Penny Haywood: Hogwarts Mystery Walkthrough Questions And Answers

Penny Haywood is a Hufflepuff pupil in the identical year as the Main Character of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. She is kind, shrewd, appealing and the most popular person in the year. Her specialty lies in potion-making as a way to be very beneficial on your quest to discover the Cursed Vaults. Penny is to be had as a chum halfway via Year 1.

Upon becoming friends you will be able to share a meal in the Great Hall, drink butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, and play Gobstones in the Courtyard. Each activity is a series of four questions which will reward up to three diamonds that translate into experience for friendship level of Penny Haywood. The experience required and reward for advancing to each level are as follows:

Green is the best answer. (italics+underlined)

Yellow is the second-best answer. (italics)

Red is the worst answer.

Penny will test your knowledge on the potions you’ll need to find the Cursed Vaults.

Q.1- What’s in Doxycide?

  • Dragon Liver.
  • Ginger Root.
  • Bundimun Secretion.


Q.2- What’s in Forgetfulness Potion?

  • Valerian Sprigs.
  • I forget.
  • Lethe River Water.


Q.3- What’s in Wideye Potion?

  • Standard Ingredient.
  • Wolfsbane.
  • Bezoar.


Q.4- What’s in Polyjuice Potion?

  • Mistletoe Berries.
  • Knotgrass.
  • Fluxweed.


Q.5- What’s in Swelling Solution?

  • Horklump Juice.
  • Pufferfish Eyes.
  • Dried Nettles.


Q.6- What’s in Cure for Boils?

  • Horned Slugs.
  • Lady’s Mantle.
  • Snake Fangs.


Q.7- What’s in Shrinking Solution?

  • Shrivelfigs.
  • Powdered Bat Spleens.
  • Powdered Rat Spleens.


Prove How Well You Know Hogwarts’ Gossip

Hogwarts’ Gossip

Q.1- Why do they say you’re mad?

  • Because of Mad Eye Moody.
  • the Cursed Vaults.
  • Because of my brother.


Q.2- Why does Dumbledore leave?

  • search for someone.
  • To search for something.
  • visit Harry Potter.


Q.3- What is Hagrid’s secret?

  • He’s bad at baking Rock Cakes.
  • He doesn’t know how to shave.
  • He keeps dangerous creatures.


Q.4- Why was your brother expelled?

  • worked for You-Know-Who.
  • He broke school rules.
  • searched for the vaults.


Q.5- What makes Merula so mean?

  • She’s jealous of me.
  • Her parents are in Azkaban.
  • She’s a werewolf.


Q.6- What makes Ben a coward?

  • He’s from a Muggle family.
  • He’s secretly a Death Eater.
  • Merula bullies him.


Q.7- What does Mr. Filch love the most?

  • Mrs. Norris.
  • Children.
  • Shackles.

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