of tartar off the surface of your dog’s tooth but there’s more plaque and tartar that have accumulated under the gum line of your dog’s. The use of a toothbrush for a finger is also a significant amount of time to get your dog used to initially.

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