Singapore Approves New Brain Stimulation Therapy For Fibromyalgia and Major Depression

There is a significant breakthrough in the quest to treat fibromyalgia and other chronic pain-related issues. Patients in Singapore with fibromyalgia-related migraines will now have access to Soterix Medical’s non-invasive therapeutic device. This device dubbed PainX will act as an alternative to other forms of treatment.

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The announcement comes off the back of the recent approval by Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority to greenlight the treatment method. In addition, the company’s Depression tDCS-LTE medical device for treating major depression.

Both devices have a similar working principle. They are both based on the company’s proprietary transcranial Direct Current Stimulation technology. The technology involves the use of electrodes to deliver a mild electrical current. The process involves the use of a special cap to ensure the smooth transfer of electricity.

PainX provides a new way to manage chronic pain. The process involves the delivery of mild low-intensity electrical current to sections of the pain responsible for chronic pain sensation. The device has undergone clinical trials with impressive results. The device is safe and effective in treating fibromyalgia and migraines.

The entire process is painless. Patients can engage in other activities while they receive treatment. The treatment process is open to old and new patients that might not have responded well to medication.

Currently, the side effects of Depression tDCS-LTE and PainX include a tingling sensation and mild itching.

The therapy procedure takes only takes 30 minutes, two to three times weekly.

“Soterix Medical has created a deep root in South East Asia. The region is very important to the company,” said Kamran Nazim, chief product manager of Soterix. Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority approval shows our stance to deliver reputable treatment technologies globally. We will build on this momentum, and grow our presence in various developing markets. This approval is amazing, and it gives us a platform to get more approvals across the entire region. There is a growing demand for advanced device-based therapies in the region, and we have the right supply to meet such demands.”

“There is no medical device in the market that meets the results, performance, and low risk of Soterix Medical PainX and Depression tDCS-LTE treatment. We are happy to gain this approval, and our devices would be of great benefit to the region’s patients,” said Renato Muratore, vice president of regulatory affairs at Soterix.

Soterix Medical Treatment Partnership Program is now available to healthcare providers in Singapore. The company offers support, education, training, and so on to interested parties.

In the US, the tDCS system is still under review and testing phase.

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