Indian Girl Names – Pick Any One Among These 100’s Of Names


If a baby girl was born in your home, and you are in suspension about Choosing her name. Naming the youngster is maybe the most confounding thing guardians for the most part appear to be there are no confinements. Neighbors, family members, companions and family; proposals pour in from all the corners. Be that as it may, what about choosing it yourself? Then don’t worry, we are here to help you in case you’re looking for baby Indian girl names.

As we all know that India is a land of rich cultural heritage. In India, girls are known as Laxmi – goddess of prosperity, worthiness and wealth. So in old time, most of the people used to put her baby name as Lakshmi.

But now changing In Era, peoples mentality and thinking also changes and they are searching for different baby Indian girl names by which they can call their own baby in this Era, peoples mentality and thinking also changes and they are searching for names of different baby Indian girl names.

10 Most Beautiful Indian Girl Names With Meanings:

Beautiful Indian Girl Names

1. Aabha

The sparkle on your baby’s face’s is supreme and naming her Aabha would be adept as it signifies ‘gleam’ or ‘glow’ in Sanskrit.


2. Aakanksha

What is existence without desire or expectation? Your little girl is an image for your longing for a superior tomorrow. Name her Aakanksha, which signifies ‘want or wish’.


3. Banhi

Banhi signifies ‘fire’. It is an exceptional name, prepared for a special baby.


4. Darpana

Your child is your appearance. Naming her Darpana will likewise mirror your longing for her honesty. Darpana implies a ‘reflect’ – the image of guiltlessness and immaculateness.


5. Elina

If you are looking for an Indian name with a foreign touch choose ‘Elina’. Elina is a Spanish form of ‘Helen’. Its Indian meaning is ‘smart or intelligent’.


6. Falguni

Falguni as a name is past its primes. Be that as it may, it is a fascinating name and saturated with history. Was your little girl conceived in Feb or Early March? You could name her Falguni, as it signifies ‘one who is conceived in the period of  Falgun’.


7. Garima

There is nothing greater than dignity! A life lived with dignity is a life well-lived. Garima means ‘dignity’.


8. Harleen

A name popular in Punjab, Harleen means ‘one with God’. It is a beautiful Indian girl name, perfect for spiritual families.


9. Ila

Searching for an excessively short name with an incredible importance? Ila would possess all the necessary qualities. It signifies ‘earth’ and furthermore alludes to the girl of Manu, the Hindu lawgiver.


10. Jaanvi

Jaanvi has found a place in many baby name lists recently. An easy to spell name, it means ‘as precious as your life’.

Here, in this article, we have done as well as can possibly be expected in helping you with the current inclining infant names of our nation

So in this post we are with hundreds of unique Indian girl names. Hope you can select any one of them

Top Trending Indian Baby Girl Names For 2020: 

Indian Girl Names

1. Names Start With ‘A’

  • Aakanksha – desire or wish
  • Aakriti – shape
  • Aarushi – first ray of the sun
  • Aashi – smile
  • Aayushi – one who has a long life
  • Aditi – freedom, security, boundless, or entire
  • Aisha – prosperous
  • Akshita – permanent


2. Names Start With ‘B’

  • Bandita – blessed
  • Barkha – rain
  • Bhakti – devotion
  • Bindhiya – dew drop
  • Bodhi – enlightenment


3. Names Start With ‘C’

  • Chaitali – one who is born in the month of Chaitra or March
  • Chandni – moonlight
  • Chetana – perceptive and conscious
  • Chhaya – shadow
  • Chinmayi – supreme consciousness
  • Chitrita – beautiful or decorated


4. Names Start With ‘D’

  • Damini – lightning
  • Darpana – mirror
  • Darshita – sight
  • Deeksha – spiritual initiation
  • Deepali – collection of lamps
  • Dipti – flame
  • Divya – divine or divine brilliance
  • Drishti – focus


5. Names Start With ‘E’

  • Elina – smart or intelligent
  • Ekta – unity
  • Eswari – the wife of Lord Shiva


6. Names Start With ‘F’

  • Falak – Star
  • Falguni – Born In Falgun
  • Farha – Happiness
  • Faria – Caravan


7. Names Start With ‘G’

  • Gaargee – Wife of yagyavalkya
  • Gaayatree – A sacred verse
  • Gauri – Goddes Parvati


8. Names Start With ‘H’

  • Harshita – Happy
  • Harshika – Joyful
  • Heena – A shrub
  • Hemangi – Golden Body
  • Hema – Golden


9. Names Start With ‘I’

  • Indu – Moon
  • Indumati – Full Moon
  • Ipsita – Desired
  • Indrani – Wife Of Lord Indra
  • Isha – One Who Protects
  • Ishita – Mastery, Wealth


10. Names Start With ‘J’

  • Janaki – Daughter Of King Janak
  • Janhavi – River Ganga
  • Jasmin – Gift from God
  • Jhalak – Glimpse
  • Jharna – A Stream
  • Jhilmil – Sparkling


11. Names Start With ‘K’

  • Kaavya – Poetry
  • Kamakshi – One With Lotus Like Eyes
  • Kajal, Kajol – Eye-Liner, Kohl
  • Kadambini – Clouds
  • Kamini – A Beautiful Women
  • Kanak – Gold


12. Names Start With ‘L’

  • Lavanya – Grace
  • Lilly – The name of a flower ‘Lily’
  • Lalitha – Pleasant;playful
  • Lalita – Elegant


13. Names Start With ‘M’

  • Madhavi – A Flowering Creeper
  • Mahak – Fragrance
  • Mahi – The Earth
  • Mahima – Greatness
  • Malini – Flourist
  • Malavika – Princess Of Malawa
  • Mandakini – A River


14. Names Start With ‘N’

  • Namrata – Humility; Modesty
  • Nandini – Delightful
  • Neha – Yearning
  • Nidhi – Treasure
  • Niharika – Dew Drops
  • Nikki – Small
  • Nisha – Night, Vision
  • Nitya – Eternal, The Goddess Parvati


15. Names Start With ‘O’

  • Ojal – Vision
  • Ojasvi – Bright
  • Ojaswini – Lustrous
  • Omisha – Goddess Of Birth And Death


16. Names Start With ‘P’

  • Palak – Eyelash
  • Pallavi – Bloom
  • Pankhuri – Petal
  • Pari – Fairy
  • Paridhi – Realm


17. Names Start With ‘R’

  • Radhika – Prosperous
  • Ragini – A Melody
  • Ranjana – Satisfaction
  • Rashi – Collection
  • Rashmi – Rays Of The Early Morning Sun


18. Names Start With ‘S’

  • Sadhana – Worship
  • Samaira – Enchanting
  • Samaya – Timeless
  • Sameeksha – One With The Capacity To Judge
  • Sandhya – Evening
  • Sanjana – Creator


19. Names Start With ‘T’

  • Tamanna – Wish, Desire
  • Tanaya – Son
  • Tanisha – Ambition
  • Tanu – Slim
  • Tanvi – Goddess Durga, Beautiful
  • Tanya – Of The Family


20. Names Start With ‘U’

  • Uma – Goddess Parvati, Tranquility
  • Unnati – Progress
  • Urmi – Wave
  • Urvashi – The Most Beautiful Apsara In The Universe
  • Urvi – Earth


21. Names Start With ‘V’

  • Vaanya – Idle daughter
  • Vaishali – Name of an ancient city
  • Urmi – Wave
  • Vandana – praise
  • Vani – Speech, saraswati
  • Vibha – Radiance


22. Names Start With ‘Y’

  • Yamini – Night
  • Yashaswini – One Who Is Successful



As yet searching for an ideal Indian child young baby name? Investigate Baby Names Generator Tool Inspired by goddesses, societies, and places as well, Indian young lady names are in bounty. With more alternatives in your kitty, try to pick the one that would best suit your daughter.

Peruse through a wide scope of names for your child young child. In the event that you have more name alternatives, at that point let us know in the remarks area, underneath!!!

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