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Jennifer Tanko
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Jennifer Tanko is a fantastic makeup artist, blogger, and former teacher from the United States. Jennifer is also known as the loving wife of J.D. Harmeyer, a famous media producer and radio personality.

She was born on January 6, 1988, and is currently 35. Jennifer’s creative makeup skills and love for sharing her lifestyle on her blog have gained her a lot of recognition. Do you know what her net worth is or how tall she is?

Who is Jennifer Tanko?

Jennifer Tanko is a unique and talented woman known for her makeup artistry skills and her popular blog. She is also the wife of J.D. Harmeyer, a famous media producer and radio personality. Jennifer was born on January 6, 1988, and she is currently 35 years old.

She loves to share her lifestyle and beauty tips with her followers on her blog. Jennifer’s creativity and passion for makeup have made her well-known in the industry. She is loving and caring, always bringing positivity and inspiration to her audience.


Real Full Birth NameJennifer Tanko.
Real nameJennifer Harmeyer
ProfessionMakeup Artist, Lifestyle Blogger, and Former Teacher.
Famous forBeing the wife of J.D. Harmeyer (American Media Producer and Radio Personality).
Age (As of 2023)35 years old.
Date of Birth (DOB), BirthdayJanuary 6, 1988.
Birthplace/HometownVirginia, USA.
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Real Name and Where is Today?

Jennifer Tanko’s real name is Jennifer Harmeyer. She lives in the United States with her husband, J.D. Harmeyer. Jennifer has gained popularity through her makeup skills and her blog, where she shares her lifestyle and beauty tips. She loves to inspire others and bring positivity to her audience.

Jennifer’s creativity and passion for makeup have made her well-known in the industry. She continues to share her talent and knowledge with her followers and constantly explores new ways to express herself through her work. Jennifer is a fantastic woman who is making a name for herself in the world of makeup and blogging.

Early Life and Education

Jennifer Tanko had a wonderful childhood filled with joy and laughter. She grew up in Virginia, USA, surrounded by her loving family. From a young age, Jennifer had a passion for learning and education. She excelled in school and was always eager to explore new subjects.

After completing her high school education, Jennifer went on to attend college. She pursued a degree in education and graduated with honours. Jennifer’s love for makeup and beauty also grew throughout her educational journey.

She started experimenting with different makeup techniques and realized her true passion. This eventually led her to become the talented makeup artist and blogger she is today.

Parents and Siblings

Jennifer Tanko comes from a loving and supportive family. She has always been very close to her parents and siblings. Her parents have always been her biggest cheerleaders, encouraging her to follow her dreams. Jennifer also has siblings whom she loves dearly and enjoys spending time with.

They have shared many fun and memorable moments. Jennifer’s family has always been there for her, supporting her in everything she does. She considers herself very fortunate to have such a wonderful and loving family. They have played a significant role in shaping the fantastic person she is today.

Husband and Boyfriend

Jennifer Tanko is married to J.D. Harmeyer, a well-known media producer and radio personality. They are a loving and supportive couple who always lift each other. They have a strong bond and share many beautiful moments.

Jennifer and J.D. are each other’s biggest fans and cheerleaders. Their love and support for one another is truly inspiring. They have built a wonderful life together and continue to support each other’s dreams and goals. Jennifer and J.D. are a fantastic team, and their love for each other is extraordinary.


Jennifer Tanko and her husband, J.D. Harmeyer, are the proud parents of two adorable children. Also, They have a son named Liam and a daughter named Emily. Jennifer and J.D. love their children with all their hearts and enjoy watching them grow and learn every day.

Liam and Emily bring so much joy and happiness to their family. Also, They love playing together, going on adventures, and creating special memories. Jennifer and J.D. prioritize their children’s well-being and satisfaction above all else, striving to be their best parents. Their children are their greatest treasures, and they are grateful for the love and joy they bring into their lives.

Jennifer Tanko Age, Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

 35 years old
Kilograms: 60 Kg.
Height (Tall)
Feet & Inches: 5′ 6″.

Jennifer Tanko is currently 35 years old. She has a lovely height of 5 feet 6 inches and maintains a healthy weight is Kilograms: 60 Kg. Jennifer takes great care of herself and loves to stay active.

Also, She believes in living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Her physical appearance is beautiful, and she has a radiant smile that lights up a room. Jennifer’s makeup skills also enhance her natural beauty.

Jennifer Tanko

She knows how to accentuate her features and always looks stunning. Jennifer’s age, height, weight, and physical appearance contribute to her charm and appeal.

Jennifer Tanko Social Media

Jennifer loves connecting with her fans and followers on social media! You can find her on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where she shares her latest makeup looks, beauty tips, and snippets of her everyday life. Also, Jennifer enjoys interacting with her audience and loves to see their reactions and comments. She also loves to inspire others and spread positivity through her social media platforms. So make sure to follow her and join in on the fun!

Before Fame

Before becoming a well-known makeup artist and blogger, Jennifer Tanko had a fun and exciting journey. She always loved education and learning, which led her to pursue a degree in education. But as she continued her studies, she discovered her true passion for makeup and beauty.

Jennifer started experimenting with different makeup techniques and sharing her tips and tricks with others. This eventually led to her becoming the talented makeup artist and blogger she is today. Also, Jennifer’s journey to fame is an inspiring example of following your passions and pursuing what you love.

Jennifer Tanko Career

Jennifer Tanko makeup artist and blogger career has been filled with excitement and success. She started sharing her makeup tips and tricks on her blog, which gained her a lot of followers and recognition. Also, Jennifer’s creative skills and passion for makeup have made her well-known in the industry.

She has worked with various clients and brands, creating beautiful looks and inspiring others with her talent. Jennifer’s blog has become a go-to resource for beauty enthusiasts, where she shares her expertise and showcases her stunning makeup creations. Also, Her career is a true testament to following and turning your passion into a successful profession.

Estimation of Jennifer tanko’s Net Worth and Lifestyle

Jennifer Tanko has had a successful career as a makeup artist and blogger, undoubtedly contributing to her net worth. While the exact estimation of Jennifer Tanko’s net worth is $5million, it can be assumed that her earnings are substantial, given her popularity and success in the industry.

Her lifestyle also reflects her hard work and dedication to her craft. Jennifer enjoys a comfortable and glamorous lifestyle, which includes travelling to exciting destinations, attending glamorous events, and indulging in luxurious experiences. Overall, Jennifer Tanko’s net worth and lifestyle are a testament to her talent and dedication to her work.

Jennifer Tanko Achievement and Awards

Jennifer Tanko has achieved many remarkable accomplishments throughout her career. Her talent as a makeup artist and blogger has garnered her a loyal following and recognition in the industry. While specific awards may not be publicly known, Jennifer’s skill and creativity speak for themselves.

Also, She has worked with various clients and brands, creating stunning looks and inspiring others with her talent. Jennifer’s dedication to her craft and passion for beauty have undoubtedly earned her accolades and praise. Her achievements testify to the importance of following your dreams and pursuing what you love.

Jennifer Tanko Legacy and Impact

Jennifer Tanko has left a lasting legacy in makeup and beauty. Also, Her talent and creativity have inspired many aspiring makeup artists to pursue their dreams.

Jennifer’s blog and social media platforms have become a go-to resource for beauty enthusiasts to learn new techniques and stay updated with the latest trends.

Her positive and uplifting online presence has also significantly impacted her followers, spreading joy and inspiration. Also, Jennifer’s legacy is one of passion, hard work, and the belief that anyone can achieve their dreams with dedication and perseverance.


  • Also, Jennifer Tanko has many hobbies that she enjoys in her free time.
  • She loves to experiment with different makeup looks and create new styles.
  • Also, Jennifer also enjoys reading books and expanding her knowledge.
  • She likes to go for walks and explore nature, especially in beautiful parks.
  • Also, Jennifer loves to travel and experience new cultures and cuisines.
  • She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, whether going to the movies, having a game night, or hanging out together.
  • Also, Jennifer is also passionate about fitness and staying active. She loves running, taking yoga classes, and trying out new workout routines.
  • In addition, Jennifer enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes. She loves to create delicious meals and treats for her loved ones.
  • Also, Jennifer also has a creative side and enjoys doing DIY projects like painting and crafting.

Interesting Facts About Jennifer Tanko

  • Jennifer Tanko’s favourite colour is pink.
  • Also, She has a pet dog named Coco, who she loves to take on walks.
  • Also, Jennifer enjoys reading books and getting lost in different worlds.
  • She is an excellent cook and loves experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.
  • Also, Jennifer has a green thumb and loves taking care of her indoor plants. She enjoys spending time outdoors and going on nature hikes.
  • Jennifer is a talented singer and loves singing in the shower.
  • Also, She is a big fan of superheroes and has a collection of superhero action figures.
  • Jennifer loves to travel and explore new places, especially beach destinations.
  • Also, She enjoys watching movies and is a fan of animated films.


What is Jennifer Tanko’s favorite makeup brand?

Jennifer Tanko loves trying out different makeup brands, so picking just one favourite is hard. She often uses MAC, Urban Decay, and Too Faced brands.

How did Jennifer become a makeup artist?

Jennifer Tanko passion for makeup began at a young age. She started experimenting with different looks and techniques on herself and her friends. As she honed her skills, she decided to share her passion with others by starting her blog and posting makeup tutorials. From there, her talent and creativity gained recognition, leading her to become a successful makeup artist.

Does Jennifer have any beauty tips for beginners?

Absolutely! Jennifer believes a good skincare routine is the key to a great makeup look. She advises beginners to cleanse, moisturize, and protect their skin before applying makeup.

How does Jennifer stay inspired in her makeup artistry?</strong>

Jennifer Tanko finds inspiration in many places, such as fashion magazines, social media, and nature. She loves experimenting with different colours, textures, and trends and often takes inspiration from celebrities and other makeup artists.

What advice does Jennifer have for aspiring makeup artists?</strong>

Jennifer Tanko advises aspiring makeup artists never to stop and always continue learning and practising. Also, She encourages them to experiment with different products and techniques and to take advantage of online resources and tutorials.

Does Jennifer have any favourite makeup looks?</strong>

Jennifer Tanko loves trying out a variety of makeup looks, from natural and fresh-faced to bold and glamorous. However, she does have a soft spot for classic red lips and winged eyeliner. Also, She believes these timeless looks can instantly elevate any outfit or occasion.

Does Jennifer offer makeup consultations or tutorials?

While Jennifer does not offer personalized consultations or tutorials, she provides plenty of makeup tips and tutorials on her blog and social media platforms.


In the end, Jennifer Tanko is a truly remarkable and talented woman. Her skills as a makeup artist and her passion for sharing her lifestyle on her blog have gained her a lot of recognition. Also, She is a loving wife, a caring daughter, and a supportive sister.

Jennifer’s creativity and dedication to her craft have made her well-known in the industry. Her positive and inspiring presence on social media has impacted many lives. Also, Jennifer Tanko’s journey is a testament to the importance of following your passions and pursuing what you love. She is a true inspiration for young girls everywhere!

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