How To Find Archived Emails In Gmail? 

If you’d like to clean your inbox, without having to delete the emails you have You can archive them or turn them off. In contrast to Outlook when you archive messages in Gmail the message will be not visible in your Inbox view.

Eliminating messages out of your Gmail account is permanent. They’re gone forever once you clear out your garbage folder. If you’re looking to hide messages, instead of deleting them it is possible to archive messages instead.

  • When you archive a text message: it will come back into your inbox if someone responds to it.
  • When you turn off an email: All replies are removed from your inbox. You can look up the conversation to revisit it.

Archiving can help you organize your inbox by transferring messages out of your inbox onto the All Mail label, so you don’t need to delete everything. It’s like putting something into the filing cabinet to be safe instead of throwing it in the trash bin. This lets you find and access the emails later.


How To Find Archived Emails In Gmail

For the purpose of archiving an email within Gmail, it is easy to choose the email (or multiple emails) and then selects the Archive button.

If you choose to select emails from the Gmail website The “Archive” button appears in the menu over your email list.



Otherwise, If the Archive menu does not appear in your email, you just simply go to the “search bar” and type “Archive” there and your work is done.

How To Find Archived Emails In Gmail


Updated 2022 Method To Find Archive Emails in Gmail

Updated 2022 Method To Find Archive Emails in Gmail

By this method, you can select multiple emails and without opening them you can move them on Archive.

Archive an email, you need to follow these steps:

Step-1. Open Gmail on your computer’s browser.

Step-2. Point to the message which you want to move on Archive. mail archive

Step-3. On the right side, click Archive Archive.


How To Find Archived Emails In Android/iPhone/Tablets

If you are using  want to archive or delete settings in your Android/iPhone/Tablets Follow these steps below

Step-1. open the Gmail app  Fsl0wz7NUrYWKZiXeb dk55qkUjeYUcwRZfvSK5X09a4eYHS 67Pv8PBKCgm3ayRGxF7=w36 h36 on your Android/iPhone/Tablets.

Step-2. In the top left, tap on the Menu Menu Menu.

Step-3. Tap Settings and then General settings and then Gmail default action.

Step-4. Tap  “Archive or Delete” (“Archive or Delete”). Deleted messages are permanently removed from the Trash after 30 days.

Scroll down to the “Action confirmations” section and choose if you want confirmation before archiving or deleting messages.



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