How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel

Are you ready to quit your boring desk job? Want to start doing work you love, that’s fun, exciting, and lucrative? Then it’s time to start a YouTube Channel.

No, starting a YouTube channel today won’t be nearly as easy as it was five years ago, or even two years ago. But there’s still so much opportunity to carve out your own audience, build a brand, and make money by creating valuable content.

More than two billion people use YouTube, so it’s safe to say there’s room for you.

Wondering how to start a successful YouTube Channel, so that you don’t just waste time on a half-baked idea? We’ve boiled it down to a few key steps.

Keep reading below to learn what separates the most successful YouTube channels from the ones that just add to the noise.

1. Choose a Niche

When choosing a niche, you’ll want to be as specific as possible. Niche down again and again and again.
What does that mean, though? Say you want to start with the great outdoors.

But you can’t just create videos about everything from hiking to fishing to foraging to identifying different types of rocks. It’s too general and won’t gain traction.

Rather, you should pick a category, like fishing. Then go deeper. Saltwater fishing.
Then go deeper. Saltwater fishing specifically for fish that make great sushi.

Then go deeper. Go as deep into your topic of choice as possible. You want to create focused content that appeals to a very select group of people.


2. Invest in Professional Branding

So what will help you create a successful YouTube channel? Good branding.

You need to be selective about your YouTube channel name. Create a high-quality YouTube channel banner.

Work with a good designer to create a logo for your channel and sprinkle your branding assets everywhere.


3. Create Clickable Thumbnails and Titles

Success on YouTube is all about views on your videos. For people to click and watch your videos, you need to create a title and thumbnail image that will draw the viewer in.

In 2022, there’s a very specific type of thumbnail that works well, which includes text about your video as well as an image of you. Research what successful channels are doing and find your own strategy.


4. Learn About YouTube SEO

If you want to learn how to make a YouTube channel that grows your audience, you need to understand YouTube SEO. They can’t click on your videos if they never find them, right?

Know what keywords and phrases your target users are typing into the search bar so you can optimize your content for them.


5. Follow the Trends

Is it cat videos this year? Nope, that was years ago.

YouTube is a content platform and search engine where trends start. When a new trend starts to pick up, it’s important to be aware of it, and figure out how to implement this new trend in your content strategy.

By understanding the current trends, you can determine what type of content is most searched on YouTube at any particular moment in time. When it comes to growing your audience, it’s all about meeting people where they are at.


Learning How to Start a Successful YouTube Channel

Now that you know how to start a successful YouTube Channel, it’s time to take action. Create your profile, choose your niche, and start brainstorming how you can create the best possible content for your audience.

It takes a lot of work. But making a full-time income by creating fun, helpful videos is worth the effort.

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