lisa eldridge lipstick Vs charlotte tilbury lipstick

The two major Lipstick brands are Charlotte Tilbury and LISA Eldridge. It is not an easy task to choose between these two Lipstick brands. They both have made their mark in the cosmetic industry. They are both household names in the UK and across Europe. Each one of them has a unique selling proposition (Personalised Lipstick) and it is for this reason that they have been popular since their induction in the British Glossary.

Lisa Eldridge Vs Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

The basic difference between these two popular lipstick brands lies in their packaging and their price.

  • Charlotte Tilbury has a glossy and elegant look, and it is cheaper compared to LISA Eldridge.
  • LISA Eldridge Lipstick comes in smaller tubes which makes them very affordable for all women, regardless of how much money they have to spare.
  • LISA Eldridge Lipstick has more than 40 colors in its palette and this makes it very versatile as far as cosmetic products are concerned.
  • It is also lighter compared to Charlotte Tilbury lipstick.
  • LISA is definitely more expensive than the brand name Charlotte Tilbury.

It is made up of natural ingredients and does not contain any harmful chemicals, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. The reason for this is that unlike some other brands, its ingredients do not clog up the pores of the lips, thus causing irritation to the user.


When it comes to features of the products, LISA Eldridge has more than most other Lipstick products. It has ingredients that will help to make your lips look lustrous and beautiful. One of the ingredients it contains is called Eyeliss.

This is a special ingredient that not only makes your lips look full and pouty but also brightens them. You can apply this product anytime you want to make your lips look good and natural.

In addition, LISA has another big advantage over other Lipstick products, and that is that it does not contain alcohol or petroleum jelly which are very common with other lipstick brands. This means that your lips will remain moisturized throughout the day. This is why most women will purchase this brand name when making their purchases.

Final Thoughts:

So which is better the brand name Charlotte Tilbury lipstick VS LISA eldridge lipstick? In my opinion, the answer is LISA.

If you are looking for a product that is less expensive, does not clog your pores, and gives you long-lasting moisturized lips, then you should choose LISA.

However, if you prefer the color range and more extravagant colors of the brand name Charlotte Tilbury, then Charlotte Tilbury is the choice for you.

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