4 Things to look for when buying an Infinity Massage Chair

There are a lot of things to think about when buying an Infinity Massage Chair —

  • What do you expect this massage chair to accomplish for you?
  • How much do you have a budget in your mind?
  • What will the location be?

A quality massage chair is an essential investment and should not be purchased without crucial aspects to take into consideration.

Here are 10 essential aspects to consider when shopping for an Infinity Massage Chair.

1. Massage Functions

The low-end massage chairs typically offer only basic rolling and vibration. However, premium massage chairs come with many options to relax you.

The features typically include, but are certainly not restricted to:

  • A complete menu of pre-programmed functions
  • 2D (basic), 3D (adjustable) & 4D (variable) roller intensity
  • Therapy with heat
  • Kneading
  • Reflexology
  • Rolling
  • Shiatsu
  • Sound therapy
  • Space-saving design
  • Tapping
  • Vibration
  • Inversion therapy and zero gravity

Naturally, the amount, as well as the quality influence the price that the massage chairs will cost however, focusing on your long-term health, is definitely worth investing in it!


2. Price

The Infinity Massage chairs come with 2 tracks –

  • L-Track Chairs: The L-Track Chairs come in the range of $1,599 – $14,999. In this range of L-Track Chairs, you will get Riage CS to Evolution 3D, Evolution 3D/4D, Palishade 4D, Infinity Evolution Max 4D, and Circadian Syner-D™.
  • S-Track Chairs: These are low-cost Massage Chairs that come between the range of $2,999 – $8,499. In this range of L-Track Chairs, you will get Share Chair, IT-9800, Prelude, Smart Chair X3 3D/4D, and IT-8500 X3 3D/4D.

A high-end infinity massage chair even with the most basic of features, could be priced between $1,500 and $15,000, with the majority costing between $3,000 and $7,000.

Many factors can affect the price, such as functions, technology, customization, and upholstery, however, an ideal general rule is to stay clear of chairs that are priced less than $1,000 at full price.


3. Massage Areas

Alongside offering a variety of types of massage, the majority of luxury massage chairs are able to target specific regions other than your back.

Some full-body massage chairs come with the option of foot and leg massage options as well as some chairs even target hands and arms.

The targeted massage options are typically delivered via massage heads, airbags, or rollers that are spread across the chair. Modern massage chairs may include a thumb-like massage head, which mimics the beneficial effects of a visit to the massage therapist.


4. Massage Airbags

Massage airbags can provide the most effective relief from stiffness and tension by releasing compressed air through small pockets that are located on the back, legs, or on the sides of the massage chairs.

The airbags, once inflated will compress your muscles which stimulates blood flow, and also provides relief from soreness. The result is a completely different feeling and type of massage than the rolling system.

If you’re unsure if the airbag feature is suitable for you, you should look for an airbag massage chair that can provide both rolling and airbag massages at the same time. When combined, they will give the most advanced full-body massage that can be found in the chair.


3 Best Infinity Massage Chairs

1. Infinity Prelude

Infinity Prelude


Chair Specifications
Upright Chair Dimensions31″w x 53″l x 48″h
Reclined Chair Dimensions31″w x 68″l x 28″h
Chair Weight154 lbs

Don’t fall for the simple design in the Infinity Prelude one of the most recent models Infinity Preludes. Infinity This massage chair gives you a top massage experience.

It is easy to adjust the speed and intensity of the roller to get a restful or intensive massage. This makes it a great massage chair that can be used by multiple people.

Available in brown or black The sleek design and user-friendly layout that is Infinity Prelude’s sleek style and intuitive design Infinity Prelude means it can effortlessly fit in any workplace or home decor.


  • 2D Massage Technology
  • S Track Rollers
  • Adjustable Air Massage Intensity
  • Body Scanning Technology
  • Decompression Stretch
  • Four-Wheel Massage Mechanism
  • Lumbar Heat
  • Rolling Foot Massagers
  • Spinal Correction
  • Zero Gravity


2. Infinity IT-8500 Plus

Infinity IT-8500 Plus


Chair Specifications
Upright Chair Dimensions35″w x 59″l x 46″h
Reclined Chair Dimensions35″w x 74″l x 36″h
Chair Weight265 lbs

Infinity thought it was high the right time to update the most sought-after massage chairs, the outcome was the IT-8500 plus. It now comes with a color-screen remote with LCD, app capabilities as well as in-built nature sound This chair is a hit with many different people with different body types and lifestyles.

Users can effortlessly play their favorite tunes via the chair’s Bluetooth(r)-enabled audio system. Additionally, apps for the Apple(r) or Android(TM) application allow users to control their massage via their smartphone.

Of course that IT-8500 Plus still includes feature favorites like the body scan sensor to provide a more precise massage experience, an unparalleled stretch of the spine that decompresses it, soothing the lumbar region, and revitalizing foot rollers. Explore the advantages of the Infinity IT-8500 Plus today.

Chair Features:

  • S-Track: Infinity’s S-track design matches the natural shape of your spine in order to hit all your areas of tension and properly realign your body from your neck down to your lumbar region.
  • Four-Wheel Mechanism: The IT-8500 Plus provides pressurized massage strokes with four high-tech rollers that methodically knead out muscle tension.
  • Zero Gravity: Zero gravity positioning elevates your knees above your heart, which allows the spine to decompress, provides a sense of weightlessness, and maximizes the effects of the massage rollers.
  • Decompression Stretch: During this full-body stretch, the massage chair’s airbags grip your shoulders and legs as it reclines accordingly to soothe and relieve your spine.
  • Spinal Correction & Waist Twist: The spinal correction feature uses powerful stretching techniques to extend and decompress your spine in order to relieve back pain. As an alternative, the IT-8500 Plus also provides waist twisting, which is a milder option for back pain relief.
  • Reflexology: Replicating thumb and finger techniques of reflexology, the IT-8500 Plus foot rollers attend to vital pressure points on the feet linked with other areas of the body.
  • Bluetooth Technology: Immersive speakers located in the headrest connect to Apple or Android devices via Bluetooth, allowing you to enjoy music, guided meditations, ambient soundscapes, and any other form of audio to enhance the mental experience of your massage.


3. Infinity Altera

Infinity Altera


Chair Specifications
Upright Chair Dimensions35″w x 59″l x 46″h
Reclined Chair Dimensions35″w x 74″l x 36″h
Chair Weight265 lbs

Altera is Infinity’s solution for the absence of massage chairs that are suitable for those with smaller bodies. With a height range of 4-foot-6″ up to 6’2″. The airbags and footrests can easily be adjusted to smaller frames which means that almost anyone will benefit from the Infinity massage.

Infinity’s Altera is built with 38 airbags, which extend from the shoulders to the feet and let you adjust the intensity and pressure of air according to your preferences. You can also choose any of the zero-gravity options to achieve an energizing recline which helps relieve tension and pressure off your spine.


  • 3D/4D Massage Technology
  • L Track Rollers
  • Airbag Compression Therapy
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Body Scanning Technology
  • Caters to a Petite Audience
  • Four-Wheel Massage Mechanism
  • Lumbar Heat
  • Reflexology
  • Spinal Correction & Waist Twist
  • Zero Gravity


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