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Online shopping is the current face of business. Many people use credit cards such as Visa cards and MasterCard for online purchases. They are caught unaware as they carry out several transactions over the Internet.

The typical out-of-order card transaction involves an online customer going through their collection of items in a shopping mall or online store, paying for their purchases with a credit or Debit Card, and collecting their groceries in a groceries store carry-out unit. Adopting an MSP Training Course approach can help with this.

As you can see there are plenty of reasons why a Real Customer Plus Dong (Online Shopping Security) Order needs to be processed in a safe environment.

1.  Effectively Manage Your Customers’ Signature

If your company accounts are managed by the company staff or you as a service provider, you are asked to provide security for the customer who is logging in to their account for the first time.

The easiest way for a hacker to win an authentication case is to gain access to the actual cardholder’s signature. So poses a big attack on your online business. If you manage your online business by storing your customer’s data in your database then you may also store other pertinent information in your database for any other business that may require you to provide authentication to your customer.

You can easily update your customer’s data and provide them with a new password using a Social Engineering technique called Phishing. This requires you to collect examples of the data you need to store, in order to successfully attack it.

2. The Collected Data Must Be Successfully Entered Into The Created Web Form, In Order To Complete The Transaction

In attempting to manage your customer’s data, you may find that you are creating new accounts in your database as well. Don’t do this. If you create multiple accounts, don’t use the same password for all accounts.

Create a separate password for each account.

3. The Customer Must Enter A Recoverable Password After Clicking The Allow Button

After successfully logging in with the login details, the customer will be able to change their password if they wish.

You can change the password for the account technically by accessing the customer’s account. You will then find that the password changed not only allows the customer to use your service but also allows them to digest any fees they incur when making payments via your website.

4. The Retrieved Customer Is Then Able To Carry Out His/her Transaction Online

The customer will not be required to actually pick up the form and present it at the counter. Rather, they will simply require an access code, which will be generated afterward, and given to them allowing them access to the transaction section of your website.

5. The Transaction Cannot Be Recognized By The Store’s Payment System

It is possible to have your customer receive the payment via exceptions like PayPal while still allowing them to submit the payment online. Therefore it poses a great deal of risk to conduct the transaction online if you are using other payment systems.

6. The Retrieved Customer’s Credit Card Number Must Already Be In That Customers’ Credit Account

The reason being that if it is a new credit card number entered by the customer, then it is highly unlikely that the number is going to be delivered to the company involved.

Sending advanced payments via post, or making late payment transactions would require the delivery of a team of people to actually process the transaction which would be the worse expenditure of your resources.

7. The Customer Needs To Provide Proof Of Address

Providing address proof is a must. If you receive a knock on your door at 3 AM with police present, you can be assured that someone is there to take you away. When you arrive home all that is in doubt is whether or not the person is going to steal your car or fit in your house.

8. The Customer Should Be In A Position To Provide A Photo ID

Providing a driver’s license is a big no-no. Having a front-face view camera installed is a must. With modern technology placing a GPS on the driver’s window is becoming a reality. This gives the opportunity for drivers to be caught and arrested, thus providing you with proof of the crime in the form of video footage.

9. The Customer Should Be In A Position To Provide A Moral Resolution

I would advise that you require your customers to provide you with a downloadable DVD that has step-by-step instructions on how to provide you with the needed details. Using this format they can easily make the virtual world of the internet safe for children.

Children must be taught about online safety early on. I’m sure you have heard all about the tough talk with parents and kids. Parents will always have a think before allowing their children on the internet. What I am suggesting is that you make the presentation of the dangers of the internet to your child as official as possible.

Not only this, but you must make sure that this information is Teachable.

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