Mr. Nobody

Young people have great opportunities to make the right choices in their lives. The natural path is that once you make a choice, you have to deal with the consequences. Most of these decisions are irreversible.

However, what if you had a chance to live the different paths each of the choices you could have made would have led you?

Mr. Nobody is one of the most philosophical movies of present-day life. The Science-Fiction movie was released in 2009 featuring Jared Leto, the ‘last living mortal’ of the 21st Century. Get professional help with finance homework and enjoy a movie that will change your life forever.

The Plot

How important are the choices we make every day? Nemo Nobody thinks that were are a result of these choices. It is the choices that set us on a path. That path will determine your joy and your pain. In his assessment, you are here today because of the choices you make. This is the philosophy behind Mr. Nobody.

The philosophy is firmly anchored on the Butterfly Effect theory. The theory states that one stage of life leads to another and on to the next. Life does not offer a chance to reverse these decisions or situations. The fact that you cannot go back once you make a decision makes it difficult to choose at each moment.

What kind of life would immortality present? The scriptwriter explores the idea of living endlessly and exploring the impact of each decision. If we could go back and experience the consequences of the different decisions we would have made, would it make life better? Unfortunately, human beings live within a limited ream of time. Such luxuries do not exist.

The defining decision in Nemo’s life is living with his father and mother after a divorce. He has the power to experience the two realities instead of having to choose one. Because of extreme self-awareness, Nemo gets into the absurd phase of life where he is too conscious about life such that it ceases to make sense. Self-consciousness makes life too boring. He reverts to tossing a coin so that his life can remain unpredictable.

As the movie ends, we can see the different lives that Nemo would have lived. It happens that all these lives were imaged at 9 years when his parents divorced. As the viewer, you can experience his different levels of joy and pain. You decide whether the decisions he made at different points in his life were worth it.


Circular Theme

It takes a great philosophical mind to understand the themes covered in the movie. This may explain why the movie is not for everyone. Without a strong mind to understand the story, younger people may be thrown off balance.

The main themes in the movie include time, the universe, humanity, memory, and mortality.

While Mr. Nobody is meant for entertainment, you need a philosophical mind to understand the underlying message. The message is perfectly packaged for young people to help them make better choices in life as well as understand the idea of consequences.

Once you understand the movie, you will be a candidate for repeated viewing. Mr. Nobody is expertly scripted and produced to keep you glued to the screen. Each character and scene are memorable as well as thought-provoking.


Parent Guidance Scenes

Parents would be cautious of sexual scenes that help to push the story forward. For instance, there are brief nudity sessions between a stepsister and a stepbrother that involve female breasts. During the same scenes, these teens are shown smoking pot and getting high. You may need to guide teenagers on such behaviors.

Parents may also want to caution teens about the graphic and potentially traumatic accident scenes. In the exploration of the different directions the fate of a dying man would have taken, there is a graphic accident scene.

The lead character loses control of his vehicle, driving off the cliff and drowning. You will also encounter a kid in a motorcycle accident where he ends up heavily bandaged and in hospital.

Potentially traumatic scenes also include an exploding tanker with inflammable materials. The wife of the main character is also shown struggling with bipolar issues as well as depression. Such scenes require guidance from parents, to ensure that the young mind does not topple in the wrong direction.



A good story must be accompanied by quality production. The idea of Mr. Nobody was conceived as early as 2001. Such a long production time gave the team a chance to explore and enrich different storylines within the movie. Casting began in 2007 with Sarah Polley taking the first role. Jared Leto later took the role of Nemo Nobody and the movie was set for production.

Mr. Nobody still ranks among the most expensive Belgium movies to date. Production took 120 days in 2007 and happened in Canada, Germany, and Belgium. Such diversity in production gave the film the color it deserved. The three lives Nemo Nobody lived required different musical cues and color codes.

The scriptwriting process was extremely philosophical. It borrowed heavily from several academic theories including the Butterfly effect, space-time continuum, pigeon superstition, and chaos theory. While the story explores different possibilities, it displays the infinite nature of human possibilities.


Theatre Runs

Mr. Nobody remains one of the most successful movies in Belgium and for young people. It was screened during some of the major film festivals around the world including, Stockholm, Toronto, Venice, and Sitges, among others. 2009 was its best year racking in more than $1 million in Belgium only.

The actors and movies have won numerous awards over the years. It is a classic choice for philosophers as well as students learning to make decisions in life.

While movies are made for entertainment, Mr. Nobody appears to combine education and entertainment in one of the most exciting encounters. The movie packs numerous lessons that will transform decision-making processes. It is a life-changing theatrical encounter that no student should miss.

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