What are the decor tricks for an astute arrangement while optimizing the space of a studio?

When one is a young active or student, the first housing is often a studio. If square meters are scarce, it is still necessary to save space to store everything.

1. Modulating Space

When the m² is counted, one often tends to put everything in one and the same cube. Sleeping area, living room and kitchen all but one block. It is simple to save space by modulating the day and night parts. So if you really want to delimit a day corner and a night corner you can easily

  • Install a curtain rod on the ceiling and hang a light curtain. This one will encroach absolutely not on the already reduced volume and you will appreciate its lightness. A partition that forms more, a nice decoration.
  • Place a flexible partition on the accordion. The day you can leave the partition folded and at night by unfolding the accordion you will have your night area. This is also perfect when you get friends and you want to keep your privacy.
  • Arrange a Japanese screen in the room. In addition to being a great decorative element, it is handled with great ease to close a place.
  • Adopt a system of sliding doors: mounted on a rail laid on the floor and on the ceiling, just deploy the sliding doors to transform a studio into a 2-room apartment. In addition, easy to install, the rails and doors can be found in any DIY store.
  • Choose suspended beds: if you do not have a floor space, take space on the ceiling. Thus, mounted on a winch system, there are beds that can be placed on the ceiling. It is enough to subsequently descend them. Be careful, however, to have the necessary space once descended.

Opting for a mezzanine bed: the mezzanine bed is one of the decoration solutions for modulating a night area and a work or lounge area. Above the bed and below the desk. You will find many models in stores like Castorama, Fly, Ikea etc.


2. Household Appliances Save Space

Living in a small dwelling does not necessarily mean that the dwelling must be deprived of comfort and household appliances. If your small studio allows you to put a stove, then choose a 3 in 1 handset. Cooktop, oven and dishwasher will be in one volume and will save you space.


3. The Storage

When you can not push the walls, the way to save space is to optimize the storage space. Maximum space with a minimum of large furniture.

  • Purchase a drawer bed. Because they offer one or more drawers, these bed models are very clever to offer a volume of storage in one and the same bulk, that of the bed. Conforama, Ikea, these are not the places that are missing to find beautiful beds with drawers.
  • Create a sort of stage to put the bed in and make storage boxes in this space. Moreover, this small space in height will not be the most nasty side decoration.
  • Opt for retractable storage. Play on the height of your home and multiply the shelves to store your products and save space.
  • Turn away the furniture of their first use: you have a large library that takes a whole wall, but no books to store in it? And if you retrieve it to make storage for your kitchen. Glasses, spices, small household appliances, canned cans can perfectly find their place on these shelves.
  • Create shelves suspended from the ceiling. You do not have the clearance needed to put shelves? Make it suspended from the ceiling. You can store cumbersome things such as the raclette oven, large pots, etc.

In general, transform the smallest space into a storage. Browse the shelves of the BHV or Castorama to find wheels, racks, brackets and anything else you might need to create your own storage space.


4. Smart Dining Areas To Save Space

  • One of the most popular formulas for eating a meal while earning space is the collapsible wall shelf. Open, it constitutes a small side table, lower it runs along the wall to be confused with. To sit down, two folding stools.
  • More clever and totally design, choose a piece of furniture that would have a table and stools tucked away in a piece of furniture placed along a wall. A very clever way of not having a central bulk in the middle of a room.
  • You want to choose a nice service for your kitchen? Choose a ride on the wheel. Thus, it is stored along a wall to make storage and it is enough to turn it on itself to transform it into a table of meals thanks to the plan of work on it.
  • You do not have room to put a kitchen table and a wall too small to slide a piece of furniture? Rather than being a wasted space and if it became the location for your future meal-style bar table? Squares, a wooden worktop and the trick is played. For small budgets, choose adhesive coatings to create on the top a nice decor and that will protect the table at the same time. To sit down, choose stools. They can easily be placed under the table.

Purchase a storage unit with front opening: some storage units have an opening on the front with a door system that falls down. And if the back of this door turned into a dining table. Once your plate is finished, close your closet.

In the closed position this takes no more space than a wall cabinet. In the open position, there is a practical dining area.

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