Monitoring Customer Reviews

In this digital world, data is critical, especially for business organizations. The internet generates a lot of data daily that you can use for a variety of different goals. It’s no longer enough for companies to make business decisions driven by intuition or some numbers.

Decisions makers need to have the correct information that can help them steer the company in the right direction. Luckily, there are more and more tools that allow leaders to do this. One of the ways companies can get valuable insights is through review monitoring.

Today we’re going to talk about how this is done and ways you can improve the process.

What is review monitoring?

Review monitoring is an online process during which companies gather and take control over what is being said about the brand. Review monitoring is about tracking customers feedback and brand mentions across the web.

An extension of review monitoring is to try and address all of the possible mentions and create a better brand image online. What is this important? A lot of customers pay attention to online reviews.

They can be the key differences between someone choosing your business or not. At the same time, these reviews can help companies get valuable feedback and learn what they can improve.

Business benefits of review monitoring

1. Improved customer care

As we just mentioned, review monitoring can help you get valuable feedback. Through this feedback, companies can improve in so many different ways. They can work on their services, products, and customer care for better results.


2. Improved brand reputation

It’s pretty simple – review monitoring revolves mainly around the brand. In other words, most companies use this information to improve their brand reputation. They do this by removing negative reviews, reaching out to customers, and mitigating damage and gaining insights for future customers.


3. Sales growth

Naturally, when monitoring customer reviews over a long period, they will improve. It means that future customers are more likely to read positive reviews about your brand, products, or services. All of this leads to increased sales.


4. New business goals

Apart from getting valuable data for your business review, monitoring can also help you discover your future goals. Reviews can tell you how well your organization is performing for your current goals, find new pain spots for your customers, and give you future directions.


How to improve review monitoring

1. Use scraping

The first place to start is by acquiring good web scraping software. It’s important to get an automated and reliable scrapper that can get all the data you’re looking for. Before you even start considering web scraping tools out there,


2. you should know that you should avoid free options.

Naturally, it’s impossible to do this process manually without the use of any tools. Without automation, a business would need months just to gather important data, and by that time, new relevant data would pop up.


3. Use residential proxies

However, the issue with review monitoring is that it can get one piece of data from a single page at a time. When the scraper returns multiple times to the same page to get different data, it can be detected and blocked easily.

Sites are designed for real visits, and with a large number of requests in a short time, the chances are that your scraping efforts will be prevented.

That’s why it’s important to use residential proxies for your scraping. They provide a real IP tied to a physical location. Because of this, you can’t detect them that easily.


4. Set up monitoring alerts

No matter what solution you are using for your efforts, you need to set up important alerts. These alerts should inform you when someone has posted a review, when people reply to your review descriptions have been changed, and so on. Time is crucial in this process, and alerts let you address everything quickly.



5. Find the most important business review sites

Depending on your industry or your niche, it’s crucial to determine which sites to scrape. Find review websites that are credible and, more importantly, are relevant to your industry. Focus on these resources rather than trying to go with a general approach.


6. Use the right media monitoring tools

Media monitoring tools give you alerts and a real-time overview of different media channels. With these tools, you can keep track of all the relevant media channels for your industry, business partners, or your clients.

They can help you track your mentions more effectively and ensure you don’t miss any critical pieces of information.



These are some of the essential tips you should keep in mind when monitoring your customer reviews. Find a reliable web scraping solution that isn’t easy to block and can make your job a lot easier, which will help you have a pain-free process.

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