PRINCE2 Project Management Natural Ability

Is there a natural ability or rather a gift that everyone has that makes them a project manager? I believe there is and I think it’s called readiness! Our minds are programmed to ask questions like… “WHY?”   I have to be respectful of your intelligence! Are you a project manager or are you trying to be one, a PRINCE2 Qualification Edinburgh will help with that.

Project Management – Definition & Principals

“A term  that is an area of achievement that creates a unique contribution to the community, and involves a major effort of considered effort in the preparation of materials, facilities or personnel.”

From this definition we can extract that we can label Project as a unique effort of “considered effort and prepared material.”  As a project manager you are involved in the completion of a project that will benefit an individual, group, company, community or throughout our society. You work for an estimated time period to complete a project.


What’s The Return On Investment?

This is up to you. Do you have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve and set a clear goal that you will achieve your goal.


What Is Project Management?

A project management varies in scope and nature from the individual and one that is tailored to meet the needs of a specific project. To pay this off requires a proven system to guide you.  These two documents, the charter and the plan, serves to outline the steps necessary to set the course and plot your course for accomplishment. A good project manager is a detail orientated person.

You must be detail oriented! If you are not, you are making work a game and that is not going to cause you to be productive. Proper organization is one of the keys to a effective project manger. You must organize your life well. Establish a system that you can use consistently to accomplish your tasks.

This may involve knowing the amount of product to produce each day and when to use each part of your time. It can also include setting a specific work plan, schedules, and an overall plan that you can make happen for ultimate productivity.


Objective Setting

This is a very important skill because it provides clarity to an individual or group. It should be one of your primary outputs from any project management experience you may have.

Step one is to find a problem and solve it.First step to set objective is to ask yourself the “WHY?” “What’s the value of the intended outcome?” If you do not have practical knowledge about what you are trying to achieve,  then go back to step one.

You must make an inventory of your abilities and decide which one is best  to the position you are trying to achieve.  Objectiveness  is a skill that can be learned through understanding, time and repetition. You must set up  a specific time and a specific place to do the activities necessary for success. This fits into step one. This helps you and the people you surround yourself with stay on track.


 Process Of Setting Objectives

On a day to day basis, write down the objectives that would have the greatest chance of success for you. These must be measurable in terms of goals. These goals may be realistic and attainable and helps you attain your objectives. Keep track of yourActivitiescan differ from goal setting.

This is the action you are taking to deal with your goals. For example if you are trying to produce a great product under time constraints. If you are looking to accomplish an ongoing campaign. These objectives must reflect who are involved. This type of goal setting will be covered next step.

Every company exists to make money. For you to be successful you must attain your objectives and focus on them. Too much time and effort will not produce all that you can achieve. Once solidified through all of the work you have accomplished on the actual project and in addition to your own endeavors, you master this element.



This is the “compass” to your success. It is the system that helps you and your group keep on track. Use it to define your priorities and to give you a visual  map to guide your group in accomplishing their goals. A good structure takes into account all of the members.

The effective structure is a written outline that everyone can follow. This is the procedure that you follow to produce your type of outcome. Priorities must be in place and if anyone deviates they will be corrected by you. For example: A project schedule which is built daily and systematically. Define a time schedule for you life  (home , work and family)

vest you have the ability to fulfill your task without getting off track. This shows you are planning ahead for your success. When you plan your success you are right on track.

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