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While you may be familiar with common messaging apps like iMessage and Facebook Messenger, it’s worth looking at what else is out there. Living in the digital age means that new messaging apps are popping up left and right!

Our smartphones and computers ensure that instant communication between friends or family members is possible.

Whenever we want to connect with someone, we are able to with the click of a single send button. But sometimes, the apps used for doing so only offer minimal features.

With our guide here, you’ll discover a list of seven messaging apps you probably haven’t heard of. Keep reading!

1. Slack

Looking for a more team-oriented messaging app that ensures productivity? Slack is the one for you and your group!

As one of the best business messaging apps for iPhone and Android, Slack offers a wide range of communication features for your team members.

Some Of Their Awesome Features Include:

  • Multiple chat channels for various projects
  • Voice and video calls
  • Integration of other apps like Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365
  • Data protection for any team size
  • Slack Connect helps you in smoothly collaborating with vendors, customers, and business partners
  • Inclusive accessibility, making it easy for everyone to use

If you’re a business owner or work for a business with weak communication, consider looking into Slack. This messaging app seriously cares about its users!


2. Discord

Are you someone who enjoys talking to your friends while gaming? Then Discord is the perfect messaging app for you! Available on iPhone, Android, and your computer, you can download Discord on any one of your devices.

A voice, text, and video communication platform, Discord is super beneficial to gamers. People who use Discord can live to stream their game to other friends in a call who isn’t playing, so everyone can join in on the fun!

Now, even if you don’t game, Discord can be used to watch movies with family, group paint classes with friends, and yoga sessions.

On Discord, you can:

  • Create servers and channels for all kinds of groups
  • Organize the members of channels and servers
  • Express yourself through various emojis
  • Participate in gaming campaigns
  •  Customize your text and voice channels

Looking for a messaging platform where you can do virtually anything and everything with family members and friends? Discord is your new place to call home.


3. Viber

Available on mobile and desktop, Viber is your messaging app ticket to paradise. Stop your Google searches for iMessage not responding on Mac because Viber can do everything and more.

Using Viber, you can:

  •  Share stickers and GIFs
  •  Create your own stickers and GIFs
  •  Start group video and audio calls
  •  Join communities with people who have similar passions as you
  •  Send texts, audio, video, and voice messages
  •  Set timers for self-deleting messages
  •  Contact anyone with a landline or mobile number, even if they don’t have the app

Moderate your discussions and engage with new members of a community when you use Viber. This messaging app helps you gain insight, offers tools to build content, and allows for private, secure messaging!


4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the new way of saying, “What’s up?” to your friends and family. The messaging app is available for free on PC, iPhone, and Android, and it’s used by people all over the world.

Although WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, it has surpassed the Messenger app with its 1.5 million users worldwide.

Some features of WhatsApp include:

  • Secure, end-to-end encryption for your privacy
  • Photo and video sharing
  • PDF, spreadsheet, slideshow, and document sharing
  • Free voice and video calls to anyone, wherever they are in the world
  • Synced conversations between your phone and computer
  • Reliable, simple text messaging
  • Group chats for all kinds of people

WhatsApp allows for a fun, vibrant messaging app experience between you and your friends, partner, and family members. Even if you’re an employee for a large business, WhatsApp allows for up to 256 people in a group chat!


5. Houseparty

Houseparty is an uber-fun group video messaging app. You can have up to eight people in a room at once, but also can have an infinite number of rooms overall!

Offered on Android, iPhone, Mac, PC, and as a Google Chrome extension, you can use Houseparty on any – or all! – of your devices.

Something super unique to this popular messaging app is their Fortnite Mode. On Houseparty, Fortnite Mode allows you to cast your entire group into the game so you can socialize with friends while you play.

Does this feature seem like something you’d find interest in? Download Houseparty and connect your Epic Games account today!


6. Signal

Standing out from the crowd is Signal, an independent, nonprofit messaging app. Wanting to stray from the norm of major tech companies, Signal is free for anyone to use and available on all platforms.

Some great features offered on Signal include:

  • No ads, tracking, or affiliate marketers
  • Text, voice, video, and audio messaging free of SMS or MMS fees
  • Secure conversations with end-to-end encryption
  • Funded entirely by donations and grants
  • Peer reviewed by open sources
  • Groups offer @mentions, admins, special permissions, links, and more
  • Message request notifications from people who aren’t in your contacts

Signal cares about its members more than anything else. With PINs to ensure reliability and face-blurring options for photos, you really can’t go wrong with the security of Signal!


7. Dust

Marketing itself as “the world’s most secure messenger”, Dust offers a collection of tools designed to keep yourself as safe as possible.

This messaging app is truly unique. Its mission is to protect your conversations by offering encrypted messaging, a watchdog feature, and stealth searching.

Benefits of using Dust include:

  • Delete messages forever – on your phone and on the other person’s phone
  • Privately search the web without using cookies, tracking, or any trace
  • Discover if your information has ever been used or compromised in the past
  • Receive notifications if your data has been used in a breach
  • Unsend messages at any time
  • Share pictures or videos through a Blast, which get deleted after 24 hours
  • Receive notifications if someone takes a screenshot

Your privacy and security are of the utmost importance to Dust. If you’re in search of a super-safe messaging app, consider checking out this one.


Messaging Apps Anyone Can Try

These seven messaging apps are easy to use and come with a wide range of detailed, excellent features. Try going outside of your comfort zone and exploring some different ways to message your friends and family.

We hope this list of messaging apps has helped you in deciding on a new way to communicate.

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