Project Management Confusion Explained

A lot of people get confused about what project management courses and training is and what it is not. It is a discipline.  It is a philosophy of managing a project.  It is a certain way to undertake an important task.  It is a system of measures.  It is a methodology.  It is a set of rules.

When I say that project management is a science and architecture is method, it does not mean that a person has to have hands-on project management training in order to be able to architecture.  Recognition and mastery are necessary for all of us – project management professionals are no different.

That said, an understanding will often give you a leg-up as you are able to execute and plan the best possible way to execute your duties.  You will be in a better position to manage your projects to their fullest potential.

Project Management Is Only As Good As The First Step?

The first measure of a project is the schedule.  But in order for someone to be able to plan when a project will begin and when it will be completed, one must take note of certain things.  Aside from project management training, there are two criteria I have been given that differ from this two.

The first of which is stating the time it will take to accomplish a task.  The other is just saying it will take X amount of time.  A good project manager has to be able to share both of these goals, make sure that the project is reusable, and also be able to give the team an understanding on why one goal was set outside of the agreed upon firewall of what was to be done and when.


Project Management Requires A Level Of Aptitude And Focus

Project management is a science.  A project manager must be able to come up with the best solution in the different challenges that will occur while executing the project in order to successfully end up with a solid plan and schedule for execution.

A project manager must know how to organize the resources that will be needed.  The resources to cover for different issues, the tasks that will be required for a project and that of the team.


Project Management Is A Process

A project management process is the behavior one takes while executing the project.  In order to accomplish the goals of the project, a project manager must be familiar with the tasks, the scope and the timeline required to make it happen.

This leads into the last of the four rule of project management:  ensure that the challenge is language to what is expected.


3. Project Management Is A Discipline

There are tools that are useful in project management.  There is a software program that is used by many companies to help do things like help schedule, build value statements and determine the risks of a project.

There is also one that will help the manager, if the project is split up into smaller tasks for key Individuals, give them the option to create self-contained project packages.  Finally, there are a number of books, that make it easier for you to manage your projects.

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