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There was a time when belts were an afterthought in one’s outfit. However, they are now regarded as vital since they are required for good dressing. When it comes to clothing, they serve a dual purpose.

These retain a pair of pants in place, but they also offer a beautiful finishing touch to the entire look. Because a belt is worn around the waist, it produces aesthetic equilibrium by dispersing the outfit’s attraction across the body.

If you’re looking for belts, browse Snapdeal’s extensive selection and make your selection. Let’s help you out with some of the tips and tricks to shop for the best leather belt for men:

How to shop for the right belt?

How to shop for the right belt?

Wearing a belt may make you appear like the most trendy person in the room, or others might avoid you if it’s the incorrect fit. We provide you with advice on choosing the correct belt for yourself, given how vital it is to look nice in the office and after work. Still confused?

Here are some quick tips to make you understand how can you grab the best belt and save more on your budget too:

1. Length

The greatest advice we can provide you is to buy a belt that is one size larger than you when it comes to belt length. So, if your belt is 32 inches long, aim for a 33 or 34-inch belt.

Remember that you should wear your belt at the middle notches, not the last. If your belt is that tight for comfort, there isn’t much room for error.


2. Width

Many Indians mistake wearing a thin-width belt for formal events and a larger-width belt for casual attire. Both techniques are incorrect.

A narrow belt will draw attention to the gaps running the length of your belt holes, while an outsize belt will struggle to fit in.

When purchasing a belt, make sure the overall width does not exceed a couple of inches. As a general guideline, the breadth should not be greater than the width of your thumb.


3. Material

The material of the belt is the final consideration when purchasing a belt. There are two types of belts available in India: synthetic and natural leather.

Both offer benefits and drawbacks, but the final decision will always be based on your financial resources.

Whatever type you pick, remember that the belt’s finish is just as vital as the material it’s made of. Casual belts usually have a matte or drab surface, whereas formal belts have a simple and shiny finish.


4. Colour

Only black, brown, and numerous variants of these two primary colors are available for formal attire. We recommend choosing a belt in a variety of colors so that you may use it with cargo and jeans if the need arises.

Keep in mind that in different lighting, the colors of glossy belts and leather belts appear to be different. If at all feasible, choose a dual-color belt with two colors on both sides that can be worn either way.


5. Buckle

The traditional stumbling block is to choose the right belts with buckles. Should you go for a high-tech automated hook buckle or a traditional papa-generation belt buckle?

Our counsel is impartial in this case because the answer is dependent on your level of comfort. The only thing we’ll say about this is that traditional belt buckles are more durable and less prone to break when you least expect them.

Please, for the love of God, avoid the huge cowboy and showy Ed Hardy-style buckles.


6. Men’s leather belts that are fashionable

This section’s amazing belt collection is the product of the creativity involved, ensuring that you receive something unique. It is constructed from a single component, making it functional in terms of comfort and functionality.

These garments have a pleasing feel and provide good holdalls for your belongings, with buckle closures at each end and belt straps made of leather, suede, or leather. These designs can be described as well-made.

They’ve been made with materials that provide ample elasticity and a natural fit to the waistline of your trousers, making them simple to put on and take off while still providing exceptional durability.


7. Men’s belts come in a variety of styles

Steel straps are used on these belts, and the sole material is available in a variety of hues, including black, brown, and beige.

These include a buckle with snaps on both sides so you can quickly put them on while also providing your pants a nice appearance by dispersing them throughout the garment. It is critical to get bags online since they are more affordable.


8. Snapdeal is a great place to shop for men’s belts online

Snapdeal has a wide selection of belts organized by kind, material, buckle type, color, size, and brand. To make belt buying easier, the collection organizes all varieties of belts into one section.



We’ve gone through some helpful hints and a styling guide to help you choose the right belt. For formals, opt for plain and glossy, and for casuals, go for fabric and embellishment, which is the simple guideline. Another important consideration when purchasing a belt is that the color of the belt determines your impression and style. Don’t forget to get a belt that matches your shoes.

Let’s go on to a master tip. If you only have enough money for one belt, choose a formal belt with a basic buckle in a standard size and a narrow strap. It comes in three colors: black, brown, and tan. A glossy finish is preferable to a matte finish. Avoid wearing a synthetic belt since it seems to be cheap.

If still, you are not able to find the right belt for yourself, then you must check out the wide collection at Snapdeal. The brand offers some elegant pieces to look for. All you need to do is to browse and choose one that makes you feel is the right one for you, and it will be delivered to your doorstep at a lightning speed.

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