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OnePlus is facilitating its own PUBG Mobile Tournament in India. The phone creator has made this declaration in relationship with its esports accomplice Fnatic Gaming.

The competition will highlight professional gamers and Indian cricketers and as indicated by OnePlus this is another commitment activity for the organization and PUBG Mobile people group where it will empower virtual cooperation with master gamers and Indian cricketers.

Registrations are open for Red Cable Club members while non-members will be able to register starting tomorrow, May 22, from 12 PM.

To register, interested participants will need to fill a simple form with basic information, as well as their Red Cable Club membership number, PUBG Mobile nickname, PUBG Mobile Character ID, an answer as to why they want to participate in the tournament.

Presumably, one would not need a Red Club membership if they register tomorrow.

According to OnePlus, exhibition matches will begin June 2, 6PM. The MVP (Most Valuable Player) in each match will win a OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone.

1. Cricketers

The tournament will include a set of three matches and will include pro-gamers Dynamo and Ahsaas Channa, as well as Fnatic members including Sc0ut, Owais, Nixon, Ash, Franky, and Ronak.

As for the Indian cricketers, expect KL Rahul, Shreyas Iyer, Smriti Mandhana, and Yuzvendra Chahal to be a part of the tournament as well.

OnePlus says that participants could get a chance to play with both the pro-gamers and Indian cricketers.

2. New K/D System: Here’s How It Works

pubg mobile new k/d system

PUBG Mobile has officially changed the way a player’s K/D or kills to death ratio is calculated with Season 13.

With the arrival of Season 13, the game developers have introduced a new way to calculate the K/D ratio. The reason for this change is to bring a proper balance to game and take away certain advantages from players.

Previously players could push their K/D by simply surviving and camping as the K/D was calculated by taking the ratio of total number of kills and total number of deaths.

K/D Ratio = (Total Kills) / (Total Deaths)

The K/D ratio calculation is now change on the basis of the total number of kills in every match. For instance, your K/D ratio is 6 and you win a match with 4 kills. In this case, your K/D ratio will decrease, as you get less kills compare to the existing K/D. To maintain a ratio of 6, you need to have 6 kills or above. So now, the formula now looks like this:

K/D Ratio = (Total Kills) / (Total Matches Played)

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