Have you ever noticed that- Does Roblox not allow to say numbers/numerics in chats? But if you need to write some number/numeric in chats. So, here is a quick guide that will let you know – How To Say Numbers In Roblox 2021?

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How To Say Numbers In Roblox 2021

To find out how to say numbers in Roblox. I bet you wonder why you get filtered when you type in numbers on Roblox. Roblox has built a huge fandom by getting millions of players to join their website.

The games are very engaging and demonstrate. How the developers have spent a lot of time in creative, visualization and brought that vision to life. If you want Free Robux Codes follow the link.

While the gamer could spend many hours playing video games on the platform. It is very infuriating when the numbers get filtered out. Don’t worry I have a way around it. This method actually works and isn’t just a scam.


Steps That Will Allow You To Say Numbers In Roblox

  1. Open any Roblox game and start the chat.
  2. Type “uw” followed by the number. For eg, for 2304, type uw2304.
  3. The number will be shared over the chat.
  4. Enjoy!

Without typing uw you just send the number, then the number comes as ##. This means, if you send 23034 without uw in the beginning, it will become #####. So, you can use the suggested method and enjoy the gaming experience. I am very much sure that you are going to like this feature.



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