How To Play Among Us Game: Guide For Beginners

How To Play Among Us Game: Most recently, the player count in Among Us even peaked higher than PUBG momentarily. Among Us is basically a game of survival, where you either have to vote off all of the imposters and complete all the tasks, and the imposter has to kill all of the crewmates or stop them from completing the designated tasks to win.

If you are designated a crewmate your task is to find the imposter. With all these new players coming into the game, it might help to have a basic guide for how to play, and the answers to some of the questions many new players ask.

A crew of 4-10 (usually 10) players are at a location doing tasks while 1-3 impostors (usually 2) are doing everything they can to sabotage their efforts and kill them all. The game ends in one of four ways. So, here is how to play among us game and some guide for beginners.

1. How To Play As Imposter

Those playing the imposter should profess to finish different tasks around the map while likewise taking out the Crewmates. In the event that you’re playing with multiple imposters, you can cooperate to take out the team much speedier, permitting you to get your win.

Imposters approach a sabotage menu that they can use to overheat the reactor, switch out the lights, or even wreck with the base’s oxygen levels. Imposters can likewise utilize Vents to get around the map much speedier.

Remember that any crewmate that sees you will know that you’re the imposter and can assemble a Crisis Conference to remove you.

2. How To Play As Crewmate

Crewmates will spend most of the game attempting to sort out who the Imposter is while likewise finishing a progression of tasks. As an individual from the team, you want to either finish the tasks in general or to sort out who the Imposter(or Imposters) are and afterward oust them from the game.

Make a point to report any dead bodies that you find, and attempt to pay special attention to anybody being dubious about the body. In the event that you end up killed by the Imposter, you can in any case follow through with responsibilities to help your individual Crewmates win.

As a Crewmate, try to look out for any weird actions from other players. If anyone seems like they are trying to stick to the shadows or just stay out of sight. You’ll also want to pay careful attention to players as they complete tasks.

3. Some Extra Tips

On the off chance that you’re team, attempt to give however much data as could be expected during gatherings. Assuming you’re Imposter, make it a point to lie or to blame everything on another person.

Assuming you’re playing on voice, kindly ensure that you limit your conversation to times when everybody is at the gathering, and that everybody in your Among Us game is on a similar voice talk.

Try not to fly off the handle at different players since they committed an error, and don’t hesitate for even a moment to call somebody out for making the game a negative encounter. It’s simply a game, and no one necessities to blow up on the grounds that they lost.

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