How To Take Personal Loan From Cashpost

How To Take Personal Loan From Cashpost- Hello friends, At the present time, money is all in all. As you all know that only money is the thing for which people is running in all directions. And you all know that the importance of money in our life.

In today’s time, nothing can be done without money. There are many things that can never be completed without money. Like school fees, food items, house to live, clothes to wear or many other things which we are not doing without a single penny, For all these works you need money.

If you are getting 20K salary in a month. Please tell us is that enough? We know that 90% of you are denying that this is not enough for a month. And suppose if your monthly salary had been spent on your expenditures in the mid of the month.

Now, what will you do, from where will you bring money, now you will be upset with this thing, what will you do Being concerned, you think that why don’t I borrow money from any of my friends, then in such a situation you go to your friend or tell him your problem that you need money or want money.

Now when your friend has also refused to give you money, then in such a critical situation you must have only one way to take a loan. But now the problem is that from where you should apply for the loan? So, in this post, we are discussing about an app from where you can easily take the loan or the name of the loan app is Cashpost Loan App.


What Is CashPost Loan App?


If we talk about Cashpost Loan App, It’s an instant personal loan app which is approved by RBI or NFBC and is registered by SLBP Finance Pvt Ltd. It provides you the small loans.

This app is giving loans to all those people who are in need of money. Cashpost loan app provides you a loan at very small interest rates and its approval is very easy. You do not need much documentation. It provides you a loan on a few of your documents. Cashpost Loan App has given you a loan of more than 5 lakhs.


1. How Much Loan Can I Get From Cashpost?

If we have taken a loan from any company or loan app, then we should know first – how much loan we are getting from there? will my loan be fulfilled after taking this loan?

Cashpost loan app can provide you a loan of a minimum of Rs 3,000 or a maximum of up to Rs 15,000. This app gives you a small loan or as you like. If you keep on buying the Time PRR loan, then your loan amount is increased in the same way, from this app you can get a loan of up to 50,000rs.


2. How much interest will be charged on the Cashpost Loan App?

Friends, if we have taken a loan from any loan app or company, then we should know that what % interest will be charged. Cashpost App will be charge – Annualized rates, up to 36% and as low as 0%. Loan period – 91 day(minimum)-180 days(Maximum) and 18% of the processing fee (GST).

For Example:

If the loan amount is 5,000 rupees, the annualized interest rate is 36%, and the period is 91 days. After deducting the service fee, the interest payable is as follows: 5000*36%/365*91=541.92 rupees. the total amount due would be Rs 5541.92.


Features of Cashpost Loan App?

  • Cashpost loan app is 100% online
  • Cashpost Loan App gives you loans in fewer documentations.
  • With the Cashpost Loan App, you get approval very quickly.
  • With Cashpost Loan App you get the loan amount instantly in your bank.


How To Take Personal Loan From Cashpost?

Here are few steps, by following these easy steps I’m sure you’ll definitely get a 100% cash loan for yourself. So, follow these easy steps:

Step-1. First, you have to download CashPost App from the play store.

Step-2. You need to register in this app through your mobile number.

Step-3. After that, you need to choose your loan amount.

Step-4. You have to enter your personal information.

Step-5. After this, you have to upload a photo of either side of your PAN card or Aadhar card.

Step-6. After this, you have to enter your bank details.

Step-7. After that, your details will go for a review.

Step-8. You will get a call from the tariff of Cashpost Loan App in which they will get some information from you.

Step-9. After this step, your loan will be approved. And your loan amount will send into your bank account.



1. What is the processing fee for availing loan from Cashpost Loan App?

Ans. You have to pay Rs.54 or at most Rs.540. Have to give this money only once.


2. Why take a loan with Cashpost Loan App?

  • Cashpost Loan App does not provide any credit history of any kind.
  • Your credit score also increases when you take a loan from the Cashpost Loan App.
  • Cashpost Loan App gives you a quicker loan than other apps.


3. Where can you Use the loan you get from the Cashpost Loan App?

Ans. You can use the loan amount which you will get from Cashpost app in your studies, medicines, For purchasing bikes & cars, mobiles and you can also use this loan to providing your room rent or electricity bills, etc…


4. Who can take a loan from Cashpost?


  • You must be a citizen of India.
  • Your age should be minimum of 21 years or maximum of 55 years.
  • You should have some source of income to pay back the loan.


5. What are the documents required to avail loan from Cashpost Loan App?

Ans. You should need only these documents:

  • AAdhar card
  • Pan card
  • Working bank account

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