Have you ever bought a beautiful neckpiece and never wore it? If yes, then you are not alone; it happens with most women. The art of matching the dress, top, or blouse neckline to the perfect neckpiece will help you transform a simple outfit to a fashionable one.

If you have a collection of neckpieces and wonder how to wear it to enhance your appearance, then you are in the right place. Here we will give you useful tips to wear the neckpieces best paired with various neckline dresses in your wardrobe.

1. Halter Neck With A Triangle Pendant

Halter Neck With A Triangle Pendant

The halter neck design is a triangle towards your face. To balance the shape proportion, you can wear a triangular necklace falling. This neckline of the dress of blouse reveals your slander neck.

Halter Neck With A Triangle Pendant

There could be two options to enhance your look. First, you can opt to wear a triangular pendant hanging on a thin chain. Second, you can choose to wear a choker on a solid colored halter neckcloth.


2. Boat Necks With Long Chain

Boat Necks With Long Chain

The boat neck is a ubiquitous neckline outfit that almost everyone owns. This neckline could be found with your ethnic wear or western wear. The neckpiece would vary according to the style you pick.

If you are wearing an ethnic boat neck outfit, go for aesthetic long multiple chain strands neckpiece. For a western boat neck outfit, you can go with a long single strand beaded necklace. It gives you a very glamorous look.


3. Tube Top Or Off-Shoulder With Choker


The straight-line neck cut of off-shoulder or tube top gives unique possibilities to experiment with the neckpieces, which would match the look. This neck style elongates the appearance of the neckline. You can simply wear a choker and play with the color and design of the pair.


4. Turtleneck With A Long Chain

Turtleneck With A Long Chain

The turtleneck is a common neckline outfit for winters. Now you can make your winters colorful and attractive with a perfect neckpiece. Pair this neckline with a long chain to add to your style quotient.

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5. V-neck With Delicate Pendant

V-neck With Delicate Pendant

Every wardrobe has a V-neck outfit as it is simple and graceful. You can pair it with a classy light pendant that runs along the neckline. Proper accessories enhance your outfit’s feature, and you would love to pair V-neck to a simple and delicate pendant.


6. Button Up Tops With Solid Statement Necklace

Button Up Tops With Solid Statement Necklace

Button up tops are trendy these days. Most of us find it challenging to pair any neckpiece with it. Do you wonder a shirt with a necklace?

It’s time to break the tradition and experiment on new looks. So, the next time you decide to wear a button-up top, do not hesitate to pair it with a solid statement necklace. It will make you look more poise and glamorous.


7. Crew Neckline With Collar Necklace

Crew Neckline With Collar Necklace

Crew Neckline is a sweet neck style for outfits. You can comfortably pair it with a collar neckpiece. The collar or bib enhances the beauty of your collarbone.

Get the best bib neckpiece found in a various range of colors and shapes. If you are wearing a pastel color western dress, a metal fixed-around neckpiece would be the best match.


8. Square Neckline With Angled Necklace

Square Neckline With Angled Necklace

To enhance the jawline, one wears a square neckline, and to add the beauty, one can put an angular necklace on it. Either use neck covering heavy neckpiece or neck-revealing think angular pendant. Your choice will also depend on the color and shape of the neckpiece.


9. Short Collars With Simple Choker

Short Collars With Simple Choker

Do shirts and neckpiece sound unusual to you? Then you should try it once, and you will fall in love with the fusion of look. Wear a short pendant or choker necklace and leave a few buttons open to show fancy accessories. Try this style and be the influencers among people around you. I hope you enjoy your adventurous look.


10. Scoop Necklines With Studded Chain

Scoop Necklines With Studded Chain

Dress with a scoop neckline reveals a wide area of your neck and gives you scope to experiment. Trendy silver neckpiece will make add your fashionable look.

Pair scoop neckline with a stone-studded chain of any length and ensure that the length is above the bust line. This will give you a very stunning look.



Every neckpiece is made for a matchable dress neckline. To stand out of the rest, you get to master the art of pairing. This enhances your glamorous and trendy look. To slay the look, you can pair the stylish neckpiece with your favorite dress.

The above blog gives you the guideline of which neckpiece will pair with your dress. So now is the time to take out all your neckpieces or buy a new one to rejuvenate fashionista in you. I hope you enjoyed reading this. So what are you waiting for? Go and show your fashion skills to your friends and family.

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